See yah ‘Ru

6 04 2011

Another check in the box.

Today I sent my little vehicular off to the “farm”.

Well, not the farm because I will see her very shortly in Florida. So in this case, the farm is a good thing. I brought my Subaru to the Vehicle Processing Center here in the Kingdom to get my inspection and front the export paperwork and such. You have to get your car cleaned inside and out prior to shipping, including the engine and underbelly. So we got that done at the mall the night prior. Weird I know, that’s what they do here. When you go to the mall and pull into the parking garage, there are little car washing men there waiting for you. They wear those vests that parents have when they do “road crossing” patrol near elementary schools. And they wave you over and try to sway you into a car wash. Usually my car is offensively filthy when I’m pulling into the joint, and that night was no exception. Those poor guys. $5 BD and an hour later I had a clean car, in and out. It’s a really good marketing idea for those guys if you think about it. You usually leave your car to sit for at least an hour while you’re at the mall for shopping, eating, a movie or what have you, why not come out of the deal with a clean car. Yes please.

Good news is that they shipped the subwoofer with the car this time. Last time they would not allow me to ship it with the car. So wtf, my shit was in storage, and I received my car at the other end with no woofer. Dumb. So thankfully they worked with me this time. We boxed her up and left her in the trunk.

Love my Subaru! See you in Florida.

I had a pretty productive day yesterday. Shipped the car, dropped off some mattings to get framed for a couple of guys leaving here, went to the ol saloon (so the locals say….but salon for the more traditional people), and went to eat with Mista B.

I got my hair permanently straightened, which took SIX FUCKING hours. Good lord. No joke, went in at one, came out at seven. B was such a good sport, he met me there after he was done at work. This hair straightening process is no joke. The process is simple really, but it’s just the time that it involves. This is what they did:



Apply straightening chemicals, which smelled so bad so so so bad, like fumes really

Sit for 45 mins with the stink on my head



Straightening (which took THREE hours in itself). She had to flat iron my hair so that it was paper-thin. Usually straightening takes about 45 mins to an hour to do myself. This time she wasn’t fuckin around and it had to be flat flat flat FLAT.

Application of more chemicals to keep the straightening serum locked in my hair

Sit for 15



Seven hours and I was done. Thankfully the lady was quite the conversationalist and this shit’s supposed to last 6 months. So it’s very very worth it. So now I have to with 48 hrs to wash my hair…..which is great because I hate showering. Then I can wash it. I’m anxious to get this mane washed and dried and see if it actually stays straight. We will see!




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