From the sidekick

31 05 2011

So my internet has been down for going on three days now. It’s an absolute travesty. Over Memorial Day Weekend of all times. Doesn’t the internet God www know that my very life entertainment depends upon the web? Anywho…despite yet another shortcoming of the great Navy Gateway, I had a rather entertaining weekend. And because of that, my words come from my trusty and ever faithful handheld cellular.

Friday I went with a classmate to eat at Tequilla Rose near base. It was average in my book for a Mexican restaurant. Chipotle will always be one in my heart. Closely rivaled with the one and only Barbosas of St. Joseph, MO. Each unique and spectacular in their own ways. Though, you can’t go wrong with a bowl o’ salsa and tortilla chips. Tequillas hit that nail on the head. Then, I sort of slept for four hours. Next on the docket was a nice steak dinner con baked potato and sweet butter rolls…that were surprisingly scrumptious and crazy close to my great Aunt B’s bathtub rolls (I’ll save that for a separate post if I can ever squeeze the recipe out of her-but you make rolls like normal and then they raise in a bathtub of warm water…in retrospect they are a lot more normal than the name implies.) SO my filet mingon was ay may zing. As was my tater. Then, we went to see Hangover II. It was decently hilarious but a tad predictable. But it was aight with me, I just wanted a movie that I could not have to think about.

Onto Saturday. A friend from class set up a tee time of 745…yawn. So, off we went. It turns out that golfing 18 holes takes like…forever..well about four hours to be exact. It was quite entertaining seeing as I was the only one out of the three of us that had been golfing more than a couple times. Despite my “experience” I came in second. It was a good time though. I think I’ll be hitting up the driving range this weekend though. I need to get a lil pactice in. Though we were playing best ball and actually used my drivs a couple times…pretty impressive for a female. We’ll leave out he tiny fact that on said drives the guys may or may not have made contact with the club and ball…

We went to McGuire’s for lunch. Yum YUM! I got an angus burger that I could barely make my way through half of. Full full, I didn’t even eat supper that day I was so stuffed. Then on Sunday we went on a little WalMart trip and Sonic for Happy Hour, hellooo diet choco coke!

On Monday I got in some much needed gym time. Jeez I’m surprised I fit into my workout gear…ugh the temptations of Amurica.

Which, speaking of…

During my month back in the US I have rediscovered a few things:

1. Reasonably priced fresh deli meat

2. Great cuts of steak that you can buy just about anywhere.

3. String Cheese

4. Farmer’s Markets which also encompasses delectible strawberries and grapefruit

5. Book stores

6. Bread with a shelf life longer than 4 days

7. Peanuts grow under the earth…they are neither peas or nuts. But legumes rather…

The Mums is taping The Bachelorette for me! Oh man I am so excited to gt a jumpstart on the new season. It won’t be the same without Mista B by my side loudly eating two pb&j sandwiches and criticizing every over dramacized move they make. But I’ll make do. ūüėČ I have to admit, he does have a point with some of his accusations about the scenes or events being stagd by the network…but I stand by my firm ignorant belief that fairytales do happen…somewhere…even if forced by producers…


WTF Weds: Ed 016 Big Fat Loser

25 05 2011

Two topics on the docket today. Boy am I glad it’s WTF Wednesday. I have some recon to share.

First sitch to address: One of my fellow classmates brought a little youtube video to my attention.



Yeah, that guy that put seven self-taken (I’m pretty sure only females are allowed to take those) pics and crafted an elementary level slideshow¬†made that extremely creative video¬†issss my instructor. He’s in the Army and makes a living off of being a teacher to poor souls like me. Which is ironic, because he probably has no soul. Luckily for him and his family, rapping is not his only source of income…

Now, if this individual wasn’t especially asshole-ish I would actually feel sorry for him. I would. That video would be quite the accomplishment for oh, a twelve year old. This deuche is the loser of losers. Like, that guy in HS who was cool, but never went anywhere after graduation. The old HS football star who has to make everyone relive his glory days and remind himself that he is hip and cool and the most important thing on this earth. Maybe I sort of do feel sorry for him. We get it. You are the alpha male and you are in charge. Can we move on?

He can be a freakshow all he wants on his own time, but when I’m in a classroom trying to learn, and you’re being loud and obnoxious, throwing up the deuces, calling us by nicknames, laughing with the other instructors AT the students because we can’t figure something out, that’s distracting and frankly uncalled for. We¬†shouldn’t¬†be stressed out going IN to the classroom for the day due to unprofessional instructors with attitude problems. When I wake up in the morning, I have to prepare myself for mental rape. We don’t deserve that shit. Unlike other strange and unusually offensive stuff, this is not a normal situation for the Navy. Thankfully, he’s only attached to us until the end of Volume one which ends in about two weeks. Then we can cut the fat. Thank the baby Jesus.

And the othern: I’m watching “Biggest Loser” and it’s so heartwarming and inspiring. And somehow I still called up Hungry Howie’s and ordered a large pizza. I blame the B for introducing me to this delicious flavored crusted pizza pie.

Everyone gets a cheat day, right?

fridge = fried

23 05 2011

I think I’m temporarily cursed. My freezer stopped working and everything in it is now sopping wet and melted… Luckily I didn’t have any popsicles¬†or sticky things in there. I hate messes.

But my things in the fridge are probably no good anymore either….So, two hours and two phone calls later, a new old appliance shows up at my stoop. This one doesn’t smell as nice as the last, but after spraying it down with 409 – twice – I think it’ll do just fine. You never know what these Navy people did to an appliance, who knows what was in there…

Though I do love to organize and put things away in a neat and orderly fashion, this was not one of those times I felt especially accomplished. This was a time when I was especially annoyed that yet another thing has gone wrong with this place, thus extending my bedtime by an hour. As I think over the problems I’ve had at the ye ol Gateway, I’m filing through my last few months and trying to remember something that I have done to deserve this sort of karma. This has got to be karma. Or maybe it’s punishment for something that I have yet to do… Who knows.

Though I’m being brought down by these issues….I am enjoying quite a bit of TV. Now that I’m in America, there is always something on that I need to watch. Extreme Couponing, Surprise Quintuplets, True Life, Oprah, the list goes on. And mostly educational, so I can justify being lazy. Plus, I spit shined my boots and folded my laundry so I was decently productive.

P.S. Happy anniv. B-man ūüėČ

Road Trip!

22 05 2011

Good evening ladiez and gentiles.

Just got home from a wonderful weekend. A little road trip action.

1. Milton, FL

2. Destin, FL

3. Gautier, MS

On Friday I rented a car. A 2010 VW Jetta. She’s a nice ride actually. I’ve never personally driven a Jetta.

  • My first order of business was in Milton, FL. My grandparents used to live there so I wanted to go check out their old stomping grounds. When I was in FL after boot camp I had the chance to go and visit them a few times. Also, I wanted to see the church we went to. I may go to church there while I’m here. It’s about a 30 min drive without traffic. But of course on Friday afternoon, there was a shit ton of traffic.
  • Next day, it was Destin time (isn’t that baby rash cream?). If my memory served me correctly, I remembered there was a semi-large shopping center, and I needed wanted to get a little shopping time in. To get from Pcola to Destin you must take the highways along the ocean, the ones that were all messed up by hurricane Katrina back in the day. One of the cities you go through is Fort Walton Beach, which is paaaacked with peeps. The traffic was nearly to a stand-still. Once again I chose the wrong time to go. But I imagine any time during the weekend is the wrong time to go. At any rate, the traffic hasn’t gotten to me here yet. I’m coming from being exposed to the driving experience of Bahrain. Crazy ass drivers. At least people follow the rules here. And the coppers actually do their jobs and monitor drivers. Like it’s their job or something. Anyway, I made it to the mall and it was wonderful. And I tried this place called Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch, it’s supposed to be an all natural restaurant/take-away place. It was ehhh decent. But they have pita chips, I may try those next time.
  • Today, I looked on a map and decided upon a little town in Mississippi. Called Gautier. No idea what was there, other than a mall probably, so that was motivation enough. That and I wanted to drive in the opposite direction of the day prior. It turns out that Mississippi is awesome to drive through.¬†Everything is super green, traffic not so bad, and I ran into a Farmer’s Market. Thanks to the fact I missed the on-ramp to the freeway and had to re-route through backroads my keen instincts and sense of adventure. So, the majority of my return to Pcola trip was by way of country roads. Which is much more pleasing to the eyes. That and the hair doesn’t whip around in my face as much since the speed limit was 50 or 55, vice 70. I can’t even remember the last time I’d gone 70 in a car…

Loxley, Alabama

Back to school tomorrow, back to reality. We have a test. On a Monday. I get the feeling our instructors deserve to burn in hell do not like us much.

I have the remnants of an unwelcomed sunburn from our Friday “Navy Day of Fun” where we basically watched different cultures of people dance, some Indian lady whisper into her clarinet-esque instrument, random venders pawning stuff on us, and the Chaps give a long speech about Honor, Courage, and Commitment. At least that’s what I think it was about. His mic wasn’t on and no one had the heart to tell him.

Sidenote I: I saw a quote on a billboard today: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” Oscar Wilde. I think my instructors fall into that second category.

Sidenote II: These cookies taste like onions. Note to self, separate frozen dinners and cookies in freezer.


20 05 2011

It needs to be said again…Charlie Hunnam is kiiiiiind of a hottie…but nevermind that stocking cap.

Exhibit A:

Before I get into my daily rant…check out my friends’ blog, ———> ¬† ¬†it’s over there to the right under BLOGS. Holly writes about their adoption journey, and it’s heart wrenching and heartwarming both at the same time. It’s an amazing story, you got to read about it sometime when you have a couple mins to kick back with some hot tea and read about their lives. On the 18th of May, they FINALLY got a baby, after years and years of trying. They are the sweetest people and I am so happy for them. One. Lucky. Baby.

Tomorrow is Cultural awareness day here in Pensacola for the Navy. So, naturally I’m expecting all kinds of awesomeness. When there’s booters involved you can count on a whole different level of special… Let the fun & games begin! Luckily, our morning muster begins at 0615, thank god, up to see the sun rise. Who needs to sleep in anyway? For the birds if you ask me. Thank you Navy. Also I have duty this weekend. Thank you again, Navy. I’m feeling extra cynical today, can you tell?

On a lighter and more smiling note, I did decide to rent a jalopy this weekend. I hope to sputter around and visit a few of my old stomping grounds. Well, last time I was here I visited a couple of strip clubs, just about every restaurant, the malls, and about five of the popular bars. Hey, I was 19 what do you expect? So when I say old stomping grounds, I really mean that I’ll prob go check out Pensacola beach, and maybe drive over to Milton. We had some family that used to live there, and if I’m correct, I think we still have a distant cousin that resides in Milton. It’s about 45 mins from Pcola if memory serves me correctly. This is the first time in two–ish years that I’ve been able to drive around my country, so it’s happening. Oh I can’t WAIT for the stoplights and retarded drivers. If Bahrain prepared me for anything, it’s crazy drivers. Praying there’s no accident…I better splurge that $20 and get full coverage. Oh rental vehicle, you don’t even know what’s comin..

Speaking of cars…every time I get home I search my “” and my car is nowhere to be found. It gives me some cop-out excuse for a location, “vehicle is with carrier in the trans-oceanic”…wtf does that even mean? It could still be at the port of Bahrain for all I know. I keep joking with the Mista that the container ship probably got pirated. Who knows, maybe it did. “Thank you for inquiring about your vehicle. It is currently being held hostage by Somali Pirates, please check again tomorrow.”

Because YUM

19 05 2011

These are way to good to be healthy for you…

WTF Weds: Ed 015 Meece

18 05 2011

Can I please have a moment of silence.


Here I am enjoying a new room. A room I was moved to after I got home from work yesterday and was greeted by mouse droppings. It was probably a family of mice. Or maybe just a singular mouse with a bowel problem. That shit (literally) probably happened overnight when I was safely tucked away in my fluffy queen bed all comfy and dreaming. I slept like a baby last night. Little did I know what was afoot.

This incident reminds me of my sister’s battle with moles (the yard variety, vice human variety). One more reason she needs a blog. Roch! I hope you’re listening!

They were probably waiting for me to drift off to wonderland before conduct their covert number twos. Not that they would really care if anyone saw them drop, they are rodents after all.

You want to wage war on me, mouse? It was time for a call to action:

So, I called the front desk and had them send the manager over. He showed up minutes later with mouse traps, sympathy tears, and a club a woman accomplice. He inspected the poo and seemed more distraught then I did about it, even throwing in a couple of disappointment headshakes (to anyone with a mother, you know what kind I am talking about). To which I quietly thought to myself that the speech I had prepared was of no use. The “Would YOU want to live in a place with rats??” “Would you want your children around these type of creatures, crawling on them when they slept!??” I don’t know, I was preparing for some pretty offensive stuff, because frankly, I am pretty offended that after a call to the front desk the day prior, all they did was have two schmoes show up and tell me they have no traps but they’ll put me on “the list”. I mean, I didn’t want to get all rude with manager man since he was not the original investigator, but seriously, this is unacceptable.

SO, when it was apparent he was just as upset as I, I didn’t really know what to say…but after he checked out the poop and agreed this was not alright, he said he is definitely going to take it up the chain and make everyone that needs to know aware of the problem, they’d move me rooms, and he was very sorry for my problem.

So, I started packing while manager man continued to go through my closet and unzip my suitcases looking for the little guys’ hideout and coordinate some business with the front desk.¬†Eventually, he stood up and said that two guys were coming to help me move, and they would comp me the room, backdated to the day I moved in.Sooo that’s about $450. Which certainly makes up for my eaten bread yesterday, and makes the move a little less painful. Yes, I brought a LOT of stuff with me to P-cola. What? I ‘m a girl, it’s allowed.

On his way out he said, “excuse me, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but you are the most organized and orderly person I have ever seen into at the BEQ. I live with my wife and three daughters, and they are not clean at all.” Which….is not saying much considering the company I am in… Navy people are rather sloppy and we’re always moving around or just plain gone, OR too busy to keep our rooms clean. But the majority of the residents here are either fresh out of Momma & Daddy’s house boot camp, or just sloppy¬†unorganized.

You know how single guys live (B, don’t take this personally, you are not in this category). ¬†So I was rather flattered he would compliment me in this way. For anyone who is OCD, this is quite the compliment. Persons who live in the neat and orderly fashion do not get praised very much…it’s usually a, “why are you so anal?” WELL, haters, guess who can find their dental floss in three seconds? Guess who knows exactly what shelf the paper plates and forks are on in the cupboard? Guess who you’re going to call when you are unpacking your house? Hmmm I guess we aren’t all that bad, eh?

This isn't my drawer, but it does warm my heart.

And for those of you who don’t live in the clean and organized ‘everything has its place’ world, this just goes to show that no amount of cleanliness keeps mice away. They do not discriminate. OCD or not, they’re coming for you.