San Diego

24 10 2011

I’ve made it to San Diego!!

This place is beautiful and if you peer over the side of my balcony and squint, you can see the ocean. Quite a view.

SO, after a week of moving into my first apartment in 2.5 yrs, this week is my first week in full swing at the new command. The people seem pretty chill as a whole. There’s only about 100 of us here so far. But those that I have met are generally agreeable.

The apartment I’m at, a friend, Kitty, actually lives here and talked me into moving up here, is a 2 br 2 bath, on the third floor in an apartment complex. It’s pretty small, and the property manager, Meri, is awesome. She’s late 20’s, and our personalities totally click. Honestly, she’s what sold me on the place. Other than the obvious perks of living somewhat close to base, near general conveniences of life, a pool, parking, safety, etc. Plus, a dishwasher. Sold!

I came and saw the place – the only apartment I looked at – on a Thursday, and signed paperwork and moved in on Friday, which was coincidentally my birthday. So, I guess I’ll never forget when to pay rent 🙂 The day I moved in me and Kitty went to Ikea to pick up some furniture pieces, and basic Ikea nonsensical items. When we got home for the day, I walked into my new place and there were flowers, a balloon, and a piece of chocolate cake with a candle in it, from Meri! Talk about the sweetest Landlord. Ever.

I’m learning my way around – and I really like the area I live in. It’s about 20 mins from base, and 10 mins from everything else convenient. There’s actually a grocery store around the block, and a burrito place and McDonalds within walking distance. I went for a little stroll the other day and saw the strangest lightening warning sign on a light pole…It was like a man with a lightening bolt coming out of his…..junk region. I’ll have to relocate and get a pic of it. Prrrretty hilarious.

Of course I’ve hit up the obvious, Chipotle, Jamba Juice, and Ikea. I have yet to locate the Hobby Lobby, but I have plenty of time for that yet.

October is almost over already! Me n Kitty are getting our Halloween costumes together, it’s a secret for now, buuuuut there are pics to come. Let’s just say it’s me, her huz, and her…and they are matching…sort of. I think I’m going to try and go up to L.A. to visit a friend for a haunted hayride this weekend. It sounds pretty off the chain. Plus, anything in L.A. is larger than life.

My man is coming out to visit in early November. I’m pretty damn excited. It’ll only have been 30 days-ish since I’ve seen him, but that is way too long. We are checking out tix to Disneyland, I was doing some research online last night, adn that place is like a playground for not only kids, but adults, there are pllllenty of activities for peeps without kids. I’ve been to Disneyworld, and Knotts Berry Farm, but never Disneyland. I think it would be a fun day!

Oh, and we are going to tour a Navy ship. I’m excited to show him around base and what my life is like out here. Though I won’t know all the great places, sights, eats, etc, I think we can wing it. Plus, that’s what GPS is for 😉


Make a memory, drink it up

11 10 2011


My trip home was a whirlwind! And by that I mean it went wayyyy too fast. Unfortunate. However, I have many a memory and my love cup has been filled to the brim. I feel like I don’t even need anything for my Birthday or X-Mas this year! I’ve got everything I want already and all the new memories made have warmed my heart so very much.

I got to see my sister quite a bit, meet her boy [space] friend, work for the Navy Recruiter, my mom came down for a few days, got to play some Bananagrams, some Rumikub, cards, got to eat some grrrreat food, see relatives, reunite with friends for a martini night and a pajama party, participate in some mud volleyball, and I have several pics of everything!

I can’t wait to get my hands on these pics for my next scrapbook.

Oh, and I got to see snow for the first time in oh….over two years! It was lovely, and I even caught some flakes on my tongue! Denver this past weekend was fun. I got to see my friend Map, huz, and their little girl, Baby A. She is just about 7 months by now. She has a tooth poking through and can now say “DaDa”. She’s a smart little thing, and very wiggly. She can sit and laughs and smiles all day. She is definitely the cutest baby girl I’ve ever seen. I may be partial, as well as her Mama, but seriously. THE cutest. I was watching her as she woke up today. I snuck up to her crib, and as me, DaDa, and Gammy were watching, she looked over and realized we were there and got this huge grin on her little face, even though she had a pacifier in you could still see that she was smiling so big. I just wanted to pinch her little cheeks and hug her tight! Next time I see her she’ll be throwing a back pack over her shoulder and off to High School!

When I was in MO these last two weeks I had the chance to work for the Recruiter. It was interesting to be on the “other” side of things. We went to the High School in town one of the days and we talked to the kids there who were interested in the Navy. They have a bazillion questions, and it’s interesting to see what they are looking for from the Navy, or what they hope to find whilst in the service. Most of them were younger kids though. Freshmen or sophomores, which we can’t really start processing them until they are at least 17, but it’s good they are interested so young…can’t have kids these days shotgunning things like the next 4 years of their life… Although, it turned out pretty well for me so far. 🙂

While I was home I also reached a personal goal. I learned how to play beer pong! No, I’ve never played. I know it’s like unamerican at this point to not know how to play…but I don’t drink beer so that’s why I never got into it… However, we put water in the cups and when we got the ball in, we’d just take a drink of w/e we were sippin on. And might I mention, me and my amazing partner won five games in a ROW. Yes, five.

It’s back on the road tomorrow. I’ll be hitting Las Vegas. Wahooooo!!!! It will be at around noon…sooo no partying for this kid. I’m fixing to hit San Diego early afternoon/evening time tomorrow. Thus begins a new chapter in my life. And boy am I excited to get it going! More schooling, new apartment, reuniting with old friends, I’ll be a busy gal, but I mean to enjoy every minute…even the unpacking part!

P.S. I will be seeing the remake of Footloose!! Go ahead, judge me.

P.P.S. Is anyone else sick of all this Michael Jackson shit?


5 10 2011

Last weekend we went to Foster’s Martini Bar in St. Joe for a friend’s birthday. It was a greeeeeat time.

First stop was Texas Roadhouse for some steak and drinks, then downtown for some high-class liquor.

Foster’s was not as stuffy as I thought it might be. It was a pretty swanky bar considering we are in the thick of the midwest. MagWag, the birthday girl had been there several times and actually carries around a menu and checks off drinks she tries. There are at least twenty crossed off and some have smiley or frowney faces by them!

My first drink was a “Flirtini”, which was very sweet and delicious. It’s Sista Roch’s favorite there. So I figured I couldn’t go wrong. It was kind of cranberry-esque —–>

MW tried quite a few drinks. Some orange-chocolate thing, a butterscotch martini, a caramel apple one…about eight others 🙂 And they were all equally yummy to my surprise. Yes, I tried all of them.

Anywho, the bar atmosphere was quite comfortable and our waitress was very friendly. The only strange thing that happened was our taxi driver….he was a bit strange.

And we randomly happened to get him..on the way there and back. What luck, eh. He kept going off on these strange tangents..and one of our friends was in the front seat….and had to hold a conversation with that joker. However, I can’t complain cause we made it to the bar and home safe and sound.