Was he the one?

18 07 2013

So, have you ever been in that situation that you miss your ex?

It happens to me more than not with this one. You are on and off…and eventually you realize that maybe he’s the one. And you gave up too soon without trying.

Time away makes you remember the good times, and how he was there for you, accepting your flaws and insecurities when 99% of the population wouldn’t.

You want to tell them everything. So much all at once, but how?  You don’t know where they are at or if you will make a fool out of yourself. Or if they have moved on and are on a completely different road.

OR, maybe it’s just one of those times where you are lonely and just remember the good things and forget all the annoying little things and reasons you couldn’t be with them in the first, second, or third place.

I think as you get older you begin to appreciate the little comforts, quirks, mannerisms of your partner. And you just need them. Someone who is there for you no matter what, thick and thin. You realize that’s the only thing that really matters, the most important thing. And everything else you can work on. I think you focus on the foundation and learn that everything else will fall into place.

…but how do you tell them?


El Hombre

7 07 2013

I have been longing for a new hairstyle lately. I debated on shaving a part of my head…kind of like Ellie Goulding. Look that crap up, pretty badass. However, not so sure I could successfully pull it off and also not positive I would retain my enlistment in the Navy. SO, thus came the “the hombre.”

image-6 copyI got a Groupon a few months ago for a salon named Zina G in Hillcrest. It was $50 for highlights, haircut, and deep conditioning.  I showed up and the client before me ran about 20 minutes late, which was fine. I’m sure it happens a lot.  When I sat down, Zina herself was the stylist, and I explained to her I knew the Groupon was for highlights, and asked if I could just pay more and get an hombre (dye on top and blonde foils on bottom). She said she didn’t have time for that but would do what she could. Before the pic on the left up there I had blond hair, so what she ended up doing was dying the top 2/3 light brown…but what happened was the dye seeped down into the bulk of my hair and I ended up having just plain brown hair. Which, was not what I wanted. Also, she charged $20 for  “longer hair,” which she had disclosed when I called for the appointment. But If she only dyed the top 2/3 of my hair, what did the long hair factor really matter??

ANYWHO. Long story short (too late), it was misadvertised and don’t tell the client something you can’t follow through with. And if it doesn’t turn out like you said, you should offer a refund or re-do and probably not charge $70 for a simple color.

I was in desperate need for a SHAZAM! hairdo, so today I ended up going to Fantastic Sams in Santee.  This is a rarity, as I rely on Groupons or specialized boutiques for my hair. I am scared going to Great Clips or any walk-in hair salon because I feel like they are all brand new stylists that don’t have experience. However, I should probably just eat my words, because they did a perfect job! I went in and they were able to get me in after about 20 minutes. A girl named Shantel has done the hombre before, and took on the challenge. It took about an hour and a half and she was able to foil the ends and make them perfectly blond, with a nice blend, and also great conversation! I will most definitely go back to her and also suggest her to my friends.

1.  Moral of the story…don’t judge a salon by it’s cover.

2.  Hombre is the new blond!!


~Girl With a Curl~