WTF Weds: Ed 012

6 04 2011

Something I heard on American Idol this week, Steven Tyler: “After Monday and Tuesday even the week says WTF.”

I can’t believe it’s season 10 already!

Oh Steve, keep keepin it real on Idol, you are one of my favorite judges! I’m watching the dubbed episodes that my mom has sent me. I’m a few weeks behind. Today me and the B watched the episode where the 24 contestants performed for the first time on the “big stage”. Well, really it was two episodes cause the girls and guys perform on different nights. Anywho some of the performances were very forgettable, but of course my favorites:

Casey Abrams, his performance was ay may zing, like give you goosebumps amazing. Hey sang “I Put a Spell on You”, DIVINE.

Scotty McCreery, he sang a country song, thank God. His voice is so unique, he’ll get a recording contract no matter if he wins or not. Word has it he’s in the top 9 anyway.

Lauren Alaina, she is so young and so crazy good. She doesn’t even know it. She sang Reba’s new single and it was exquisite.

Haley Reinhart, her voice when she gives us that throaty tone, oh god it’s one of a kind. The judges were all weird sauce about it, but I haven’t heard one singer do that …ever… to include famous people.

Pia Toscano, not one of my faves just yet, she’s still got to win me over, but she may have done it this time. She was the very last to perform, but I got goosebumps, it was a level above about 80% of the performances, easy. She sang “I’ll Stand by You” and she hit all the right notes.

Not my favorites:

James Durbin, what’s up with the scarf tail? Hate it. He’s tryin to peacock his way through this shit. (Well, that and using his crazy Adam Lambert-y scream).

Clint Jun Gamboa, your glasses are ridiculous and you are a dick, go home.

Oh, and P.S. you gotta check out Crystal Bowersox's music video for "Farmer's Daughter" Keep the kleenexes nearby.




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