Happy trails

21 01 2013

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a guest at Mission Trails Regional Park. I’d been there before, but never ran any of the trails. It’s gorgeous, definitely more so in the summer/fall, but still a sight for sore eyes or however they say. Anywho, I made the drive up there…and apparently you can drive some of it, but I had my sights set on trying out my new trail shoes.

mission trails view

We met with one of the commissioning committee directors for our ceremony in Anchorage this May, and she was telling us all about the sights and tours set up for us in Alaska. She mentioned that the city of Anchorage running club would like to take our ship’s running club on a trail run or two. To which I promptly replied with asking if there was snow that time of the year. She said that there is snow from time to time, and it’ll be around 50 degrees, but they run on trails rain or shine, or shall we say snow or cold…

Thus, I was in need of a new pair of shoes and some trail runs to get under my belt. I went to REI (one of my faves) and picked up a pair of Solomon trail shoes.


They are pretty damn awesome if you are into trail/road running. They have great support, yet still comfortable. So I decided to pop the proverbial cherry and try the new gals out.

It was gorgeous out yesterday and there were lots of people out and about, it’s always nice to see people taking advantage of the views and weather. I tried out the “visitor’s trail” which is only a mile or so round trip, but I ended up taking an inadvertent detour and made it down to a creek. It was downhill halfway, and by the time I got myself up the back half, I was hanging on by a thread. Luckily, there was a semi-fit couple in front of me keeping me in pace. I like to nonchalantly stalk other runners, it’s easier to keep your mind off pacing and enjoy the views instead. As I’m trekking my way up the hill, I get to the top and see this couple, and as I do the “excuse me as I pass-I’m trying not to fall-” nod, the elderly man with a walking stick yells (over my headphone-age), “keep it up! you can do it!”

It really lifted my spirit that a total stranger would shout out words of encouragement, and that’s just what I needed to pull me through the last leg of the trail. When you see someone struggling, don’t be afraid to encourage them along, trust me your words will be heard!


Ellie Goulding

7 01 2013

I’m kind of obsessed with this broad right now. You may recognize her single “Lights.” Definitely awesome but extremely overplayed on el radio.


Her newest album, “Halcyon” is the bomb. I am loving her song “Figure 8,” which in fact you should open up your iTunes and download this moment. You will not be sorry. Seriously I play it on repeat every time I go somewhere in my car. It’s great for working out, chill music, whatevs. Her voice is pretty dern awesome.

I mean, this chick looks badass and kind of makes me want to shave my head or paint my nails black. She’s just so damn edgy. I bet she’s a brit.


6 01 2013

Hello webbers.

Happy New Year!!

Dusting off my typing fingers and putting some words up today. It has been oh so long since I’ve posted. No, I did not get wiped out by hurricane Isaac, I’ve been busy sailing the world. Well, the Gulf of Mexico anyway…

Since August, we have taken our brand new ship from New Orleans, through the Panama Canal, and around to San Diego. We got to see  a little bit of Mexico as well. The Panama Canal was pretty bomb. It took forever to transit, but there were some gorgeous views.

I’m currently reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” and it’s sort of changing my life. Buy it now you won’t be sorry. The end.

I’ve moved downtown San Diego, and I’ve been slowly checking out the bars down here. Double Deuce and Tipsy Crow have been captivating most of my attention. Which is difficult because I’m sometimes ADHD.


Things on the docket this year:

Family coming to visit me in SD!

Traveling to Hawaii, Alaska, and China!!

My friend’s wedding!

Starting a business!

Complete my MBA!

Oh boy, as if I wasn’t busy enough. How do people accomplish everything. I can’t wait to make this year ten times more productive than the last!