Alright peeps!

31 03 2011


It’s been a minute.

Deep breath.

SO, here we are back from vacation. Unfortunate. I had a deep sigh of regret when our plane landed back in the Kingdom. Not a sigh of “thank God we’ve landed safe and sound” or “thank god, I’m back to see my friends and family..and I wonder what’s been going on at work”. A sigh of “shit, back to work, back to Bahrain, back to real life”.

To be truthful, traveling is exhausting, we can all agree on this one. And I don’t even have kids to drag around either. Just taking care of me is exhausting.

31 more days on this rock. 31. I can do this. 23 months have passed, and 1 month remains.

Back to my vacation. Let’s not talk about work just yet. Let me be in my bubble of joy. Me and the B traveled from Berlin Salzburg. Land of the Sound of Music. The Mista hadn’t seen it, can you believe that? (Don’t worry, it was offered as our in-flight entertainment en route Doha, Qatar, thank you Qatar Airways!) We saw so many things I don’t eve know where to start. I want to tell you all about our travels. I think we should separate into the countries perhaps, that way my mind can stay on track. Who doesn’t love a little organizing, Roch I can hear you squealing in delight.

These words have been waiting to pour out of my fingertips for days now. I missed blogging. All my life I have kept some sort of journal or diary, so this is just that.

If you held me at gunpoint and made me decide on which was my favorite view of the trip, I don’t think I could decide… Prague was definitely my favorite city. That is an easy decision.

For now, I will share a couple of pics:

One of the city buildings in Berlin, Germany. This was during our three hour search for the Berlin wall. Or what remains of it anyway.

Taking the Inter City Express to Munich. About a 6 hr ride. Berlin and Munich were farther apart than we thought… This train went about 150km/hr. Fast!

Munich, Germany town hall. There were three here lined up. When one got too small or wasn’t the “right” design anymore, the built a new one. This one was by far the most ornate. In the center there was a courtyard with more sculptures and architecture.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic. This was the first of our castle/monastery tours. The architecture in Europe was unbelievable, and our local tour guides filled us to the brim with the history

Budapest, Hungary. This monastery was up on the hill overlooking the city. Amazing views.

Vienna, Austria. View from the river. I think this was one of the state buildings. Our tour guide here sucked. She was impossible to understand.


ShamROCK my world

18 03 2011

Well folks, today is St. Patty’s day. Not only is there dumb shit going on in Bahrain, but:

1. We have a curfew from 8pm-4am.


2. I am working overnight.

St. Patrick’s Day is probably my favorite holiday, rival only to 4th of July. Two of the best holidays of the world. Hands down. Who doesn’t want a little green beer in their lives? Well, I don’t drink beer, but it’s the thought that counts so I’m told.

I googled “sham + rock” and this is what came up:

Not sure what shamrock has to do with this lovely home, but I opened the pic anyway and decided that I really love the house. It’s simply beautiful. Now, play your cards right and be you in Denver and I may consider owning you one day.

Could this Bahrain shit get any dumber? Apparently the Shia have refused to go into discussions with the Government of Bahrain/Sunni leadership and come up with a resolution. How do problems get solved? Well in the world fo Shia, they camp in tents and give dirty looks while they tote banners and shawarma. Okay, time for a reality check. You’ve been protesting for a month, with no results. How about we put the sticks away and sit down for some talks. Give us your demands and we can try to get there. This may sound incredibly ignorant, but since I am here and watching all of this unfold, you can listen to what I think. 😉

Or, you can stop reading. Your choice. 

This has been 200 years and coming. Probably even longer than that. The basic problem is that the Shias are the majority religion here in Bahrain (as well as other neighboring countries) but the Sunnis are in charge. The Royal family is Sunni and they have the majority rule.

So, as you could have guessed it, there are several unhappy people here, and rightfully so seeing as they don’t really get a say in the political scheme of things. Not only do they not get a say in the country’s future, they are discriminated against for not being Sunni. Including jobs. If you don’t have the “right” name or religion, you’re not getting a good job. Finally, they had had enough and on Feb 14th they started camping out at the Pearl Roundabout. Not sure why they chose that location… It’s in the financial district/business area. Close to malls, shops, the highway, and souq. So a major area of commerce. And a major landmark. So I guess that’s why they chose it. And it was an area that could feasibly accommodate a large crowd and tents.

Pearl Roundabout

The whole time the Shias have been protesting, they’ve taken the non-violent approach, allegedly. No one really knows unless they are down there and shaking down every one of the protestors. If I were that pissed, you bet I’d be packing.

I mean, whoever’s side you are on, you must take some time to marinate on the issues. I got to say, I can get behind someone fighting for their rights. Not in the completely left-wing sort of way, but fighting for what you know and believe is right, and what you believe you deserve instead of just laying down and taking it. And considering the part of the world that we are in, standing up for something is not the norm here or socially acceptable for that matter. So kudos.

However, with that said, there comes a time when people start dieing for the cause that you must step back and realize that negotiations are the only way to get what you want and come to a compromise. So I hope something happens in the near-term that results in both parties being represented equally and fairly.

And, Hilary, please shut your mouth.

**Although I am in the USN, none of these views should be taken as the USN’s stance/opinions on things. These are just my thoughts, take ’em or leave ’em.**

The edge of oblivion

17 03 2011

As I sit at work nearly slipping into unconsciousness my mind has become incredibly active actually.

Haven’t slept today and I’m at work…overnight… Oh Navy you keep me guessing, I’ll give you that. Though I feel Bahrain is to blame for this, not the U S of A. If you are unaware about what’s going on in the middle east, you are an idiot check the news.

So as I sit here I am realizing I have forgotten about several bands I used to hold near and dear. Taking a walk down memory lane, by way of noises in my ears, I’m remembering such groups/artists as 3 Doors Down, Halestorm, Sugar Ray, Bomshel, The Frey, Anberlain, John Mayor, several more… I’m always too busy to just throw my ipod on straight up shuffle, cause usually you’re in the mood for a little Kelly Clarkson or maybe some gym’n music, or whathaveyou. Well, the next time you are stuck somewhere, ie: airport (WHERE I WILL BE IN A COUPLE DAYS…just saying) you should throw that old ipodular of yours on “music” “songs” “shuffle”. Trust me. You will thank me later. You’ll find that there are tons of songs that you have just plain forgot about over the years. The classics, the one hit wonders, the 50s, 60s, 70s music, just a lovely mix of all you-music. It is your itunes after all and at one point or another in your life you downloaded that particular song in search of a feeling you desperately needed to feel or emptiness that needed a top-off.


In an unrelated conversation, the folks bring up the possibility of Martial Law , in which they will have military checkpoints all over the island and the airports will be shut down. I swear to the man upstairs if my leave is taken away, I’m going to throw a BF. Bitch Fit. One of epic proportion. No joke. I have been planning this shit for too long for it to be taken away for some Shi’ite/Sunni skirmish about the government. Well, now that I put it like that my leave seems rather unimportant…

I think I will miss a couple things about Bahrain. And in case that word “couple” leads your mind to believe there are several things I will long to experience again, you are terribly mistaken. A couple. As in two or three things.

1. Hummus and Naan (they come as an item)

2. Housekeepers that change your sheets/towels, do your dishes, clean, etc. All included in your rent.

3. Delivery. Any food you want. Delivered to your doorstep with a smile

And, that’s it.

WTF Weds: Ed 011 Oh Shiiiiiiit

16 03 2011

Oh so much has happened in the America since my departure in 2009. Picked up a Star Mag today (yes I’m doing the crossword, it makes you smart. You learn new words and stuff) and I was alarmed about how behind the times I am.

If you are a man with an unwavering sexual orientation, then read no further. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Gossip to follow…

Miley feuding with her father, possibly estranged.

Scarlett Johanson, back on with Josh Hartnett?

The Glee teacher dude is dating a hottie hot with dark hair…Olivia something?

One of the vamps from Twilight is dating a JoBro. What would his Bible-toting fam think of this…

Matt McConaughey is running…..okay that hasn’t changed much in five years.

Stephanie Pratt still annoying and awkwardly skinny.

Celine Dion is TINY after having twins. What gives? I must go see her in Vegas someday, she would be amazing in concert. (Does this mean I’m an old lady?)

Obnoxiously large and cumbersome hairy vests are in? Dear 70’s please take your fashion back. We no want you here.

Emma Watson (Hermione!) hacked her hair.

Rihanna on the worst-dressed list…yawn what’s new.

Mariah Carey bought two cribs worth $20,000 each, and three strollers (yeah, for twins…) that were $5,000 a piece. Well, Mer Mer if you are so loaded why don’t you go ahead and bail our government out so they don’t hold my next paycheck kthxbye

Lamar Odom and Mrs. Lamar Odom have a new fragrance, a cologne/perfume hybrid called “Unbreakable”….that’s just strange and creepy. I believe that title has already been taken…by a movie…with Samuel L Jackson. How about a little originality, Lambo

Jesse James and Kat Von D? That’s just fucked up. Lost all respect for the both of you.

Dancing with the Stars has a hair collection…random.

David Archuleta has been dropped by his label. Aw ..sad..

Jessica Alba is preggars…again. Cash, you gonna marry that woman or what?

And, now we are in the 2011’s. Ah, feels good.

Ides of March: A time of reflection.

15 03 2011

Now that I think about it…

Why is it always so GD freezing in our office? I will attribute it to the fact we have no windows and rarely see the sunlight.

When I was young I had a doll that I named Jello. And I thought it was a perfectly normal name for a stuffed little boy with red curly hair and yellow shoes.

We’re not allowed to put our hands in our pockets in the Navy, so why do they put pockets on our uniforms. In fact, I have ten pockets right now…that I can’t use.

When did it become socially acceptable for men to practice flatulance in the workplace? Never okay.

Learned soemthing new today. WIFCOM. Wirefree communications. The more you know…

Why are Coach purses so GD expensive!??! I used to get the knock-offs when I was in Hawaii. There was this ghetto swap meet that you could get a knock off designer handbag for about $20-$30. Now that I’ve tasted reality and the smell of leather….I’ll never go back.

I might be a predator

13 03 2011

I feel like I’m not the only one on this. Every woman in the world may be a pedophile.

Check it out.

So, every time I’m in the NEX (Navy Exchange), I must, absolutely MUST check out the purses. You never know when they’re going to get a new one in there. It could be JUST the purse that will unfuck your life. JUST the one that will make everything all better. The one that will make a shitty day a good day, the one that will put a smile on your face. The one that your boyfriend buys you to apologize for something shitty he did.

Naturally, you need to have a plan and be prepared so you know which exact purse may be in your future. And hopefully a day sooner than later.

So, when I’m in there perusing the new lot I like to touch all of them, smell them, and bond with them. And I don’t know why they show up on the shelves with thirty pounds of paper waded up inside. Who honestly stuffs their purse that full? No one sane…. I’m pretty sane, pedophileness aside.

So I take it all out and put it over my shoulder like I own it. It needs to look good on that shoulder, you must feel at one with it. I need to put my hand in there and feel around  a bit. Do you feel like you could be mine some day little golden shoulder bag with cute buttons? I donno, there may be a future for us. On this particular day I was in the check-out line watching someone more financially savvy than me put a cute-as-a-button Coachie on lay away. This struck my interest. So I took a second look. It’s from a line or two ago, but of course they are still floating around our store here in the middle east. It was beachy and large, something you could fit a LOT of movie candy in. And I knew at that moment it was time to do research. So I checked out, no sense of waiting in line twice. And I immediately headed over to the Coach racks. Which also happen to line the racks of Dooneys and Marc Jacobs purses. Damn you NEX and your perfectly placed purses. So there I saw her, the stripped beachy coachy that is somewhere in my future. It looks like the one above, but the stripes are vertical, vice horizontal and there is some sequin detail. AND, it’s only $185. I know, hard to believe, a large Coach for under $200. I was shocked myself. I knew then that she was definitely in my future. It’s just a matter of time now, until I have a shitty day or the Mista goes to the doghouse. I vote for the latter.

There’s just something about a purse that gives you that confidence and contentment that women are forever in-search for. You can never out-grow a purse, you can never be to fat for a purse, purses last forever, you can find a purse to match ANYTHING, purses are conversation pieces, purses hold all of your stuff in a handy way over your shoulder. And when that purse says Coach, it’s just so much better.

I just don’t know what it is about you Coach, you just get me. You warm my heart. Like no man, woman, or child ever could. I need you in my life. For now, forever.

I think it’s okay to feel inanimate objects up. If you intend on owning them someday.

Nice try, Potter

11 03 2011

December Boys.

Two thumbs sideways.

Let’s get real here. A couple of things in this movie simply just did not add up.

A girl dissing Daniel Radcliffe? Who can say no to this muffin:


I gotta give the guy kudos for breaking out of his innocent international man of wizardress, but he’s got two misses in my book. 1. The broadway show he did where he was naked. I watched a snippet of it and it was a bit of a yawnfest…and hard to follow. Sometimes Broadway’s on their OFP anyway, but come on Danny, you can do any movie you want. Really, anything. And you probably don’t even need to work another day in your life thanks the genius mind of lady Rowling.

And my second disappointment. See below.

Another thing that didn’t quite fit….the chick at the top of the poster is his love interest. Firstly, hard to believe someone who looked like ol Radcliffe would have his V-card at 17. She does him and leaves him. Like a straight up dude. Pretty fucked. I’m sure he’ll move past her.

Also, in the movie these four boys are orphans in Australia who get to take a “holiday” during their birth month, December, and stay with this old couple on some desolate beach. How is THE Mr. Potter even an orphan in the first place? Who wouldn’t want a wizard in the family?? I would. Plus, he was quite a handsome chap even as a babe. Australians are insensitive. That’s the only explanation.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a real “coming of age” movie…if you are seven and want to take an afternoon nap.