Just some food for thought. Take it or leave it, world.

30 11 2010

If you get the time/chance to travel, do it. You can start that IRA next month, or next year. The things you experience while seeing the world are invaluable and will be with you for the rest of your life.

Gymming is a necessary evil. Think about, have you ever left the gym thinking, “Man, I feel like shit for going to the gym today, I wish I wouldn’t have worked out.”

Tattoos. “Well, what if I’m 90 and all wrinkly…” Yeah, we’ve all argued this one. But what says you are going to live to the age of 90, or even 50 for that matter?  Who says we get that long on this earth? And so what if you have a mermaid on your forearm?? It’s YOUR arm, YOUR body, and it’s your right to express whatever you want it. It’s another thing that makes you unique. However, I’m going to caveat this with the fact that every tattoo should have a special memory or story behind it, or a good reason for getting it on your body for the rest of your life.

8 sleep 8 work 8 play

Never stop learning. Educate yourself in any way you can. Read, take classes, meet new people.

Stay in touch with your friends and family. They are who got you where you are today.

Set good examples. You’re going to be a parent someday. You know where I’m going with this one.

Don’t hold grudges. Being bitter gets you nowhere and takes up too much of your time and energy. Just let it go.

Volunteer. It will make someone’s day, and it will make your heart grow. Along that same line are random acts of kindness. We all talk about karma, but fuck karma, just do something nice for someone every once in a while. Open the door for someone, stop and talk to a stranger that looks like they’re having a bad day, show up to work a little early to relieve the watchstander, smile at that nerdy guy in the hallway. Also, don’t expect kindness from anyone, if you expect it then you give them the power to let you down. Humans are good at this.

Appreciate shit. That day that you have an extra 20 mins on your hands, sit back and think about all the things in your life that have happened and how you got where you are. I know for me the stars must have aligned for me to be in the place I am today. I am not the best person, nor have I offered favors to very many people. I know I don’t deserve what I have, but I sure as shit know that I am thankful for every opportunity I have been given.

Don’t procrastinate. It doesn’t help any situation.

Learn from other’s mistakes. If we don’t learn from our history we are bound to repeat ourselves..blah blah blah. But seriously, if we watch what our peers are doing and failing at, we can learn not to fail in the same avenues that our lives offer. And also, take the pieces you like about people and use them for yourself.


Listen. Being a good listener is pivotal to any relationship. Friends, family, all of the above. If you think you’re talking too much, you are.

Be punctual. Nothing’s more annoying than having a friend who is unreliable. Don’t be that person.

Be patient. They say it’s a virtue. And it is. This is something we all struggle with when there are children that are annoying as shit behind us in the movie theatre, or loud obnoxious people in your vicinity, etc. Be patient. Do it.

Tolerate others. This is a dewsie, but it is necessary.

No regrets. Don’t look back. Everything that’s happened to you has happened for a reason one way or another. Bad experiences, terrible events, wonderful memories, this all forms your history which is what has made you YOU.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
— Marilyn Monroe


Are dogs more important than library books?

29 11 2010

Disclaimer: The following is some random shit. Prepare your mind and soul.

Iiiiiiiit’s like a TANK TOP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geddHyOwy90 YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. ALL OF IT. I choked on spaghettios from laughing.

In Hawaii (and presumably other states) they had these locator chips that they put into your pets so if they go astray you can locate them. Why don’t they do this with library books? I know it seems silly, but I’ve definitely lifted from the library before. Well, checked a book out with intentions to never return it.. Okay, well maybe I just forgot to return it. W/e the case may be, I’m sure they’ve misplaced tons of books and media thorough the years. Think of the NY Public Library and how many people frequent that joint. It seems like the library system of the world is a little pre-historic, well at least pre-mezezoic (sp??).  On base they still use those little cards with a pocket in the back where they punch the date on it. I mean, it’s quaint and all, but I think we can all jump into the current century and get synced up with a computer program. Even though the new Windows is SHIT since they moved all the buttons around. Off topic. Understood. However comma, libraries need to catch up with technology. What chew gonna dew bout it LIB??

There’s nothing like thirsties floating around the base when a ship pulls in. Understand they’ve been to sea for upwards of 90 days but this does not give them the right to go whoring around base. THey wonder what gives military chicks a bad name. One of the guys in our shop who happens to live on base was propositioned for his barracks room. And how generous of this jigs and his thirsty, he offered a complete stranger $40 for TWENTY mins for the use of his room/bed. Are you kidding me? Fucking gross. “Yes, sure, please do your girl on my bedsheets so I can roll around in them for the next week before housekeeping comes. Oh, and if you can leave that torn up condom on the floor or next to my pillow that’d be great too.” WOOF.

The song, “Like a G6” isn’t about a car….made by GM….it’s about a supersonic plane or some shit.. lol all this time… who’da thunk

Illegally downloading the new One Republic album. Review to come. But I’m assuming there’s at least 4 deece tracks. I’ll give em four.

When people say try to use “wicked” in a real-life setting, it pisses me off and they should probably be punched in the face… in what sort of situation could you honestly justify the use of that word..unless you’re talking about witches or something. When I think about the type of individual that would say “Man, did you catch the slopes this weekend. They were hella wiiiicked”. <——- total skeeve. I digress.

Turns out there’s a totally legit music store here. Bahrain, I have seriously underestimated your fruits. http://www.room2rock.info/index.htm

MY FEET ARE FUCKING FREEZING. P.S. it’s 70 degrees in Bahrain today, apparently Hell does freeze over.

Me casa es su casa….for a price.

29 11 2010

Este casa esta en el norte de Denver. La casa no esta en la ciudad, es en el pais. La casa esta circa del parque por tus ninos, y circa el cine, la biblioteca, y el gimnasio. La casa tiene 800 pies cuadrados, muy grande por tus familia. En la casa hay 5 dormitorios, 3 banos, y una cocina grande. La cocina tiene mozaics negros. La sala familia es mas grande que la cocina pero el balcon es mas grande que la sala familia. La casa tiene una gran vista a las montanas, la libreria, la cancha de tenis y un teatro. Es un precio es no negotiable. El precio es de $1.000.000.

Adios! Voy a clase!

Y tu Mama tambien

29 11 2010

Class tonight. Perhaps I should finish up that homework I’ve been putting off for a WEEK. Eh?

I got up at noon today. Make that noon thirty. Whups.= ) That’s what happens when you stay up till three in the AM watching Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy.

We’re supposed to write a couple paragraphs about selling a house en espanol….which has been interesting and needless to say, there have been several revisions.

Think I might go see HP tomorrow. I have heard mixed reviews…but I will make my own opinion damnit. Shit, I need to watch the old ones first tho. I’ll have to get up early manana to accomplish such.

Laughing cow cheese is just creepy. Where did that name even come from?


28 11 2010

Is it just me or is Madagascar offensively large???

I don’t know when the last time you looked at a map was, but I look at one every day, and I have just recently become aware of how fucking large Madagascar is. Here are some fun facts:

Madagascar is the 4th LARGEST island in the world.

Madagascar gained independence from the French Colonial Empire as recently as 1960.

Malagasy is the local language. Other official languages are French and English. Over 20 million people in the world speak malagasy. The first book to be printed in malagasy was the bible.

Madagascar split from Africa a short 160 million years ago.

Madagascar boasts 12,000 of the world’s plant species. 80% of the plant and animal species can be found nowhere else on earth.

The Vazimba were the first inhabitants of Madagascar. Pygmy migrants from modern day Indonesia.

Population as of 2009: 20,653,556 (wowza!)

Le Bonfire

27 11 2010

So we had an interesting time at the bonfire, pretty good turnout for a last-minute gathering. But who can say no to a bonfire? Eh? That’s what I thought.

Our fire started out relatively modest, of course we didn’t “borrow” enough firewood to last but an hour, so had to make numerous trips to a very friendly construction site. It kindly provided us with several wood pallets. Complete with rusty nails laden with tenanus. Can’t have a fire without a little danger, or chance of catching a disease.

We weren’t entirely sure bonfires were legal here…but after realizing there were three other fires going, decoy fires, if you will, we figured it was relatively legal… And if it wasn’t we could jump in the nearby ocean and attain a quick get-away. Speaking of the decoy fires, about halfway through the night, some of the guys headed over to the closest bonfire for a peace offering of hot dogs. (yeah, we made sure they weren’t pork first) They were allegedly fed russian beer and corn on the cob.. Pretty normal bonfire food…right?

Anywho, it was a good night, one of the guys sprained/broke their ankle trying to jump over the bonfire = ), the class of 2010 showed up (aka 18 yr old muthafuckaz that no one recognized..), one of the guys jumpedin the ocean for no reason, we roasted hot dogs with a makeshift wire hangar (make that two wire hangars), found a very large wood spool and decided it absolutely MUST be thrown in the fire. Oh, and then we had to all stand on it, naturally. Drinking Parrot Piss, shots of jack (ew), some good tunes, the ocean breeze, and sand of the Bahraini desert, what more could you want??

Well, my car went dead after five hours of playing music and leaving the dome light on. No biggie, we jumped it. Pretty sure the sober guys helped me out with that one. I couldn’t stop laughing uncontrollably in enough time to help out… It was hilarious for some reason…

One of the “class of 2010” guys was annoying the shit out of me. He decided to take up a position in the back of my car next to me. As if his ass could fit in the back with me and another guy’s, and AS IF he knew me well enough to sit literally ass to ass with me. Nope. That and he wouldn’t shut his mouth. Maybe I’m just getting old and out of touch with the youth of today.. This kid seriously had like a Lost Boys jacket on (have I mentioned this is the desert…and we were near a FIRE??) and greasy black hair, he was probably packin some fangs, or at least a weapon or two. He looked shady to say the least. He also works at the….least desirable place on base…so I bet he is pretty cool in the real world. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to run your mouth like you’re God’s gift, at least have the personality and good looks to back it up. Nope. Neither. Consider this a FAIL Edward. Of the epic proportion.

Oh, and one of our marines got stolen. Funny story actually. Okay, I’ll tell you. Twisted my arm. So there we were, leaving the bonfire…a friend drove my car home for me. He goes back to pick up his car, and it’s gone. Gone, with his friend passed out in the back seat. GONE. No car, no friend. Just sand and a fire pit. So, we try and call peeps who were there and no one’s seen him or the car.. Finally, I call a buddy “Have you seen the dude who passed out in the car anywhere..or the car for that matter”. Buddy; “Yeah, he’s right here on my couch, he’s sleeping” WTF dude. So  this guy takes the initiative to drive someone else’s car home with a stranger passed out in the back. Anywho, friends were reunited and no one was raped…..that we know of.

“I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land.” – Jon Stewart

25 11 2010

They are having a Thanksgiving free food thing at the Souq today for families, military, stray TCN workers, etc. I went to get some FUD with the two marines here so I dind’t have to eat alone. (So sad eating alone…well, at least when I see people eating alone and it gives me the impression they are down and out….) We get over there and there is a long line to which we wait in, no problem, was expecting a long ass line anyway. So they open the gate thingy and everyone goes and sits down, so we ask the server gentleman if we can get a plate to-go, as we are on watch. Nope, apparently to be entitled to grub you have to sit down and watch the church choir and be smothered by Jesus for 20 mins before you can eat.  WTF. What happened to the whole… division of state and religion..? If I don’t pray I don’t want to watch people sing about Jesus and God, and their sheep or w/e. Yuck.

That, and I hate crowds of people, you never know who’s gonna turn around and shank you. Needless to say, I got out of there and decided to return at a later time.

SO, close to one pm I went over to the Souq to get me some turkey dinnah -to go style-. Upon my arrival and presentation of ID, I was escorted to a back room behind the dining hall, out the back door of the building (adorn cover), and into the storage area (remove cover) adjacent to the dishroom. WTF… I was like “Umm can I get some food to go..or….?” Then, a man in a suit emerged and explained to me if you want food to go, a plate will be prepared for you.  But baaaasically due to my picky nature, all I really wanted was turkey and potatoes, no gravy, no sweet taters, no nasty desserts, etc etc. But, what I ended up with was a clusterfuck of thanksgivingness in my to-go bag that weighed nearly 10 lbs. Heart attack for the holidays? Sure, why not, we have medical on call anyway.

I think the pumpkin square gave me heartburn. Patti’s pumpkin/choc chip cupcakes were WAYY better than that. AND worth every one of those 1000 calories. No doubt.

My jacket smells like turkey dinner now. Must wash.

December sked came out. Working Xmas Eve, Xmas, and NYE, NY Day…..I think leadership has a feeling I’m going to attempt suicide and need to be at work for every holiday possible?!?! Eh, didn’t have plans anyway I suppose, at least I’m back on days in Deeeeecember.

Bonfire tonight. We’ll see how well mallows, grahams, choc flats, and booze go together. I’ll get back to you on that one. I hope no one gets thrown in the fire and my eyebrows don’t get burned off…. (story for another time).

Speaking of heartburn (please see above)…