Armpits and hurricanes

28 08 2012

Just returned from a trip to Denver. It was perfect as always. The weather was 80s with no humidity and my hair stayed stick straight. Just imagine the opposite of New Orleans. My hairs can be pretty fickle.

I got to see my friend’s little baby-she’s 17 months now! Last time I was around she was crawling and just making baby goo goos and gahs. And now she’s saying so many things, she’s a smart little baby. I think my favorite is her surprise face. She can do it on command. That and she’ll hold out her little paw and say “Nice to meet you!” Perfectly adorable.

Also, I got to see red rocks, eat at a yummy Japanese steakhouse, get some home grilled burgers/corn on the cob, saw the theater where the shooting happened a few weeks ago, went shopping, watched a reenactment of the Olympic gymnastics routines and made many many memories. OH, and did I mention Chipotle and Jamba Juice!?


Denver sunset

On Sunday we went over to her sister’s house for some food, fun, and games. ¬†She has three nieces that are grade school age and one of them had a broken leg, but she was moving around very well considering. We played school and they were doing tons of flips and cartwheels for us. I don’t remember being that energetic as a child, haha. They got a kick out of playing with my camera, who knew taking photos could captivate little girls attention for nearly an hour! Those girls are also very very honest and one of them saw my armpit and told me there was some hair in it. So I go to look and the other one snaps a picture!! I got set up! Oh boy, we laughed about that for a good ten mins.

Yesterday it was back to the real world. I flew back to New Orleans where our ship is being built. Guess who was here to welcome me home? Tropical storm -now hurricane- Isaac. He’s supposed to hit NOLA around 10pm tonight. People are freaking about it. And ironically this week is the 7th anniversary of Katrina. It is a bit overcast and sprinkling out, and very very windy but the city seems prepared. There’s news stations reporting the most updated info every second on the radio, storm shelters set up, red cross on high alert, and Army tanks rolling through the streets. All the businesses are closed and some Parishes were ordered to evacuate. But the Navy folk are hanging tight in our hotels until it passes.