Leggi Doo

21 05 2012

So, while I was showering today and noticing my leggies were a tad overgrown I decided to shave them. Except for when I say them I mean *it*…. After I completed one leg I shampoo’d up the hair and then went back for the other one….but afterwards I realized it was the same leg. Yep, I managed to completely finish that leg….and didn’t even nice it was already shaved.

Case of the Mondays perhaps?

Hmm anyway I promptly shaved up the other’n and went on my way.

I’ve had a busy few days, that’s what I’m chalking it up to.

ImageFriday we went out downtown to the American Comedy Co. in Gaslamp district. Before hand we went to Friday’s (because it WAS Friday after all!) to grub up and have a daiquiri or two. Then we met up with a guy from work I know and his friend. This kid got into town a week ago and already knows the owner of the club and the owner of the Crossfit gym downtown. He’s a networking fool. So we walk over to the comedy club and see this crazy long line and some bouncers keeping the peace. We walk up and said friend sees a man inside and gives him a nod. The bouncers part ways and let us right in the door. In front of all those  anxious patrons (aka the line I am always in and sticking my nose up at those people with skip-the-line privileges). It was crazy! I felt like a VIP..or famous…or super freakin cool! It was Tom Green that was doing the show that night, we saw him as we were walking in. It was us four, the waitresses, and one of the owners, that’s IT! I got goosies as we headed to the bar to get a pre show drink. And who followed? Tom himself! We said hi to him and shot the shit, you know like regular folk. After a few mins the peeps started trickling in and we all took our seats. The opener was Sarah Tiana, who was quite the comedian herself..lots of cussing..lots of crown heckling. Tom was Hil-arious. He was just like he was in the movies with the crazy overeggagerated looks and tone of voice. He was pretty awesome. After the show we traveled over to the Tipsy Crow, which was a great little bar. Downstairs they had a club like scene and on the main level was a laid back atmosphere with shuffleboard and connect-four, checkers and such. Great little bar. It was a good time, I need to get downtown more often.

Saturday we had a shop BBQ at my place. It was good to see everyone outside of work in a more relaxed atmosphere. We had some steak/chicken kabobs, chips (sour cream and cheddar–uh the best!), fresh cherries, and of course some draaaanks. The best part about having it at your place is that you can drink all you want haha. We played some cards for a bit then I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

ImageSunday was the 26th annual Bay Bridge Run. There were 10,000 people at this thing! It sold out at the end of April, I guess it’s a popular run here in San Diego. We all lined up at the Convention Center downtown and the course was up the on-ramp to the bridge, over into Coronado and ended at the park once you crossed over. 4 miles in total. I swear it felt like six seeing as half of it was uphill! I thought my shins would start hurting on the uphill climb but it wasn’t until we hit the downhill last leg of the race that my side started hurting. I kept a decent pace, I wasn’t really “racing” per say. My goal was to not stop…one day my goal will be a certain time I suppose, but this thing was challenging enough! I got around a 38 minute  finish and I was 1088 out of 10,000 overall! It was a very nice day, beautiful out and the views from the bridge were unbeatable! It was cool to be on foot, this is the only day of the year foot traffic is allowed.

Today the charades continued with my semi-annual Physical Readiness Test! I got the best score I’ve ever gotten, and I wasn’t surprised I did well since I’ve been going to the gym and doing this whole “fitness” thing religiously since January. It feels very good to be reaching my goals, seeing results, and having an overall better lifestyle. But I was extremely happy that I got the scores I did. We have two minutes to do as many sit-ups and pushups as we can. I got 93 curls, and 37 pushups. On the run I got 11:09 which is two and a half minutes shaved off of my last run! Man, it was a great day, and to top it off I beat my Chief’s scores!! After the PRT we had a Pizza Sale at the command which was a pretty good turnout. I think we’ll do doughnuts next time though, probably sell better…and if we do it after the PRT =)

Update on the RW3 Boot Camp I tried last week. It was in a dance studio and hot as hell. When I asked if we could turn on the fan -this was after 100 burpees as a warmup- the students looked at me like I had just stripped down naked…and the trainer says, “We don’t use fans here.” Talk about awkward. So basically never mind the fact I thought I would pass out at any moment for the lack of moving air/circulation/120 degree temps, the trainer wasn’t really my cup of tea. Though he did look like Capt America after the experiment it wasn’t really in a good way…I mean, it’s cool you are a trainer..but really? I’m not into it..you gotta know when to stop. But that aside I didn’t really like his training style, which made me miss my old gym.. SO I’m moving on. I found a Groupon for a month of unlimited group classes at “The Boxing Club” in Kearney Mesa, and it is AWESOME. I tried out my first class today, cardio kickboxing. The class size was about 30 and it was people of all ages and skills so I didn’t look like a total fool… I got checked in and my hands wrapped and the trainer showed us newbees the few kicks and punches we would need to know and we dove right in. I was drenched in sweat within the first few mins and it was nonstop punches/kicks/cardio, and it was a lot of fun. I love getting got punch shit in the legal kind of way. They also offer tons of other classes like MMA, boot camp, etc if you’re not into kickboxing.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I go home on Thursday and I can’t wait to see everyone and get toasted at the Schoolgirl party we’re having!!



13 05 2012

Shortly I will be packing up for another move. This time on board a ship.

After a short stint in New Orleans I’ll be living on my ship for a while. I’m pretty excited to explore a new city, but it’s gonna be hot hot hotttt down there. Louisiana over the summer? Sure, why not?

I wonder what Groupons are goin on down there. =)

Onto another subject…I am not a reader…so I’ve been downloading Hunger Games books and Game of Thrones books. The Hunger Games movie was pretty good but I’ve heard that the books are way better, so I’m going to check them out. Since I can’t make time for actual reading, I’m going to listen to them instead. Same thing right? =)

Holy crap is anyone watching Vampire Diaries?? So apparently Alaina is a vampire now? I think I just saw the season finale…and now I have to wait almost a YEAR for another season?!? Ugh, so painful.

Road Rules

12 05 2012

So there I was on the freeway traveling due south. And it was time to merge onto another highway via a two lane entry.

Speed limit: 65MPH

My speed: 75MPH

With those speeds in mind, imagine a van creeping by at around 40MPH merging at the same time..straddling two lanes….

Now, it’s extremely difficult for me to deal with going half the speed limit, and trying to pass someone without turning my head slowly and sharing an awkwardly long hateful stare.

This time I decided to take a deep breath, and make an excuse. This must be their first time on a freeway. First time driving a gas powered vehicle. Maybe the first time driving a van?

I go to pass said van and look over not intending to glare but the 40 yr old asian male had white knuckles and was staring dead ahead. I guess freeways are stressful for some? I don’t know…anyway.

Newb drivers are so annoying and I know it shouldn’t stress me out, but it does. I just don’t get it. …..go the speed limit, merge…and drive straight. That’s about all you have to remember. Oh, and stay in your lane.

Pumped up kicks

2 05 2012

So my April goal was to run 100 miles.

I didn’t quite make it.

….let’s be honest…I didn’t come near.

I completed 48.2 miles. So rounding down….I made 48 miles..which isn’t even half of 100.

I think I’ll set the bar a little more realistic for May and shoot for 60 miles. And I have a friend doing it with me so that’ll be more motivating. Like I’ve said getting to the gym and actually getting out to the park or street for a nice run is 99% of the battle. If only my couch wasn’t so GD comfortable! And if I wasn’t addicted to TV shows. Despite my cheapness for not wanting to pay for cable…I still download and watch probably 20 TV shows. And I like to keep up with them. SO sometimes it IS a battle to get out there. But if I have someone to keep me accountable I think it’ll be easier. Plus, she has a huz and three kids….so if she can make time I can make time.

So 60 miles it is! Roughly 2 miles a day. Who can’t do that? Just don’t skip too many days that’s what caught me on the ol 100 miles.

I’m checking out a new boot camp next week. It’s up in La Jolla I believe. We’ll see how it compares to Dream Body Boot Camp and Lululemon’s version – P.S. they host a free one every Sunday morning downtown!- I’m looking forward to something new, plus this guy is allegedly the #1 trainer in  San Diego.

And it’s got a pretty legit website: http://www.rw3fitness.com

I’ll let you peeps know how it is, and if it’s worth the monies. The one I currently go to is $197/mo!! If I wouldn’t have had a Groupon I couldn’t have afforded that. No idea how much the RW3 is, but I’ll soon find out!