America’s Drive-In

30 06 2011



You. Get. Me.


WTF Weds: Ed 017 2008…pretty much in the past

29 06 2011

During the time that I’ve been back in America I’ve noticed a few things. One of them being American pride. Which, is awesome if it is tasteful.

But in the recent weeks I have noticed that there are an alarming amount of bumper stickers that read “MCCAIN/PALIN”. Now, if I’m remembering correctly, the presidential election was in 2008. Which was three years ago. So this says to be that there are an overwhelming number of right-winged folks here that are not happy with the present ruling member.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, yes, this is the U S of A, the American Dream, free country, so on and so on. BUT, if the party you voted for did NOT get elected, maybe it’s time to move on and look forward to the new election. Take your bumper sticker off that broadcasts “I hate Obama”, suck up the loss, and pick a new candidate to follow for 2012. This means, live with the present laws, decisions, and beliefs of the selected individual, who was voted for by the majority, the guy who had the balls to stand up and make decisions for our country regardless of disagreements and criticism that some citizens are more than happy to offer up at any moment. It can’t be an easy job, and he is making decisions on the behalf of millions of people. Not everyone is going to be pleased with what hashes out.

War Paint

28 06 2011

So, I would never actually call myself a girly girl, or  search deep within in hopes of finding the end-all be-all makeup tip buuuut I have stumbled upon a few great products and feel the need to share.

1. Anything Bare Escentuals. Their stuff is made from pure minerals, and it’s a loose powder, so you pour it into the lid and then use a brush to get it from there to your face. If you have any allergies whatsoever, or your skin is sensitive, this stuff is the answer. My faves are the foundation, the matte (which makes your skin not-so-shiny on those hot humid days), and the mineral veil. The MV goes all over your face once you’ve got the other layers on. And it is so light and smooth it makes your skin feel super soft, and it keeps everything in place. If you are one of those people who thinks makeup is too difficult, it takes too long, and you don’t want to bother with it….but have always in the back of your head wanted to dabble…this is perfect for you. I had never worn foundation, under eye stuff, anything but eyeliner and mascara, and I got started on this line and I really love it. They have a “starter kit”, which is a bit pricy..but definitely worth the investment, and the tubs of foundation last forever. The kit comes with an instructional DVD that shows you the how-to’s. I have watched my own copy several times, it’s pretty informative, and the lady is very easy to listen to.



2. Maybelline Unstoppable black eyeliner. This is a MUST for every woman. This stuff is suuuuper easy to apply, and very easy to get off, if you mess up that line along your eyelid. I use it on both the top and bottom eyelid. This stuff will roll onto your eyes quickly and easily. And it is able to be applied over eyeshadow, which isn’t always easy. I tried several other brands/types and finally stumbled upon this one, and I’ll never use any other.



3. DiorShow Blackout.

My Mom actually turned me on to this stuff. She got it for me for Xmas one year, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The Blackout is the new line out, I believe. But any kind of Dior mascara is probably just as amazing as this one. This stuff gives your eyelashes some SERIOUS pump. I mean, wowza. I have blonde eyelashes, so it takes a good five coats of regular-old-mascara to take any effect. This stuff took two coats, and it’s good to go. I could probably even get away with one coat, to be honest. But this mascara will double the length of your eyelashes. I’m sure it doesn’t literally make them longer, but it gives the movie-star fake eyelashes affect, without the kooky looking halloween hooker eyelash look.

More Awlins

27 06 2011

During our short time in New Orleans, we got to explore the French Quarter and saw many a sight. Although it was very warm….we made do. NOLA is definitely a place you’d have to set aside a good 4-5 days to truly appreciate and soak in all the history and sights. There were a few tours I’d love to go on when I eventually relocate there early next year. Such as the walking Ghost Tour through the old French Quarter, the pub crawl down Bourbon street (although my liver would say otherwise), the Plantation Tour, and I would love to just take public transportation around and enjoy the city on the cheap for a whole day.

The day we pulled into town we had to go to the VPC to pick up my car, which took all of 20 mins. In and out. Wham bam thank ya ma’am. It’s a lot faster when you are picking up, vice dropping off. Inspeeeections, paaaaperwork. All that mumbo jumbo this is your car, we are responsible for minor damages..etc. Anyway, so with the ‘Ru-ster in tow, we headed downtown to find our hotel. Which…is an entirely other story dealing with the check-in of two guests, one room, one bed, and only one spot in the parking lot … which..was rather confusing, because we parked my friend’s car in the parking lot labeled for our hotel, and checked in like it was a normal, usual thing. And they were appalled, like visibly offended that we parked our own car. That we had the balls to just drive up in their lot and park of our own free will. And when we explained that it is labeled as designated parking (no mention of valet only) for our hotel, and the gate was open with no one around, they just stared at us. As if we had made it up. It turned into about a 7 minute conversation..which went nowhere and I was as confused as when we started. So, the parking for this particular hotel offers valet parking. No, they don’t offer valet parking, valet parking is mandatory. And so is the fee that comes with it. Wow, how special. So anyway, we handed over my friend’s keys and went to park my car on the road somewhere, since the meters didn’t charge overnight.

After that hooplah was settled, we ventured down to the Quarter to find a restaurant that a friend suggested. We found it and we chowed down. We were starving by this point since it was about 645pm and we had had light lunches. I got steak fajitas, and my friend, we’ll call her Miz T, got a burrito. Both were deeelicious. Our tummies were stuffed. Thanks to the tableside guacamole. No, we didn’t completely finish it, but we definitely tried our very best to scarf it all down.

Then, it was off to see the local shops and pick up some souvies. There were the assorted Mardi Gras items, painted masks, beads, shot glasses, anything a tourest would ever desire. We saw some interesting cooking aprons, and lots and lots of New Orleans Tshirts. I had my eye out for some cute postcards, and maybe a tshirt. This was one of the nicknacks we sighted:

 Pretty creative actually. I had to sneak a pic, because not a lot of the shops allowed photography.

For our second day, we decided to find Bourbon Street, surprisingly not the most popular of places mid-day. It was a bit off the beaten path, Decatur street-by the ocean seemed to be more populated and busy. We walked down B-Street and there were a couple shops open, but mostly barkeeps were washing off the nasty from the night before off of their sidewalks, and people were checking out of various hotels.

Lunch @ the Hard Rock. A big ol burger and fries. That’s how we do it in Amurica.

Then, it was time for the main event. The Grey Line Swamp/Bayou tour. We boarded our bus, and sat back for a 45 min drive to the outskirts of the city. During the trip, our driver filled us plum full of NOLA knowledge and useless facts. Which are, btw, the best kind of facts.

Arrive: Swamp.

We boarded the air boat along with 20 other touristas and began our venture down the bayou. It was a little warm, but there was a tiny breeze that kept us on this side of Hell. Our tour guide was quite personable, I get the feeling he’d probably been doing these tours for 10-15 yrs, but not in the worn-down drawl of his speech, but in his knowledge base, and wealth of knowledge. He did the funniest thing when we were looking for the alligators. He would speak into the microphone like he was calling a dog. The whole “whistle whistle Here boy! Here boy!” routine. Yeah, crazy stuff.

But, what do you know, some little creatures started swimming towards us:

And then they got closer:


We probably saw about 10 alligators in total, and one of them was 9ft long and 300lbs! He was traveling with his honeywife, just floatin along calm as day. We even got to hold a baby alligator that the guide had brought with! I thought he was gonna feel all slimey and smell bad and be wet…but he was dry..and felt like a snake and he was quite calm. I was scared shitless to hold him, but when would I ever have another opportunity?? Um, never, so I sucked it up and held the little guy. I even squeezed out a smile for the pic.

After our tour it was time to kick rocks, and we headed back to Pensacola, a 3.5 hr drive. Yes, I managed to get caught up at some outlet stores near Gulfport, MS. Damn you fair prices and welcoming sales associates. What’s another purse on the pile, anyway. I mean, you should really have one in every color, right?


25 06 2011
This weekend was the trip to New Orleans to pick up my car and to have a little down time. The down time turned into a lot of souvenir shopping, a lot of strolling, and a bayou tour with a lot of alligators! And, some pretty sore feet…NOLA was glorious.Here are the highlights:
French Marketplace


Decatur Street, view from the Hard Rock

Gator Hunting. Got to hold this lil guy

Back to(e) black

23 06 2011

Sooooo I just dropped my black/deep purple OPI (luckily it was on sale when I bought it, who buys $12 polish!??) fingernail polish in the bathroom sink…of course the top of it shattered apart from the bottle and polish went flying everywhere…on my fingers ALL over the sink, even on the bathtub. Amidst the panic, I did pause for a moment and ponder whether to scramble scramble and get it all cleaned up before the polish married to the sink (tide wipes for appliances anyone?), or to touch up that smudge on my left footed big toe that was staring me in the face. Longing for that completed, “polished” look. I too, being slightly OCD felt sorry for the lil guy. How was he to lead the other toes in action with a limp?

I made the only logical decision a girl could in this situation. I grabbed the brush, which was actually half brush and half glass at this point, and quickly propped the big toe up on the bathtub and got to painting. Of course, this could not go well, no, why would it? Shattered polish? Nope, no easy way out of this. Since the top had shattered clear off the lower part of the bottle, there were gobs of tiny particles of glass mixed in with the paint…so it went on in a globular fashion, those moments when you get too much polish, not enough brush (ladies, you know). Whatever, I didn’t have time for this drama! I made it look as finished as I could, and went back to the sink. Polish, everywhere. Deep purple splats on the perfectly white porcelain sink. Shit. I’m screwed. (Did I mention I live in a hotel?)

POA: Pour as much fingernail polish remover as I could into the sink, and onto my cotton ball. Scrub. Scrub. Furiously Scrub, and then Scrub again.

Only problem is that I have an unusual fear of cotton balls. Or anything cottony…to include those flat cotton face swabs, q-tips, you get the idea. So the entire time my spine was tingling from my tailbone to the very tip top. And i was getting chills, the bad kind, from touching said cotton balls. Ugh shuuuudder. I don’t even know why I hate them, but I do. Just the consistency, the little squeak you feel when you squeeze them. I’m gagging just thinking about it.

Needless to say, the operation took a bit longer than expected, but I pulled it together, and mission accomplished. But since the sink is white…it just looks like there is a grey scum around the very bottom near the drain. Think the cleaning ladies will notice? They’re only in here, oh, every day. Yeah, I’m so busted.

Very sad day for me. This was not only one of my favorite colors, and one of the nicer brands, most importantly…what does this mean? Could this mean I am in for a run of bad luck? I’m no conspiracy theorists, but I do believe in karma…and I believe that everything happens for a reason. Some signs just can’t be ignored.  Is this like seeing a black cat cross the street on a full moon? Shit, it better not be a full moon tonight, I can’t afford any bad luck right now. What with the picking up the car this weekend…the trip to Noaleans, a bayou air boat tour with real live crocs in their natural habitat…defending their babies…hunting for prey. Oh Em Gee

Slug Muggin

22 06 2011

Sew, chillens. I’ve been a bit busy these last few days. School is flying, thank goodness. I’m relieved, the B is relieved, and the Sis, excited I’ll be home in Sept (though partially excited I will be once and for all moving all of my boxes and assorted household goods out of her basement, to include the motorcycle taking up her lawnmower space in the garage). Good news all around. Though, I’m hoping this summer will FLY like the wind, Roch is probably praying it will move like a slug. Speaking of which, my first encounter with a real live slug was in Seattle when I was 11. Slug, meet foot. You get the idea. And that slug slime they leave behind, it’s no joke. Back to topic- After summer is over, thus starts Ms. Teacher’s -8th? – year of teaching. She’ll be retired before I am if she keeps that up. I guess she should be anyway since she’s an old lady. (yes, a year and two months is totally way older, gma!) Too bad she looks like she’s 18. Ah well you win some you lose some.

One of my friends is debating purchasing an investment home in FL. Which got me thinking again about my future living arrangement in California. Said friend had a house in HI and then turned around and sold it….I think he ended up losing a little money on it since it was when the market started the downspiral, but he was able to successfully keep some tenants in there and bank some military housing allowance, thus making money. He’s a bit of a handyman, and was able to do some upgrades and whatnot, but I am sadly not a handy lady, at all. There is always google…and youtube. But anyway, having an investment home is a great idea. I have been wondering when exactly is the right time for me to “settle down”, so they say. I’m pretty sure in the normal non-military world you are supposed to wait till you’re married and all that stuff, but what if you’re just a chick who wants a house? I think it could be possible.

Do I want to own, do I want to rent? I just don’t know. Basically right after I arrive, I’m going to have to leave again to go meet my ship…in another state…so I won’t even be there for a good 6 months…which would point me towards a solid decision to rent, at least until I am permanently back in CA. That would make SENSE. But i just have a huge moral conflict with paying in the upwards of $2000/mo for a rental. In reality, I’m losing that much a month, and in turn I’m paying someone ELSE’s mortgage. Why not just get my own house and at least have the mortgage going towards owning my own home. Even if I do have to leave it in 3 yrs, it could always be an investment company. There are realtors that you pay a small price and they will manage the property and the occupants. Worth the monies if you ask me. Buying a home is a HUGE step. I mean huge. Not just the price, but the responsibility, the panic that ensues when something breaks. I am a woman after all, and not to play out the whole, I need a man around thing, but in all truths, I don’t know how to fix everything. Well, as long as we’re getting real real, I don’t know how to fix most things. Now, my grandma, she’s a fix-it extraordinaire. And Sister Roch is well on her way down that path since she owns and has gone through several trials and tribulations with her own chunk of property. It’s all the price you pay (literally!) to have your own home. But I think ultimately, the good outweighs the bad, but get back to me in a couple of years after I get my starter-home.

I think we all watch tv (any other HGTV fanatics out there?) and have these high hopes and dreams about the first-home thing. And then you finally get your first home -whether it was intended to be one of those “project” homes or not- and come to understand the growing pains of responsibility. But, I am after all an adult. I came to terms with it a year ago. And I think i can handle a little added pressure. We’ll see what happens. Real estate isn’t exactly cheap right now-esp in Cali.

The other day a friend of mine brought up scrapbooking. Well, the exact words were, “Have you ever scrapbooked?” Um, “Sista, HaaaaVE I ever?” Haha, it’s only like my second favorite pastime! SO, we made a joint decision that we need to get to scrapbooking, ASAP. A trip to Hobby Lobby was obviously a must. A MUST. If you are unaware what Hobby Lobby is, then you must be a very very sad individual, OR you grew up in a location free of HL establishments. The franchise originated in Oklahoma, so if you are far far from the midwest, I doubt there is a Hobby near your town. BUT, a Michaels is second best, so you get the idea. It’s impossible, for any woman to go in this store and not make at least one purchase. There’s fabric galore, home decorations, wooden trunks, framing services, throw pillows, xmas decorations, fake flowers, scrapbook stuff, oh the list goes on and on and on. AND, the best part, is that they have mega-sales every week. This particular week, the scrapbooking stuff was 40% off, that is a DEAL of a lifetime. We had to take advantage. So, off we went into the glorious beyond, and we came out with scrapbooks, the big 12×12 ones, paper galore, and assorted vacation/summer stickers. Now, it is time to pick just the right photos and get started! Oh, the excitement abounds. It has been quite some time since I have scrapped. My dear college roommate got me started, shoutout to her (she also has a blog;, she is a scrapbook/craft/arts genius. Seriously, her scrapbooks are borderline perfection. I wonder if she ever does it anymore, I imagine her lil baby keeps her busy. But those are the best things to scrapbook about. There are so many cute decorations/stickers/etc for baby milestones.

However, this weekend I will be going to New Orleans picking up my beloved Ru. She’s been in transit since the beginning of April, from that country formerly known as my homeplace; Bahrain. Can someone please explain to me what exactly justifies an 85-day shipping time? That is a little on the crazy side if you ask me. But, she is here, finally, and I will be reunited once again. And, as long as we are in New Orleans, me and the new scrapbook friend are going to stay over and explore the city a bit. Last time I was there it was Mardi Gras 2005 on Bourbon street; inhibitions were low, livers were unscathed, and parties were to be had.Then again, I was definitely underage and most certainly not drinking because of said age drinking was more fun back then.

French Quarter

These days, my eyes are wide open and my priorities have changed. This trip I will be soaking in the culture and peeping the views. Views of which will be more than just that one street where the craziness happens. And I am praying that my jalopy arrives in one piece, free of scrapes, scratches, and dents. So, cheers to two more days of the week left, and I will see you on the flip side folks.