I am having an affair….

15 10 2013

….is what I would be telling my sig oth if I had one.

I am head over heels with falltime.  Unfortunately, I live in a place that doesn’t observe the season of fall.  I can’t really complain, as it is warm all year round(ish).  However, when I do get the chance to go home in Oct-Nov timeframe, I am absolutely in love.  The colors, the crisp wind that bites your cheeks ever so slightly, the smell of leaves, the sound of them rustling about the ground, pumpkins stacked everywhere.  The list is endless.  So many colors, sights, and sounds!

We went to the Maple Leaf Orchard in Woodville yesterday.  They have an orchard there where they grow nearly 20 different kinds of apples, they have grape vines, a field of pumpkins, and much much more.


It was fun to pick out the exact apples we wanted, and we got to traipse through the pumpkin field and even high five a scarecrow.   They also had some apple cinnamon doughnuts that were to die.  If you live in the area, I suggest you check it out.

IMG_6396After the orchard we drove around town to find some leaves to dip in wax.  We collected several beautifully colored leaves and even plucked a couple off of neighborhood trees!  Leaves in hand we headed home with our wax to dip them to use for a cute decoration.

They turned out beautifully…but we didn’t know what to do to decorate, so we ended up placing them in one of the plants at the house. Looks pretty cool =) There’s probably something on Pinterest about it!

Today it is rainy and 50…

Cheers to falltime!


Armpits and hurricanes

28 08 2012

Just returned from a trip to Denver. It was perfect as always. The weather was 80s with no humidity and my hair stayed stick straight. Just imagine the opposite of New Orleans. My hairs can be pretty fickle.

I got to see my friend’s little baby-she’s 17 months now! Last time I was around she was crawling and just making baby goo goos and gahs. And now she’s saying so many things, she’s a smart little baby. I think my favorite is her surprise face. She can do it on command. That and she’ll hold out her little paw and say “Nice to meet you!” Perfectly adorable.

Also, I got to see red rocks, eat at a yummy Japanese steakhouse, get some home grilled burgers/corn on the cob, saw the theater where the shooting happened a few weeks ago, went shopping, watched a reenactment of the Olympic gymnastics routines and made many many memories. OH, and did I mention Chipotle and Jamba Juice!?


Denver sunset

On Sunday we went over to her sister’s house for some food, fun, and games.  She has three nieces that are grade school age and one of them had a broken leg, but she was moving around very well considering. We played school and they were doing tons of flips and cartwheels for us. I don’t remember being that energetic as a child, haha. They got a kick out of playing with my camera, who knew taking photos could captivate little girls attention for nearly an hour! Those girls are also very very honest and one of them saw my armpit and told me there was some hair in it. So I go to look and the other one snaps a picture!! I got set up! Oh boy, we laughed about that for a good ten mins.

Yesterday it was back to the real world. I flew back to New Orleans where our ship is being built. Guess who was here to welcome me home? Tropical storm -now hurricane- Isaac. He’s supposed to hit NOLA around 10pm tonight. People are freaking about it. And ironically this week is the 7th anniversary of Katrina. It is a bit overcast and sprinkling out, and very very windy but the city seems prepared. There’s news stations reporting the most updated info every second on the radio, storm shelters set up, red cross on high alert, and Army tanks rolling through the streets. All the businesses are closed and some Parishes were ordered to evacuate. But the Navy folk are hanging tight in our hotels until it passes.

Make a memory, drink it up

11 10 2011


My trip home was a whirlwind! And by that I mean it went wayyyy too fast. Unfortunate. However, I have many a memory and my love cup has been filled to the brim. I feel like I don’t even need anything for my Birthday or X-Mas this year! I’ve got everything I want already and all the new memories made have warmed my heart so very much.

I got to see my sister quite a bit, meet her boy [space] friend, work for the Navy Recruiter, my mom came down for a few days, got to play some Bananagrams, some Rumikub, cards, got to eat some grrrreat food, see relatives, reunite with friends for a martini night and a pajama party, participate in some mud volleyball, and I have several pics of everything!

I can’t wait to get my hands on these pics for my next scrapbook.

Oh, and I got to see snow for the first time in oh….over two years! It was lovely, and I even caught some flakes on my tongue! Denver this past weekend was fun. I got to see my friend Map, huz, and their little girl, Baby A. She is just about 7 months by now. She has a tooth poking through and can now say “DaDa”. She’s a smart little thing, and very wiggly. She can sit and laughs and smiles all day. She is definitely the cutest baby girl I’ve ever seen. I may be partial, as well as her Mama, but seriously. THE cutest. I was watching her as she woke up today. I snuck up to her crib, and as me, DaDa, and Gammy were watching, she looked over and realized we were there and got this huge grin on her little face, even though she had a pacifier in you could still see that she was smiling so big. I just wanted to pinch her little cheeks and hug her tight! Next time I see her she’ll be throwing a back pack over her shoulder and off to High School!

When I was in MO these last two weeks I had the chance to work for the Recruiter. It was interesting to be on the “other” side of things. We went to the High School in town one of the days and we talked to the kids there who were interested in the Navy. They have a bazillion questions, and it’s interesting to see what they are looking for from the Navy, or what they hope to find whilst in the service. Most of them were younger kids though. Freshmen or sophomores, which we can’t really start processing them until they are at least 17, but it’s good they are interested so young…can’t have kids these days shotgunning things like the next 4 years of their life… Although, it turned out pretty well for me so far. 🙂

While I was home I also reached a personal goal. I learned how to play beer pong! No, I’ve never played. I know it’s like unamerican at this point to not know how to play…but I don’t drink beer so that’s why I never got into it… However, we put water in the cups and when we got the ball in, we’d just take a drink of w/e we were sippin on. And might I mention, me and my amazing partner won five games in a ROW. Yes, five.

It’s back on the road tomorrow. I’ll be hitting Las Vegas. Wahooooo!!!! It will be at around noon…sooo no partying for this kid. I’m fixing to hit San Diego early afternoon/evening time tomorrow. Thus begins a new chapter in my life. And boy am I excited to get it going! More schooling, new apartment, reuniting with old friends, I’ll be a busy gal, but I mean to enjoy every minute…even the unpacking part!

P.S. I will be seeing the remake of Footloose!! Go ahead, judge me.

P.P.S. Is anyone else sick of all this Michael Jackson shit?


25 09 2011

There’s something overwhelmingly comforting about coming home.

I departed Florida on Friday and started making my way north to MO, a 1013 mile jaunt through the heartland of the midwest. The weather was fantastic. Clear and sunny w/ not too much traffic.

First was Alabama, then up through Mississippi to Memphis, TN. After Memphis (which marks my second pass through the city w/o visiting Graceland. tear.), I hit Arkansas, which was surprisingly beautiful:

A calm washed over my soul as I crossed the Arkansas/Missouri state border. You just get a feeling of comfort and safety when you are in Missouri. I can’t explain it. The first place I stopped for gas, and Sonic of course, the people were so nice and smiling. There were passing cars that had people waving at you and the gas station that I stopped at, it was super clean. Probably be cause it was brand new, but even so. A clean bathroom is a winner in my book. The check-out lady was so sweet, and she suggested that perhaps I should get two gatorades because it would be cheaper that way. What a nice lady, so I did, and we bid our fair adieus.

The drive north from there was about five hours long…which is quite some time to travel through a single state, considering the day prior I had been in six states. Anywho I rolled into town at around 2pm, and I was in Joetown! First stop was Chipotle, then to my sister’s to give hugs all around. Annnnnnd my sister was conveniently baking brownies when I was unloading the car 😉 ..that trickster. Ah well the brownies were yummy..and I didn’t have that much stuff.

First on the docket was groceries for kabobs on the grill:

Steak and chicken, with pineapple and assorted veggies. They were even better than they look! Good thing we had a boy handy…because I’m not exactly a pro at “grilling out”. I mean, how hard could it be….I guess we could have figured it out eventually…and possibly come down with a case of salmonella in the process.

Tomorrow I start at the Navy Recruiter’s office for the week. We will see what they have in store for me. Hmm Hmm.


8 07 2011

One of my friends was doing some family research and found out that his ancestors were from Bern, Switzerland. A place I’ve actually been to, randomly enough. In High School I had the opportunity to go to Europe on a week visit and see some sites. It wasn’t Bern that time, but we did go to Lucerne and trek up Mt. Pilatus on little gondolas, which I thought was out of this world, being a 15 yr old and new to the world basically.

However, to this day it’s probably one of the more memorable moments in my life, seeing the Swiss Alps. It’s hard to explain the feeling up there, but it was a feeling of complete solace and peace. Like when you are up that high nothing can harm you or go wrong.

I keep meaning to dig in to the whole geneaology thing, a few of my friends have been dabbling. I know my Gma got pretty into it and I recall doing some grave rubbings when I was a kid. It’s pretty interesting and informative to research where you come from…perhaps one of these times when I’m home I’ll start asking more questions…and write things down.

More Awlins

27 06 2011

During our short time in New Orleans, we got to explore the French Quarter and saw many a sight. Although it was very warm….we made do. NOLA is definitely a place you’d have to set aside a good 4-5 days to truly appreciate and soak in all the history and sights. There were a few tours I’d love to go on when I eventually relocate there early next year. Such as the walking Ghost Tour through the old French Quarter, the pub crawl down Bourbon street (although my liver would say otherwise), the Plantation Tour, and I would love to just take public transportation around and enjoy the city on the cheap for a whole day.

The day we pulled into town we had to go to the VPC to pick up my car, which took all of 20 mins. In and out. Wham bam thank ya ma’am. It’s a lot faster when you are picking up, vice dropping off. Inspeeeections, paaaaperwork. All that mumbo jumbo this is your car, we are responsible for minor damages..etc. Anyway, so with the ‘Ru-ster in tow, we headed downtown to find our hotel. Which…is an entirely other story dealing with the check-in of two guests, one room, one bed, and only one spot in the parking lot … which..was rather confusing, because we parked my friend’s car in the parking lot labeled for our hotel, and checked in like it was a normal, usual thing. And they were appalled, like visibly offended that we parked our own car. That we had the balls to just drive up in their lot and park of our own free will. And when we explained that it is labeled as designated parking (no mention of valet only) for our hotel, and the gate was open with no one around, they just stared at us. As if we had made it up. It turned into about a 7 minute conversation..which went nowhere and I was as confused as when we started. So, the parking for this particular hotel offers valet parking. No, they don’t offer valet parking, valet parking is mandatory. And so is the fee that comes with it. Wow, how special. So anyway, we handed over my friend’s keys and went to park my car on the road somewhere, since the meters didn’t charge overnight.

After that hooplah was settled, we ventured down to the Quarter to find a restaurant that a friend suggested. We found it and we chowed down. We were starving by this point since it was about 645pm and we had had light lunches. I got steak fajitas, and my friend, we’ll call her Miz T, got a burrito. Both were deeelicious. Our tummies were stuffed. Thanks to the tableside guacamole. No, we didn’t completely finish it, but we definitely tried our very best to scarf it all down.

Then, it was off to see the local shops and pick up some souvies. There were the assorted Mardi Gras items, painted masks, beads, shot glasses, anything a tourest would ever desire. We saw some interesting cooking aprons, and lots and lots of New Orleans Tshirts. I had my eye out for some cute postcards, and maybe a tshirt. This was one of the nicknacks we sighted:

 Pretty creative actually. I had to sneak a pic, because not a lot of the shops allowed photography.

For our second day, we decided to find Bourbon Street, surprisingly not the most popular of places mid-day. It was a bit off the beaten path, Decatur street-by the ocean seemed to be more populated and busy. We walked down B-Street and there were a couple shops open, but mostly barkeeps were washing off the nasty from the night before off of their sidewalks, and people were checking out of various hotels.

Lunch @ the Hard Rock. A big ol burger and fries. That’s how we do it in Amurica.

Then, it was time for the main event. The Grey Line Swamp/Bayou tour. We boarded our bus, and sat back for a 45 min drive to the outskirts of the city. During the trip, our driver filled us plum full of NOLA knowledge and useless facts. Which are, btw, the best kind of facts.

Arrive: Swamp.

We boarded the air boat along with 20 other touristas and began our venture down the bayou. It was a little warm, but there was a tiny breeze that kept us on this side of Hell. Our tour guide was quite personable, I get the feeling he’d probably been doing these tours for 10-15 yrs, but not in the worn-down drawl of his speech, but in his knowledge base, and wealth of knowledge. He did the funniest thing when we were looking for the alligators. He would speak into the microphone like he was calling a dog. The whole “whistle whistle Here boy! Here boy!” routine. Yeah, crazy stuff.

But, what do you know, some little creatures started swimming towards us:

And then they got closer:


We probably saw about 10 alligators in total, and one of them was 9ft long and 300lbs! He was traveling with his honeywife, just floatin along calm as day. We even got to hold a baby alligator that the guide had brought with! I thought he was gonna feel all slimey and smell bad and be wet…but he was dry..and felt like a snake and he was quite calm. I was scared shitless to hold him, but when would I ever have another opportunity?? Um, never, so I sucked it up and held the little guy. I even squeezed out a smile for the pic.

After our tour it was time to kick rocks, and we headed back to Pensacola, a 3.5 hr drive. Yes, I managed to get caught up at some outlet stores near Gulfport, MS. Damn you fair prices and welcoming sales associates. What’s another purse on the pile, anyway. I mean, you should really have one in every color, right?


25 06 2011
This weekend was the trip to New Orleans to pick up my car and to have a little down time. The down time turned into a lot of souvenir shopping, a lot of strolling, and a bayou tour with a lot of alligators! And, some pretty sore feet…NOLA was glorious.Here are the highlights:
French Marketplace


Decatur Street, view from the Hard Rock

Gator Hunting. Got to hold this lil guy