28 12 2011

“Temecula is a place where natural beauty, historic traditions, and modern conveniences combine to offer entertainment for people of all ages.”

More importantly known for being wine country featuring parks, mountains, valleys, and golf courses. There’s actually a pretty neat video detailing such on their City of Temecula homepage.

Most importantly, it is home to our only Hobby Lobby.

This past weekend I drove up to Temecula for the first time. It’s a pretty decent set-up out there. And it was Xmas eve so not too much traffic. It’s about an hour NE of where I am. It’s an easy drive though, all highways.

I rediscovered some old cds I had in my trapper-keeper style cd case. Seriously it holds over 400 cds. What an invention. You know, albums like All Saints, Tech Nine, Limp Bizkit, some old Tim McGraw, Eve, Missy Elliot, Fergie (thank God she went single there for a while-great stuff), etc.

Oh I was jammin. You forget about all those oldies sometimes. I also discovered on my way that ol Highway 15 is having a bit of an identity crisis. It was labeled something something someone memorial highway. Also labeled “Avocado Highway”, which is awesome. But which is it?? I think we should pay homage to California’s favorite fruit. (I just googled it, it’s a fruit apparently..) But I know the state would probably disagree from changing “Highway 15” to “Avocado Highway”, so I guess those other posted names are merely suggestions?

Ok, so I made the trek to go to the Hobby Lobby. It’s those little things from home you miss. I’m still waiting on Taco John’s to set up shop out here. But we have Jamba Juice, Chipotle, Sonic, and HobLob, so I’m not complaining.

When I arrived, I learned that the Lobby just set up shop this past Halloween. So it’s a very new store. There seemed to be a decent amount of patrons, considering it was the Eve. Probably because that store is amazing. If you are a woman and you craft, decorate, scrapbook, draw, paint, arrange flowers, or do anything woman like or crafty, this is the place to be. And they always have amazing sales. If you haven’t been there, just imagine a Michaels but like ten steps up with newer things that will fit your exact taste.

SO, I had some Birthday spending to do, so I set out on an adventure. I found some frames that were half off, and I do have a wall that I needed something for, so it was the perfect excuse to buy some more stuff. And I got a rub-on wall thing that says “Live every minute with love in your heart grace in your step and gratitude in your soul.” Super cute. It has some feathers that stick up there with it. I’ll try to get a picture when it’s done. These rub-on wall things are the new thing I guess. They’re pretty easy, you just put them up to the wall, rub them on with a hotel-key card thing and they stick, voila! There’s tons of sayings and quotes or designs you can get. Pretty neat. I probably wandered up and down ever aisle for about two hours and decided that was all I needed. The vision of my jam-packed spare bedroom is still haunting me.

So, the project this week is getting the frames up! Hopefully I don’t fall…


Sonic Nation

26 12 2011

Today I made the trek out to our “local” Sonic Drive-In.

Well….it’s only 20-30 mins away depending on traffic. However, there is only one Sonic location here in the San Diego area. And it’s pretty small. Probably only 20 stalls. Which is tiny compared to the four we have in town back home.

San Diego is a city of 3 million people … and these people claim to be “America’s Drive-In”….hmm. Every time I’m at the Sonic out here, every stall is packed and there are at least 5 cars lined in the drive-thru. This means we are desperate for another Sonic. D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E

Perhaps closer to San Diego proper for the 2nd location?

I don’t know if I’m the only one who gets a Sonic survey every other time they’re enjoying a sunny afternoon with diet-chocolate-coke in hand (probably not), but I am likely the only person who does the survey every single time. It used to be an automated phone jobbie, but now it’s online. We’re in the New Age of electronics you know. It’s the same questions every single time, so they are definitely not getting a good feel of the customers as I answer the exact same every time. Yes, the temperature of my food was satisfactory, the wait staff was polite and well dressed with roller skates. It was speedy service with a smile. Oh, and can we have another location in San Diego and add cheddar bites to the menu please!


10 12 2011

I had the strangest dreams last night.

Part I. Me and my sister were in the Ville and on the outskirts of town but there were still some busineses. But the run-down types of ones. So we are sitting there with another friend of ours on the curb just chewin’ the fat. And this girl and guy walk by. The girl had on some skinny jeans and Sista goes, “Did you see her jeans, so ugly.” Then the girl wheels around and was like: “Excuse me? What did you say??”, all snarky like. Me and is looked the other way pretending they weren’t there and she didn’t just dis the skinny jeans chick. The two peeps kept on walking….then we heard some gun shots…pointed in our direction. Yep, guns in my Missouri hometown, pop 10k. Sooo we jump up and start running. Like at light speed. Fastest I’ve ever run in my life. Fastest I’ve ever seen my sister run for that matter. We saw the bullets hitting the buildings around us.. so we kept running until we made it to these restrooms and hid out. Sis was crying and our friend was trying to console her. And I was still in a WTF moment of shock. Then we walked out of the bathroom to see if it was okay and it was perfectly sunny out and we were downtown.

Part II. We all went underway on the ship I’m on. It holds over 1000 people plus supplies and such. But all of our families were there. Well, most of our families and relatives. None of mine. But I did have two friends. One was Frank (the gay from Real World) and the other was a friend from Missouri. We’ll call him C. All over the ship there were Easter decorations and banners so I assume it was that season. Also, the water was insanely clear, so we must have been near Hawaii. You could see clear through the water, it looked about five feet deep or so. No clue how we were floating in it and not grounded. So we were sitting on the back of the ship, and the ship was towing all sorts of crazy shit. Like fair rides, giant blow-up rafts, a couple cars, about three anchors that were floating on the top of the water somehow. Some of the family members were called over the intercom to go to the side of the ship so they could be lowered down to the rafts to go get some stuff from their cars, which were apparently being towed on a barge far enough behind us that you couln’t see it. So Frank looks over at me and gives me an ultimatum to choose him or C. I start giggling and tell him that i choose him, Frank. Then he blows up and storms off. Apparently in the dream the real Frank’s name was not Frank, it was Mista B. So I chose him, but insulted him by calling him Frank?? Then, before we knew it we were pulling into port. Some of our cars were in the hangar bay vice the barge. So me and C both hop in our respective cars, or so I thought. I was driving off the boat and on my way home and notice C hopped in a candy-red corvette, that was definitely not his. So he’s behind me and we are trying to get home ASAP before he gets caught. On the way I realize I have a huge bag of floor mats. I start searching through them to find mine, black rubber with a dancing Elvis Presley on them. I pull into the driveway and see the corvette speed by. He missed the driveway. At this point the authorities were onto us. I go out to flag C down so he doesn’t get pulled over but it’s too late and his car gets shot up by whoever actually owns the car…..

Part III. We are on vacation with the whole crew from my ship. (I think I’m having ship themed dreams with Navy peeps because last night was our Xmas party….) I think we were in Canada for some reason. Victoria perhaps. So we’re on this boat tour (civilian boat this time). And we are looking at the shore and out to sea and blah blah like they do on tours. So we pull into the dock to get off the ship and I’m so distracted with whatever I bought (out to sea??) and shuffling around that I miss the docking. Everyone had gotten off and we had managed to pull away without me getting off….So all of a sudden we’re pulling in somewhere else that looked like a train station and was apparently very far away from where I was supposed to get off. I go talk to the tour director and ask for directions to where my tour group got off. And he replies with, “Well, you’re never going to find it without a tour guide or directions.” Okay..that’s why I asked, genius. 😉 Sooo I start crying and panicking that I lost everyone and now I’m stuck on this stupid boat. I explain to them a sob story about how I have never been out to sea and that I don’t have my sea legs and that when we left port I didn’t know so it’s not my fault that I didn’t feel the boat moving. They showed no sympathy. So I asked again, where my tour group was so that I could find them. And they said that my group was now on an island getting a helo ride over to Santee. I guess we were in San Diego? Santee, though? Random. Only thing I know that’s over there are some model homes that me and Kitty checked out the other weekend and Sonic. (Did I mention there is only one Sonic in San Diego??). I slump down, defeated, and refuse to get off of the boat in the train station and begin a stare down with the tour guide. I’m pretty sure I lost because that’s when I woke up.

…at least this shit wasn’t as bad as the time I ate Arby’s and then dreamt I had saws for fingers on one hand and was cutting off the fingers on my other hand. I haven’t had Arby’s since.


25 09 2011

There’s something overwhelmingly comforting about coming home.

I departed Florida on Friday and started making my way north to MO, a 1013 mile jaunt through the heartland of the midwest. The weather was fantastic. Clear and sunny w/ not too much traffic.

First was Alabama, then up through Mississippi to Memphis, TN. After Memphis (which marks my second pass through the city w/o visiting Graceland. tear.), I hit Arkansas, which was surprisingly beautiful:

A calm washed over my soul as I crossed the Arkansas/Missouri state border. You just get a feeling of comfort and safety when you are in Missouri. I can’t explain it. The first place I stopped for gas, and Sonic of course, the people were so nice and smiling. There were passing cars that had people waving at you and the gas station that I stopped at, it was super clean. Probably be cause it was brand new, but even so. A clean bathroom is a winner in my book. The check-out lady was so sweet, and she suggested that perhaps I should get two gatorades because it would be cheaper that way. What a nice lady, so I did, and we bid our fair adieus.

The drive north from there was about five hours long…which is quite some time to travel through a single state, considering the day prior I had been in six states. Anywho I rolled into town at around 2pm, and I was in Joetown! First stop was Chipotle, then to my sister’s to give hugs all around. Annnnnnd my sister was conveniently baking brownies when I was unloading the car 😉 ..that trickster. Ah well the brownies were yummy..and I didn’t have that much stuff.

First on the docket was groceries for kabobs on the grill:

Steak and chicken, with pineapple and assorted veggies. They were even better than they look! Good thing we had a boy handy…because I’m not exactly a pro at “grilling out”. I mean, how hard could it be….I guess we could have figured it out eventually…and possibly come down with a case of salmonella in the process.

Tomorrow I start at the Navy Recruiter’s office for the week. We will see what they have in store for me. Hmm Hmm.

America’s Drive-In

30 06 2011



You. Get. Me.

Oh my Gomer

2 06 2011

I just finished watching Modern Family. That show is hilarious.

Alex: “Daaad, we haven’t had lunch yet.”

Phil: “Neither have half the kids in Africa. Stop yappin’ and get back to work.”

It’s amazing how much easier it is to type whilst on a computer with a legit keyboard and human sized keys.

So, upon my return from la escuela ayer, mi novio called me and told me about how his dad was in an accident on their ranch yesterday. He is in the hospital with a couple broken ribs and such, and is doing well, considering. The accident was involving their bully of a gomer bull. Which, is an entirely separate story/explanation. What’s a “gomer bull” you say? You’re going to have to google that shit. It’s nuts (no pun intended). Mista B explained it to me in an oh-so-matter-of-fact way what exactly this sort of bull was, which was followed by some facial movements from me that are not the most attractive, but well warranted.

So, for now we are praying for Papa B, but I know if I had some broken ribs I would be in bad baaaad condition. Pass the morphine please? But, I don’t handle pain too well..unless it’s in the form of tattoos. But that’s incomparable to accidental floating ribs. Don’t women have a spare rib? Or is it the other way around.

I just popped in the Billboard Music Awards, which took place in Vegas. It opened with Brit Brit and Robyn Rihanna Fenty performing her S&M superhit together. And, you guessed it, complete with stripper poles and handcuffs. Typical Ri Ri. It twas a good performance though, don’t get me wrong. I have a feeling Justin Beiber is going to sweep this joint. We will see what happens. I’m rooting for my girl Taylor. Snoopity Snoop and Far East Movement are presenting the best new artist award…J-B ended up getting it, but the more important thing here….I think the boys of Far East Movement are midgets. Or, they are all very very short. OR, Snoop is 7 feet tall. Who knows. Thankfully Hollywood awards shows have listened to the viewers and started putting more and more performances on the show. That’s what the fans REALLY want to see. And, might I add, Beyonce’s performance blew my mind. Blew. My. Mind. I suggest youtubing it if you get the chance.

Now Kesha is performing. Dancing unicorns, ay? I think someone just took the cake on creativity and innovation. What’s better than a unicorn? DANCING unicorns!

School is…eh…school. Regarding our instructors, who were especially moody and dickish today, I was reminded of an Oscar Wilde quote I once heard: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they leave.” I can’t help but breathe in a deep sigh of relief at the end of the day that our personality-challenged instructors will no longer have time to breathe over our shoulders or talk down to us. Seriously, it’s like being attacked on a daily basis. Mentally and even physical drainage is what it does to me. But hey, no one likes to be in uncomfortable positions, and I’m sure this will make me a better person…I read it in a book once.

Got to talk to my sis today, twas good to hear her voice and a couple stories from home. Her pups were at the groomers, so I didn’t get to shout a hello to them, but I’m sure she’ll pass along my salutations. The initial topic of conversation was regarding my household goods, of which I have FOUR shipments in total. The military must get way more complicated when you are married and have children. Don’t worry, all was settled, and my goods should be arriving to their individual destinations as planned. Once upon a time in 2009 I had some goods packed out at my sister’s and we got the brilliant idea to get a couple things out of her basement for a while. So, we had the movers pack them up with my belongings, and I left behind my bed, a dresser, and a motorcycle….of which I will need yet another packout for. I am going to be so good at moving by the time I retire. Let me tell you. Anyway, so currently my sister’s things are packed away with my stuff in Kansas aaaand my stuff is still at her house. Had to get that all sorted out today. Thankfully the Fort Leavenworth Househould Goods office was able to lend a girl a hand, and they were quite personable and friendly as well.

Ladies and Men, the weekend is upon us. Just a Friday to shove out of the way and Sat/Sun will be made for relaxing. Sweet relief. Might there be a Sonic drink in my future?

WTF Weds: Ed 014 Iowa

4 05 2011

When I was stationed on the oil platforms, we nicknamed the guy who roamed around doing the security/watch on the platform, “IOWA”. He though it was cause he was country. But it meant Idiot Out Wandering Around. Oh Sad.

Alright, I’m four days into vacation…and America and it is FLYING by like crazy! Mom and Dick have been keeping me busy though.

We ate at the bowling alley (the place to eat in town…and they had cheese curds, oh how I have missed you so!), gone on a bike ride on a lovely biking/jogging path that crosses the river, had a steak dinner (yum!), traveled to civilization Mason City to go to Wal-Mart (joy!), been grocery shopping at Hy-Vee, watched the TV show “The Voice” ( I may or may not have fallen asleep halfway through), picked up boxes from K-Mart for their upcoming move back to WI, been to Taco Johns (ole!), and been to church to make laundry detergent for the food shelf (more on that in a later post).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today is our “domestic day”, as the mums refers to it. We will be starting a baby quilt for a friend (if you are said friend, ignore this sentence), super cute little girl fabric! It should be an easy peasy pattern, it’s basically giant triangles all sewn together, and then with binding and a different print for the backing. I think Mista B will be surprised to learn that I can sew….and be domestic. I’m not much of a homemaker, I rarely cook, and never clean. Though I do like to organize and put things in their place, so I have the beginnings of wifery.

Sister and Gma get here today! Yay, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve seen them. Much to catch up on. Mom says we can stay in the downstairs den, me and sis, so we can “giggle”. lol, oh mother.

A couple things northeast IA does not have….Chipotle, Jamba Juice, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sonic (of all places, no SONIC!). WTF IA!