6 01 2013

Hello webbers.

Happy New Year!!

Dusting off my typing fingers and putting some words up today. It has been oh so long since I’ve posted. No, I did not get wiped out by hurricane Isaac, I’ve been busy sailing the world. Well, the Gulf of Mexico anyway…

Since August, we have taken our brand new ship from New Orleans, through the Panama Canal, and around to San Diego. We got to see  a little bit of Mexico as well. The Panama Canal was pretty bomb. It took forever to transit, but there were some gorgeous views.

I’m currently reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” and it’s sort of changing my life. Buy it now you won’t be sorry. The end.

I’ve moved downtown San Diego, and I’ve been slowly checking out the bars down here. Double Deuce and Tipsy Crow have been captivating most of my attention. Which is difficult because I’m sometimes ADHD.


Things on the docket this year:

Family coming to visit me in SD!

Traveling to Hawaii, Alaska, and China!!

My friend’s wedding!

Starting a business!

Complete my MBA!

Oh boy, as if I wasn’t busy enough. How do people accomplish everything. I can’t wait to make this year ten times more productive than the last!



December Tidings

6 12 2011

Well folks, it’s officially December. I can’t say this has been the most productive month so far…

I’ve been watching a lot of Teen Mom, Sister Wives, Real World, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, and 19 Kids and Counting. Television kind of sucks your life away…I don’t know why I watch so much of it. Seriously on the weekend it’s like an all day thing and then all of a sudden it’s 8pm…where’d the day go? There’s this book called “The Black Rock”. I haven’t actually read it, but Sis Roch was telling me about it. It’s about this tribe back in the day who would waste away their lives staring at this black rock. They were so consumed by this rock that their lives flew by so fast and they accomplished nothing. Then all of a sudden they were old and crippled and they didn’t know where the time went. Kind of like a television box, no?

Speaking of black rocks, does anyone else think Kim K’s engagement/wedding ring was offensively large!? Like, 20 carats too large. Perhaps she will donate it to charity seeing as it didn’t really pan out..

Oh, and working. Which consists of going to classes for my upcoming duty on board a ship. Some diverse classes let me tell you.

We went down to Point Loma and Coronado Beach the other day and took some photos. It was a blast. If only I could do this for a living! But I don’t want my passion to become a job. So I’m happy doing it on my free time for now.

Me and the Missouri Man didn’t work out… Long story but I’m just not cut out for this long distance thing. I’ve known him since I was young, so we’re still going to be friends, but it sucks it didn’t work out. He can’t leave Missouri because of his job and I can’t leave CA because of my job. So that’s that. I think I’m giving up in the long-distance world of dating. It’s a hundred times harder than having a normal relationship. Every little problem is just magnified. I don’t know how people in the military get married or have kids. Well, the kids thing is easy. As for finding someone to spend your life with, you actually have to be in the same state at least to make things work. Considering I’ll be moving around for the next 13 years until retirement…that doesn’t make me very marketable.

Me and Sista Roch were discussing the other day how former bf’s just come out of the woodwork sometimes. That same day someone I knew in Bahrain emailed me out of the blue. He’d been on deployment for the last few months and just got back and wanted to see what I was up to. Why do guys randomly email/text/message you out of the blue? Well, my theory is that they’d like to keep you around in case they are in the same place as you and they want to hook up. That’s really the only reason I can see why they would want to string you along… And it’s never a, “Hey, how are you doing? How’s school? How’s work? Great, I’m doing well. Welp, have a good one!” No, it’s some crap about how they miss you and they wish they were where you were and so on. Well, I’m onto you boys in the woodwork. I’m not buyin it!

And, on top of that Mista B gets here in a week. We’re stationed on the same ship…I know what are the odds. So, mixed feelings about that. I haven’t seen him since April and I hope it’s not weird seeing him. I have been thinking about him. It’s not like you date someone and then break up and forget they existed and stop caring. So, it will be nice to catch up.

In that same department, an ex from Hawaii might be moving here for a job. He finds out in January. Weird. It seems like everyone and their mother are moving to California. Specifically San Diego. We don’t really talk much. We used to, but it’s gotten less and less over the years. I don’t really have any romantical feelings for him, but it would be nice to meet up and catch up on what he’s been doing.

AND, W is coming here in January for drill for a couple weeks. I haven’t seen him since summer of 2010 when we broke up for good. But we’ve been talking quite a bit. I still miss him and wonder what he’s doing all the time and wish that he would miss me. I’ve never really gotten a straight answer out of him about anything. I’m the wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve type of person. And his is locked in a deep deep dark cave inside his chest. Maybe he doesn’t even know what he’s thinking or feeling. Guys are never good at that shit. But we basically have been talking for five years now. We dated for about a year when we were in Hawaii. Then we both got out of the military and it became a long-distance relationship. My favorite. Guess what, it didn’t work. I went to Bahrain and he went back to Hawaii and even though we kept talking the relationship thing didn’t pan out. But I’ve always wanted to be with him, regardless. It’s just tough because it’s up in the air where he’ll be for the next several years. I know I still have feelings for him, so maybe we’ll talk while he’s out here and hash some things out.

See what I mean, woodwork.

San Diego

24 10 2011

I’ve made it to San Diego!!

This place is beautiful and if you peer over the side of my balcony and squint, you can see the ocean. Quite a view.

SO, after a week of moving into my first apartment in 2.5 yrs, this week is my first week in full swing at the new command. The people seem pretty chill as a whole. There’s only about 100 of us here so far. But those that I have met are generally agreeable.

The apartment I’m at, a friend, Kitty, actually lives here and talked me into moving up here, is a 2 br 2 bath, on the third floor in an apartment complex. It’s pretty small, and the property manager, Meri, is awesome. She’s late 20’s, and our personalities totally click. Honestly, she’s what sold me on the place. Other than the obvious perks of living somewhat close to base, near general conveniences of life, a pool, parking, safety, etc. Plus, a dishwasher. Sold!

I came and saw the place – the only apartment I looked at – on a Thursday, and signed paperwork and moved in on Friday, which was coincidentally my birthday. So, I guess I’ll never forget when to pay rent 🙂 The day I moved in me and Kitty went to Ikea to pick up some furniture pieces, and basic Ikea nonsensical items. When we got home for the day, I walked into my new place and there were flowers, a balloon, and a piece of chocolate cake with a candle in it, from Meri! Talk about the sweetest Landlord. Ever.

I’m learning my way around – and I really like the area I live in. It’s about 20 mins from base, and 10 mins from everything else convenient. There’s actually a grocery store around the block, and a burrito place and McDonalds within walking distance. I went for a little stroll the other day and saw the strangest lightening warning sign on a light pole…It was like a man with a lightening bolt coming out of his…..junk region. I’ll have to relocate and get a pic of it. Prrrretty hilarious.

Of course I’ve hit up the obvious, Chipotle, Jamba Juice, and Ikea. I have yet to locate the Hobby Lobby, but I have plenty of time for that yet.

October is almost over already! Me n Kitty are getting our Halloween costumes together, it’s a secret for now, buuuuut there are pics to come. Let’s just say it’s me, her huz, and her…and they are matching…sort of. I think I’m going to try and go up to L.A. to visit a friend for a haunted hayride this weekend. It sounds pretty off the chain. Plus, anything in L.A. is larger than life.

My man is coming out to visit in early November. I’m pretty damn excited. It’ll only have been 30 days-ish since I’ve seen him, but that is way too long. We are checking out tix to Disneyland, I was doing some research online last night, adn that place is like a playground for not only kids, but adults, there are pllllenty of activities for peeps without kids. I’ve been to Disneyworld, and Knotts Berry Farm, but never Disneyland. I think it would be a fun day!

Oh, and we are going to tour a Navy ship. I’m excited to show him around base and what my life is like out here. Though I won’t know all the great places, sights, eats, etc, I think we can wing it. Plus, that’s what GPS is for 😉

WTF Weds: Ed 009 Wacky Tobacky

2 03 2011


Mista B (sidenote, wordpress can you please formally recognize that “Mista” is indeed a legit word. Because I sad so. Now, go away tiny red underlining.) kicked his dipping habit this week. Of which I am excited about. Because:

1. It’s icky.

2. It’s cancerous.

3. Bottles of brown liquid breeding on my countertops.

4. It’s unattractive.

5. It leaves shit in your teeth (refer to reason 4).

Thankfully the B used the little pouches, so no dip in the teeth factor, but all the same. Ick. He actually quit dipping a few days ago because he read an article about a guy from his hometown losing his jaw. Pretty real shit. Especially when the story hits close to home. No one really likes a quitter, but in this case we’ll make an exception. I’m proud of him. No weaning off, he just quite cold turkey. I tried to get him some beef jerky stuff yesterday..and apparently go the wrong’s the thought, right? I mean I guess the thought doesn’t go so far when the person you are doing it for is in the corner with cold sweats rocking back and forth. Okay, he isn’t tweaking that bad, but you can tell the withdrawal sucks.

I quit smoking a while back. I smoked for a good three or four years and quit in 2007 right after my deployment to the 7th fleet on the USS ESSEX (endearingly called USS NO SEX). On a ship it’s easy to get addicted and plus you get breaks from work if you need to smoke. And what it boiled down to was that it was something to do, and there were people to converse with. Plus, all the gossiping happens at the smoke deck. We all know this. But when I returned from the three month deployment I was up to a pack a day, which is insane and terrible for you. They weren’t Marlboro Reds or anything, but stuffed with cancer nonetheless. I used a drug called Wellbutrin to wean off from them. It really worked. Even to this day, when I smell smoke, or someone is near me doing it I get a sick stomach. I guess that shit stays in your system..for years.. heh. No? There’s times that I miss it, like when I’ve been stuck in traffic for an hour, or I’m having a stressful day, but there are other ways to deal with stress that not only do not cause cancer, but they are more effective and free. Blogging is one of them actually. Keeps the fingers occupied so it doesn’t feel like you’re missing anything.

Anyway, so if you dip, smoke, chew, inhale any kind of tobacky products I suggest you quit. Not next week, not tomorrow. This second. Throw that shit out. Down the disposal. Put it somewhere that will never be in your life again. Get that extra log out of the freezer and chuck that one too. Keep some gum, a phone, and a computer near you at all times though. You’re going to be irritable as shit for the first couple weeks. Remember, you can always call someone and talk it out. Get encouragement. No one likes to admit that they have an addiction, or that they need help, but be a man (or woman) and ask for it. We are all grown ass people.

Now, this is the part where I post some nasty nasty pictures of guys who lost their jaw, people with hair growing on their tongues, people dieing from cancer. But, I would rather not flip through my blog and have to look at these disgusting things. If you are demented and want to check it out, feel free to google tobacco + dip or go on youtube to see some motivational speakers. It took just that to convince the Mista to curb his long long habit of the great tobacky. So. Here you are –>

In other news (this doesn’t belong in a WTF post…at all) Happy Birthday to my man LJ!! You’re two today! I wish I could be there, I miss you and your mumsley 🙂


21 12 2010

Selective Obsessive Compulsive. Every family/group of friends needs someone who has OCD. And I wouldn’t really call it a “disorder”, everything has a place so why not put shit where it belongs. I don’t care who you are, when you walk into a clean room and breathe that sigh of comfort and relaxed feeling, that’s thanks to people like me! (Or my housekeepers) Either way, I think we al prefer a straightened room every now and then. I’m not a cleaning freak, obviously, since I can wait three days for my cleaners to come and do the dishes, but I do like blankets to be folded and tables to be clean.

Plus, weird people make life interesting.

Dude, I need to see that show, “What would you do?” Looks intense. Kind of like that show “To Catch a Predator” …..well not really like that show at all, but it WAS the shit and it was reality-ish although I do believe some of it was rather embellished.

I got some new pants, North Face something-ruther. They are I’m-35ish-and-want-to-backpack-Europe-esque. But they are super comfy and grey, so they match anything. Plus, you can roll the legs up and button them to be capris, or zip the legs off to be shorts. Except for when I sit down the butt pockets make a velcro noise. Mayyyybe that’s a sign.

I cannnnnn’t wait to get back to America. I need to look up who’s going to be playing in P-cola, well near P-cola, so I can get to a concert, been wayy too long! Concerts are way fun, they make me feel alive, like you’re a different person for the night, or like you have had a brush with fame — in the 3rd level out kind of way. 7 degrees of separation, right? Some of my friends may be coming by to visit while I’m there. Bedilia, Matti, and Sme*. All completely different girls but I love them all the same. It’s always nice to have friends around. I haven’t seen Sme since 2006, so it would have been five years, whoofta, too long. Bedilia, bad ass chick, she’s a blast to hang out with and we get into some crazy conversations. Margaritas will be involved =). Matti, she reminds me of home, and is so sincere, AND a good cook! Hoping her and her huz can stop by P-cola on their road trip to VA. How awesome is it that I get to be in P-cola for the summer, wonderful. FL does get cold, believe you me. I was there Oct-Jun and it got quite chilly. Too cold for the beach. My second stay there will be quite shorter than 9 months during the first round, but fun all the same. I’m ready to get to my ship.

Tyler Perry made a movie called “For Colored Girls” …hmm what?

I can’t believe xmas is in four days. Crazy shit.

IIIIIIIIII”m gonna go to the mall now. Goodbye.

*All names have been changed in order to protect their anonymity.