San Diego Core Fitness

11 02 2013

Do you live in San Diego?

Do you love (hate) to work out?

Do you love boot camp sessions even more?

Read on my fellow San Diegans…

I recently purchased a 6 week boot camp from San Diego Core Fitness on my trusty Groupon  ap. (My love affair with Groupon is an entire blog entry in itself.)(Seriously, it changes lives.)(As in, you must download it immediately.)(You’re welcome.) It was $39 for six weeks, which is a crazy price, considering all of the workouts available. They have some before work, during the day, and after working hours. Plus, there are several locations, most outside at Mission Bay/Balboa park and at the clubhouse in Mission Valley. My favorite is the booty camp at Mission Bay, it’s an awesome workout! The trainer is super nice but firm with commands, as to make sure you are doing the correct moves and such.


Mission Bay booty camp

I’m one of those people who has a better chance of making to to a workout if I know none of the activities are left to me to decide. It just seems like a lot of work to plan a workout, switch up the muscle groups all the time, are we doing cardio? are we doing weights? both? Blugh, just tell me what to do! There are professionals out there for this reason. So I guess I’m actively lazy you could say.

If you have never been to a boot camp type workout, I suggest you check one out today. Like, google that shiz and sign up. Even if it’s just to check out one session and decide you hate it. Think about this, have you ever said to yourself, “Man, I really regret that workout I did today.” Nope? Me either.


Yacht club

5 02 2013

There’s something rather pretentious about sailing.

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had this idea of snobby people sipping on martinis (probably not the most sea-worthy of beverages), smoking cigarillos, and dry humored jokes prompting obnoxious rich-people chuckles. Oh, and sweaters/polos with the collar popped.

That’s what comes to mind when I think of yachts, boats, boat clubs, sailing, anything water-esque. So it’s been a running joke to make fun of “yacht clubbers.”

So, this is the very reason I had to take up an offer I received when asked to go sailing yesterday. It was a must. Hell yes I want to be in the club. I’m not a hater persay, I just had these ideas of what a sailing-person would be like.

Anywho, so over to Coronado we headed. Me, and a couple peeps from work. Luckily, the dude had a license and was way into sailing…which meant two things.

1. This will be safe.

2. There is little to no work ahead of me.

So we arrive at the MWR rental place, and get us a 22 foot sailing boat. When we got on the boat, we got her all ready for sea, threw some life jackets on, started the motor, and headed out!

WP_001250And boy were the waters gorgeous! The day started out being beautifully sunny and about 75 degrees, but as the hours drew on, the sun started to disappear! It was a tad windy and chilly, but it was still awesome out on the water. After we got out of the marine, we raised the sails and were officially out to sea! We tooled around the San Diego harbor and over by the Coronado bridge. Every sailboat we passed waived at us and they were so friendly! About halfway through we realized our buoy was still hanging over the side, perhaps people were actually pointing at our buoy and not really waving….


We had a gay ol’ time, and I got a tan while we were out in the “sun”. That’s a two-fer right there! It was fun to be involved in moving the jib and learning some sea-terms!

There was a regatta race or practice going on because there was a swarm sailboats out there that were going in one direction, then another, and at one point it looked like they were tipping sideways. Two of them crossed bows and it looked like they were about to run into each other!

When we got back to check the boat back in, we were talking to the desk lady and she was a military wife. Her and her husband and two teenagers live on a boat in the marina that is 32 feet long. Only ten more feet than the boat we were on, which is similar to the above picture. Imagine four adults living on a tiny boat!!

Gaslamp San Diego

4 02 2013

Have you ever visited a city and decided then and there that you were in love with it? I’m having somewhat of an affair with San Diego. Since moving downtown three months ago I have really learned to embrace the hustle and bustle, although my “city” life is a tad different than every other city dweller. I get up and leave the city to go to work in the morning, whereas people who live here pay more to live in the city for a shorter/easier commute.

I rather enjoy the city people noises that linger in from the streets, people watching from the comfort of my couch, and even the night noises that would keep normal humans awake. It reminds me that life is so busy and while we are all on drastically different paths, we all have a way of cohabiting with one another and enjoying every challenge life throws at us. We humans are a hearty breed, indeedy.


6 01 2013

Hello webbers.

Happy New Year!!

Dusting off my typing fingers and putting some words up today. It has been oh so long since I’ve posted. No, I did not get wiped out by hurricane Isaac, I’ve been busy sailing the world. Well, the Gulf of Mexico anyway…

Since August, we have taken our brand new ship from New Orleans, through the Panama Canal, and around to San Diego. We got to see  a little bit of Mexico as well. The Panama Canal was pretty bomb. It took forever to transit, but there were some gorgeous views.

I’m currently reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” and it’s sort of changing my life. Buy it now you won’t be sorry. The end.

I’ve moved downtown San Diego, and I’ve been slowly checking out the bars down here. Double Deuce and Tipsy Crow have been captivating most of my attention. Which is difficult because I’m sometimes ADHD.


Things on the docket this year:

Family coming to visit me in SD!

Traveling to Hawaii, Alaska, and China!!

My friend’s wedding!

Starting a business!

Complete my MBA!

Oh boy, as if I wasn’t busy enough. How do people accomplish everything. I can’t wait to make this year ten times more productive than the last!


WTF Weds: Ed 028 Bow Chica…Whoa!

20 06 2012

Midwesterly Awesomeness

Sugar makes you sick

12 06 2012

Welp, it was that time of the year.

And I don’t mean the time of year where I see one of my favorite bands and it’s the greatest night of my life!!

…the time of year that I get a mysterious 24 hour bug. It rather coincidentally landed on the very day that Sugarland and Lauren Alaina were performing here in San Diego. I’d gotten tix earlier in the month, so it was non-negotiable. I didn’t care how I was feeling, I was going to see that damn concert.

Lauren Alaina opened for Sugarland and she was pretty good. It was obvi she was new to the whole “performance” world, and you could really tell when S-Land came out because they have been doing it for so long it’s very natural and they know just how to work a crowd.


Lauren was really good though. She was sweet and moved around the stage a lot and she played a couple of good songs from her album, “Georgia Peaches” and “Tupelo” were my top two. She did some covers too which was cool


By the time Jennifer Nettles came on stage my tummy was feeling a little ill-face…which was extremely bad timing. Plus, it was super cold out because the Cricket Wireless Theater is an outdoor stadium seated venue in Chula Vista and it was windy on top of the cold…on top of the sickness. So I excused myself three songs in to go and bring my supper up in the bathroom. That was when I decided I wasn’t going to make it through the concert. I felt terrible and I felt even worse because that meant my friend had to leave early too 😦 I was able to get some zzz’s in the car while she made it through a couple more songs, then we ditched it and headed home. I couldn’t’ even drive my own car home because I was feeling disoriented as well as the potential for further vomiting…Not so good on the freeway.

Not really what I had planned for the night…but I caught a few hours of sleep and headed to Vegas the next day!

Memorial Day

8 06 2012

A bit late on this one, but wanted to share.

I got to go home this past Memorial weekend to Missurah and see the ol fam dam. I got to see the new addition onto Mom’s house. A 4 season porch designed after the Ruby House porch. If you haven’t seen the Ruby porch, it has a wood floor and white wood-slotted ceiling, beaut! And all old looking and shit. It’s quite comfortable and relaxing. Windows all around the sides and one of the walls is almost completely windows and as you look out you can see a farm field and lots of green trees and grass. I forgot how the midwest was beautifully green in the summer! A drastic change from the winter there. San Diego has gorgeous weather all year round, but it doesn’t quite get a rich green.

Anywho, after a short visit at the Mum’s we were off to Missurah. I was only home for four days, but we did quite a bit with our time. I got to see my friend that’s pregnant with twins! She’s due in August and I cannot wait to see those beautiful little babies.

I got to meet my sister’s boyfriend for the first time. They’ve been dating since Feb, and I just now met him though I’ve heard a lot about him. I totally see what she’s saying, he’s a pretty stand up guy and a really good fit for her. From what I gathered over a couple days anyway. I’m really happy for her, she deserves one perfect guy!

On Sunday we went up to IA to visit with some family and go around to a couple graves to put flowers on them. The first cemetery we visited had over two hundred flags flying! It was a pretty touching sight.

I couldn’t help but think about my friend Mike who gave his life nearly a year ago fighting in this crazy war we are in. Memorial Day is a day to remember those that have passed as well as those military members that gave their life freely and willingly for this country. He died doing what he loved and I am proud to say I knew him. I haven’t been up to see his grave yet, but I will make it there some day soon to say goodbye. Wednesday was his birthday, actually. He would have been just 26, way too young to be lost. I will never forget what he gave so that we could keep on doing what we are doing in this world.

On Monday we made it around to a few more cemeteries, there were flowers on nearly every grave, and it was a beautiful sight to see all the love for those that we have lost. I got to visit Granny and Papa’s grave, they rest up on a hill and overlook Horseshoe Hill, their property and rolling Missouri farmland. It’s quite a beautiful view. Next to them is my friend’s mother who we lost to cancer recently. We also visited a friend’s grave who died nearly ten years ago, though it feels like yesterday. He was so young and we lost him unexpectedly. You can never really prepare yourself for someone’s death. I think no matter how one goes it hurts, and you never forget about them. I think about so many people daily that I wish were still here. But that’s the way life is I suppose. I know God has a plan for everyone…but some shit I just don’t understand. It would seem that this Memorial Day cemetery run was sad and downtrodden, it was actually a wonderful day to spend with my family -living- and also my family and friends that are no longer around.

It was also good to see my mom. She was sick earlier this year and all I could offer was a phone call to support her during that time. It’s painful to love someone so much and not be able to be there in person for them. As much as you can email, call, and write, it just never seems to be enough. So I was relieved, happy, comforted, and blessed to be able to wrap my arms around her and girl talk about life and catch up. I really life that lady.

This was a long post and I’m realizing that it’s quite bothersome to type and have long nails. I just recently started to do the whole “long nails thing.” They aren’t fake, but my entire life I have cut them short because it was easy and I would always break them trying to get into some kind of food source or just being clumsy….but last summer I decided to give the ol long nail a try and I really like them long. I can’t imagine trying to type with acrylic nails on though. That would be hard as hell.