I’m Pregnant

27 12 2011

Ok, not me.


Not yet anyway… at 27 I’m not quite ready… However, in some places of the world people are having kids that are over ten years younger than me. When I hear that someone’s date of birth was in the 90s I think they must be very young…but I guess they’re just 6 years behind me. But still.

I’ve been watching old episodes of “16 & Pregnant” on MTV.

Does anyone watch (or did you watch it when it was on)? It’s incredibly depressing, and after watching about ten episodes, I’m re-convinced that I need to wait a bit to have a baby. Kids having kids is just sad. Every single time it’s the same thing. Girl gets pregnant by a boy her parent’s don’t really approve of. Girl love said boy. Boy says he will love and take care of girl and child. It’s totally convincing (read: not convincing at all). Girl has baby in a 22 hour extravaganza of pain, sweat, tears, and blood. Girl, boy, and baby go home. Boy is an asshole and forgets girl exists and never takes care of baby. Girl is heartbroken, drops out of high school and leaves boy.. Boy remains piece of crap. Parents say “I told you so.”

Hmf. You think after episode one these people would learn from other’s mistakes. Nope, there’s episode after episode. And this is probably only highlighting a few select states and probably .02% of unwed 16 yr old teens who are pregnant. Folks, I’ve been on a 10 episode emotional roller coaster. It is riveting yet insanely repetitive and depressing. I don’t know who could watch more than one season of it.

However, Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are prrrretty good shows. It catches up on what these kids have been doing, and let me tell you, d-r-a-m-a packed. Like, overflowing bucket of drama. It’s juicy my friends. It’s like that terrible thing happening where you cover your eyes, but then keep watching. But somehow you grow with these people and you care about the outcome of their lives and you want to see it all unfold and watch their babies grow up, and you start rooting for them in the end because slowly but surely they are figuring it all out. I think we’ve all been down-and-out at some point in our lives so we can relate to some part of their stories.

It’s also somewhat embarrassing to admit that I watch these shows I mean, I TIVO these shows….but I guess I watch all sorts of ridiculous things on TV…so judge away. P.S. Jersey Shore starts back up in January.