3 06 2014

1.  Go to Walmart.

2.  Buy the new Coldplay album.

3.  Enjoy.

4.  You’re welcome.


The new Coldplay album, Ghost Stories, is amaze.  It’s very chill, like their usual tracks, I’m sort of in love with their song, “Magic.”  It’s a tad overplayed on the radio, but it’s a good one.  Yesterday I went to the lake and listened to the whole album while relaxing and writing a letter.  It’s the feel-good-album of the summer, fo real.

On another note, you should probably download the 8tracks ap.  It’s pretty cool. You can search genres or song names/artists and it will come up with mixes similar to what you searched.  You can also make your own playlists. It’s pretty awesome.


Yeah, you’re my hooker

1 07 2011

Soooo if you haven’t checked out Lady Gaga’s new album yet….

If it was possible to make and even better album than her last, ladies and gents, she did it. If you have enough monies in your pocket, download the whole thing, but if you just need a quick preview…

Read my lips:

1. Go to itunes

2. Download “Government Hooker” by Lady Gaga

3. Listen and enjoy

4. You’re Welcome


The edge of oblivion

17 03 2011

As I sit at work nearly slipping into unconsciousness my mind has become incredibly active actually.

Haven’t slept today and I’m at work…overnight… Oh Navy you keep me guessing, I’ll give you that. Though I feel Bahrain is to blame for this, not the U S of A. If you are unaware about what’s going on in the middle east, you are an idiot check the news.

So as I sit here I am realizing I have forgotten about several bands I used to hold near and dear. Taking a walk down memory lane, by way of noises in my ears, I’m remembering such groups/artists as 3 Doors Down, Halestorm, Sugar Ray, Bomshel, The Frey, Anberlain, John Mayor, several more… I’m always too busy to just throw my ipod on straight up shuffle, cause usually you’re in the mood for a little Kelly Clarkson or maybe some gym’n music, or whathaveyou. Well, the next time you are stuck somewhere, ie: airport (WHERE I WILL BE IN A COUPLE DAYS…just saying) you should throw that old ipodular of yours on “music” “songs” “shuffle”. Trust me. You will thank me later. You’ll find that there are tons of songs that you have just plain forgot about over the years. The classics, the one hit wonders, the 50s, 60s, 70s music, just a lovely mix of all you-music. It is your itunes after all and at one point or another in your life you downloaded that particular song in search of a feeling you desperately needed to feel or emptiness that needed a top-off.


In an unrelated conversation, the folks bring up the possibility of Martial Law , in which they will have military checkpoints all over the island and the airports will be shut down. I swear to the man upstairs if my leave is taken away, I’m going to throw a BF. Bitch Fit. One of epic proportion. No joke. I have been planning this shit for too long for it to be taken away for some Shi’ite/Sunni skirmish about the government. Well, now that I put it like that my leave seems rather unimportant…

I think I will miss a couple things about Bahrain. And in case that word “couple” leads your mind to believe there are several things I will long to experience again, you are terribly mistaken. A couple. As in two or three things.

1. Hummus and Naan (they come as an item)

2. Housekeepers that change your sheets/towels, do your dishes, clean, etc. All included in your rent.

3. Delivery. Any food you want. Delivered to your doorstep with a smile

And, that’s it.

Reasons why I’m happy today

16 01 2011

1. If you don’t have a twitter, you should get one. It is quite addictive. It’s basically like spying on celebrities and you can see what they are doing at every moment during the day, more fun if you have a phone, but works the same. After you make your account, subscribe to Blake Shelton’s feed. Thank me later. He’s probably the wittiest person I’ve ever done recon on. (It’s legal if its on the internet..right?)

2. Britney’s new album comes out in March. AND she has a new single out. I don’t have the radio over here, but as soon as I get home, I’m downloading, feedback to come.

3. Every one of my friends is having a baby. Friend in CO, Friend in HI, Friend in MO, Friend in CA, Friend in MD. This means I do not have to have my own. I get to be the cool Godmother/Aunt =). No full-blooded neices of my own (Sister Roch perhaps you should get going on this, we’re not getting any younger, and you are the old one, even though I look older you are not getting out of this one).

4. I’ve been keeping busy. It feels good to be involved and make a difference at the same time. It’s good for the soul. I really believe that. I know I can seem like a stuck-up, “I don’t need you” biotch sometimes, but I do believe what you put into this life is what you get out of it. And thus, my career and life are on track and I am pleased with how far I have come. No matter where you are or what you are doing, it can always be worse. Keep that in mind.

Are dogs more important than library books?

29 11 2010

Disclaimer: The following is some random shit. Prepare your mind and soul.

Iiiiiiiit’s like a TANK TOP! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. ALL OF IT. I choked on spaghettios from laughing.

In Hawaii (and presumably other states) they had these locator chips that they put into your pets so if they go astray you can locate them. Why don’t they do this with library books? I know it seems silly, but I’ve definitely lifted from the library before. Well, checked a book out with intentions to never return it.. Okay, well maybe I just forgot to return it. W/e the case may be, I’m sure they’ve misplaced tons of books and media thorough the years. Think of the NY Public Library and how many people frequent that joint. It seems like the library system of the world is a little pre-historic, well at least pre-mezezoic (sp??).  On base they still use those little cards with a pocket in the back where they punch the date on it. I mean, it’s quaint and all, but I think we can all jump into the current century and get synced up with a computer program. Even though the new Windows is SHIT since they moved all the buttons around. Off topic. Understood. However comma, libraries need to catch up with technology. What chew gonna dew bout it LIB??

There’s nothing like thirsties floating around the base when a ship pulls in. Understand they’ve been to sea for upwards of 90 days but this does not give them the right to go whoring around base. THey wonder what gives military chicks a bad name. One of the guys in our shop who happens to live on base was propositioned for his barracks room. And how generous of this jigs and his thirsty, he offered a complete stranger $40 for TWENTY mins for the use of his room/bed. Are you kidding me? Fucking gross. “Yes, sure, please do your girl on my bedsheets so I can roll around in them for the next week before housekeeping comes. Oh, and if you can leave that torn up condom on the floor or next to my pillow that’d be great too.” WOOF.

The song, “Like a G6” isn’t about a car….made by GM….it’s about a supersonic plane or some shit.. lol all this time… who’da thunk

Illegally downloading the new One Republic album. Review to come. But I’m assuming there’s at least 4 deece tracks. I’ll give em four.

When people say try to use “wicked” in a real-life setting, it pisses me off and they should probably be punched in the face… in what sort of situation could you honestly justify the use of that word..unless you’re talking about witches or something. When I think about the type of individual that would say “Man, did you catch the slopes this weekend. They were hella wiiiicked”. <——- total skeeve. I digress.

Turns out there’s a totally legit music store here. Bahrain, I have seriously underestimated your fruits.

MY FEET ARE FUCKING FREEZING. P.S. it’s 70 degrees in Bahrain today, apparently Hell does freeze over.

Doo doo that voo doo that you doo

24 11 2010

So, my “neighbors” are blasting some Indian voodoo music.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if they were sacrificing someone’s puppy over there. Who knows what they do behind closed doors, but I wish they’d keep that fricken music behind those doors. I’m not really sure if they’re permanent residents, but I hope they aren’t. There’s always Saudis and Kuwaitis in and outa here on the weekends.

Please tell me you have seen “On the Road with Austin and Santino”!?!? It’s on after Proj Runway on Lifetime. OMG it’s farking hilarious. If I ever got to choose my own gays, these two would be IT. They are drop-outs from Project Runway, I don’t think either of them won.. but anyhow, they are road tripping across the US to destinations where they make dresses for chicks in different towns. This particular one they are making a wedding dress for a officer of the law. She’s renewing her vows, after five years of marriage. The town is some old country town, and the guys are staying at an old plantation house, and in the morning, Austin is out in the field filming some random cows with his flipcam. And he wants to go past the fence, but touches it first to see if it’s electric. He touches it once, nothing..touches it again…nothing..touches it for a third time for a bit longer, and BZZZZZZZ. yup. it’s electric.  = ) Oh, and he’e in a silk robe with his thigh sticking out too. Anyway, check out the show, they are hilarious and you never know what’s going to come out of their mouths.

I’m craving some Kraft Mac n Cheese. No milk in the house. Drats. Smirnoff it is.

“Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” – Dough Smith

Kina Grannis

20 11 2010

You need to check her out on youtube.

Yeah, YOU, don’t look to your left, look to your right, DO IT!!

Do it. you will not regret.

She’s changing the world.