December Tidings

6 12 2011

Well folks, it’s officially December. I can’t say this has been the most productive month so far…

I’ve been watching a lot of Teen Mom, Sister Wives, Real World, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, and 19 Kids and Counting. Television kind of sucks your life away…I don’t know why I watch so much of it. Seriously on the weekend it’s like an all day thing and then all of a sudden it’s 8pm…where’d the day go? There’s this book called “The Black Rock”. I haven’t actually read it, but Sis Roch was telling me about it. It’s about this tribe back in the day who would waste away their lives staring at this black rock. They were so consumed by this rock that their lives flew by so fast and they accomplished nothing. Then all of a sudden they were old and crippled and they didn’t know where the time went. Kind of like a television box, no?

Speaking of black rocks, does anyone else think Kim K’s engagement/wedding ring was offensively large!? Like, 20 carats too large. Perhaps she will donate it to charity seeing as it didn’t really pan out..

Oh, and working. Which consists of going to classes for my upcoming duty on board a ship. Some diverse classes let me tell you.

We went down to Point Loma and Coronado Beach the other day and took some photos. It was a blast. If only I could do this for a living! But I don’t want my passion to become a job. So I’m happy doing it on my free time for now.

Me and the Missouri Man didn’t work out… Long story but I’m just not cut out for this long distance thing. I’ve known him since I was young, so we’re still going to be friends, but it sucks it didn’t work out. He can’t leave Missouri because of his job and I can’t leave CA because of my job. So that’s that. I think I’m giving up in the long-distance world of dating. It’s a hundred times harder than having a normal relationship. Every little problem is just magnified. I don’t know how people in the military get married or have kids. Well, the kids thing is easy. As for finding someone to spend your life with, you actually have to be in the same state at least to make things work. Considering I’ll be moving around for the next 13 years until retirement…that doesn’t make me very marketable.

Me and Sista Roch were discussing the other day how former bf’s just come out of the woodwork sometimes. That same day someone I knew in Bahrain emailed me out of the blue. He’d been on deployment for the last few months and just got back and wanted to see what I was up to. Why do guys randomly email/text/message you out of the blue? Well, my theory is that they’d like to keep you around in case they are in the same place as you and they want to hook up. That’s really the only reason I can see why they would want to string you along… And it’s never a, “Hey, how are you doing? How’s school? How’s work? Great, I’m doing well. Welp, have a good one!” No, it’s some crap about how they miss you and they wish they were where you were and so on. Well, I’m onto you boys in the woodwork. I’m not buyin it!

And, on top of that Mista B gets here in a week. We’re stationed on the same ship…I know what are the odds. So, mixed feelings about that. I haven’t seen him since April and I hope it’s not weird seeing him. I have been thinking about him. It’s not like you date someone and then break up and forget they existed and stop caring. So, it will be nice to catch up.

In that same department, an ex from Hawaii might be moving here for a job. He finds out in January. Weird. It seems like everyone and their mother are moving to California. Specifically San Diego. We don’t really talk much. We used to, but it’s gotten less and less over the years. I don’t really have any romantical feelings for him, but it would be nice to meet up and catch up on what he’s been doing.

AND, W is coming here in January for drill for a couple weeks. I haven’t seen him since summer of 2010 when we broke up for good. But we’ve been talking quite a bit. I still miss him and wonder what he’s doing all the time and wish that he would miss me. I’ve never really gotten a straight answer out of him about anything. I’m the wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve type of person. And his is locked in a deep deep dark cave inside his chest. Maybe he doesn’t even know what he’s thinking or feeling. Guys are never good at that shit. But we basically have been talking for five years now. We dated for about a year when we were in Hawaii. Then we both got out of the military and it became a long-distance relationship. My favorite. Guess what, it didn’t work. I went to Bahrain and he went back to Hawaii and even though we kept talking the relationship thing didn’t pan out. But I’ve always wanted to be with him, regardless. It’s just tough because it’s up in the air where he’ll be for the next several years. I know I still have feelings for him, so maybe we’ll talk while he’s out here and hash some things out.

See what I mean, woodwork.


So, what do you do?

22 09 2011

I am one of those people who haven’t really decided what they want to do when they grow up.

I am nearly halfway done with my Navy career. Well, 7 years into it at least. Everyone says once you reach ten you might as well stay in another ten and retire. It’s the easy and safe thing to do, and normally the best choice. Career-wise anyway. But sometimes you just get tired of doing one thing for several years. Thankfully in the Navy there are several roads you can go down with my specific job, as well as moving every 2-4 years. Which is typically looked down on, but when you are single and wanting to travel and experience the world, it’s the best thing that can happen.

However, as I’m reaching the ripe old age of 27 next month, I’m reevaluating my life. Well, it’s not that serious but as my move to San Diego comes closer I’m excited for the new opportunities.

I’ve always wanted to go to Law School, and actually got out of the Navy in ’08 to pursue said school. I ended up growing tired of waiting for the next school year to roll around and decided to join back up…after an 8 month hiatus. I missed the structure, the camaraderie, and the free travel that the Navy offered. Luckily they wanted me back, and here I am.

Beauty School is another road I would like to go down. I am very interested in learning how to cut, color, style hair, do nails, massages, etc. I’ve always wanted to do it. Maybe they’ll have night school in CA.

Professional photography. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, ever since I was a kid. Over the years I have gone through several cameras, but it’s really about having that eye for good shots, vice a camera that costs $3000. That will only get you so far. And if you don’t have the right subject/scape, that ritzy camera is pretty worthless. Here’s some stuff I’ve shot, if you’d like to check out my FB page: []

Culinary Arts. I’d like to know how to cook, like real chef-ery shit. I realize this will be an expensive lesson in the kitchen because I don’t ever plan on cooking for the masses or being a professional chef…but I think it will pay off. Plus, learning how to cook things well is fun.

Oh, and if I could somehow swing one of those jobs with Contiki or another major tour company to be a tour guide in some fabulous overseas country, preferably Europe, that would be a job to die for!

See what I mean? All over the place, and I am no longer a young buck. I’m supposed to be making life decisions and shit. I say, do what you want, but you must have the means to get there. So until I can get my feet firmly planted in one category, I will continue to dabble =)

It’s like the Twilight Zone

18 04 2011

They say don’t type angry…what are the guidelines for blogging angry?

Really fucking fed up with my career. Maybe it’s just locational sadness. If anyone is thinking about getting stationed at a “Flag Command” and there are some prominent military figures in your life preaching at your face that it’s “good for your career” or “it’s a good place for evals” or any other kind of ninny nanny bullshit, please put your hand up to their face, flip your hair, and turn the other way(this may be slightly less dramatic for the fellas in this scenario). Please, please. Please.

This place is so sad. I will openly admit that the chain of command is better than that piece of shit arrangement from my former duty station, but other than that, this place is not good for anything. Especially evals or enhancing your career. And if you are slotted to work in a shop where nobody does anything. ANYTHING, then look the fuck out. You will be in a world of stress. Seriously. I think we have all had that job where you are smothered by taskers with no way of coming out on top, but at least (1) you are given ample time to complete said tasking, and (2) there are several other people in your shop that are willing to take on the case load. Not here. I’m not sure why no one is motivated to do anything, but for one reason or another we have ten less people than we are slotted to have, and we have double the work. And you look around the shop and no one is really working on anything. ANYTHING. When I got here we were a highly productive shop, we had a boss who pushed us, who did operations and administration duties at the same time, and we had a leader who wanted to make progress, who encouraged us to develop and work on new avenues of what we do. Now, bossman could give two shits and bossman two only cares about off time. I don’t even know where he’s been the last three or four hours. When there are only four people in a shop why do you need three leadership positions is what really boggles my mind. It’s not like each one of them do something so extraordinary that they need a title.

If you are reading this and you work with me, I’m not really sorry or ready to apologize for the harsh wordings. But maybe one day when you are sitting around doing God knows what, on facebook, google, wandering around base, catching butterflies, maybe it will occur to you that there is shit to do around here and our shop CAN and USED TO make a difference and make shit happen. What have we done lately? What kind of impact have we made on operations that we can specifically blame on our perseverance and hard work? What have I personally contributed to this? What SHOULD I be doing while I am sitting at my computer staring off into oblivion? Am I completely happy with how I spend my day, was I productive and helpful to everyone that I could be, did I complete any taskers, did I coordinate with other shops? If any one of those is no, then youa re not doing your job, and you should not receive a paycheck. The Navy doesn’t ask much of you. Do your effing job.

Former boss just walked in here and said: “What are you doing?”

BLHLS: “Sir, I’m hate-blogging.”

Sir: “Well, I’m going to go grab a beer and come back for the 1730 meeting.”


Though I do not condone the shitbaggedness previously described up yonder, this statement was pretty hilarious.

I bet you are wondering, “Hey, bloodlovehopeluststeam, why is there a picture of an exquisitely delicious looking jar cake on this i’m feeling especially sorry for my pathetic self miserable post??”

Well, listen up. Someone in our shop has a nice wife who sends us goodies, and on this particular day she sent a 40lb box full of sweets. Who needs their teeth to rot?

Not I; my efforts at turning down anything sugar-fied are literally nonexistent. So I get pissed and eat. And eat. And devour, and eat.

I didn’t even know that cooking a cake in a jar was possible. But sure enough, six of these jobbies arrived yesterday. Three are gone.

Husband of aforementioned wife said that you just put the batter in these jars, pop them in the oven and cook like normal. when they come out of the oven, you put the jar tops on and they are magically sealed. Like, pressure sealed. So when you open them they do that ‘jelly-jar-pop’, signifying they have been sealed shut. And are fresh as a daisy when you open them. Moist and yummy. They have that just-out-of-grandma’s-oven taste. Yum yum.