I am having an affair….

15 10 2013

….is what I would be telling my sig oth if I had one.

I am head over heels with falltime.  Unfortunately, I live in a place that doesn’t observe the season of fall.  I can’t really complain, as it is warm all year round(ish).  However, when I do get the chance to go home in Oct-Nov timeframe, I am absolutely in love.  The colors, the crisp wind that bites your cheeks ever so slightly, the smell of leaves, the sound of them rustling about the ground, pumpkins stacked everywhere.  The list is endless.  So many colors, sights, and sounds!

We went to the Maple Leaf Orchard in Woodville yesterday.  They have an orchard there where they grow nearly 20 different kinds of apples, they have grape vines, a field of pumpkins, and much much more.


It was fun to pick out the exact apples we wanted, and we got to traipse through the pumpkin field and even high five a scarecrow.   They also had some apple cinnamon doughnuts that were to die.  If you live in the area, I suggest you check it out.

IMG_6396After the orchard we drove around town to find some leaves to dip in wax.  We collected several beautifully colored leaves and even plucked a couple off of neighborhood trees!  Leaves in hand we headed home with our wax to dip them to use for a cute decoration.

They turned out beautifully…but we didn’t know what to do to decorate, so we ended up placing them in one of the plants at the house. Looks pretty cool =) There’s probably something on Pinterest about it!

Today it is rainy and 50…

Cheers to falltime!


Lows and Highs

3 08 2013

I was home this week for originally my sister’s birthday party. A couple days before my flight, my mom called and told me my grandpa’s health was declining quickly and to be prepared for what might happen.

Gpa had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years back, probably seven years ago. He had been off and on medications to help with uncontrollable movements and decline in overall mental and physical health. It was hard to witness and I’m certain even more difficult to live. He was in a few nursing homes and my family in MO would visit him frequently. He had recently been put on morphine for the pain and had been unable to eat.

My sister had planned a birthday celebration last Saturday and had put a lot of time into organization. I am not able to come home frequently so it was also a perfect time to see everyone. So, we decided to go ahead with the party. It was a lot of fun and so nice to see everyone! It was themed “Stache Bash,” so we had mustache party favors, decorations, an even a mustache piñata. There’s something so comforting about catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and yard games.

The next morning Gpa passed away at 3am. And as it turns out, it was really good timing for something terrible to happen because I was home, my mom was home because she knew I would be there over the weekend, and a few other family members were randomly in the area. Sometimes it takes a death to make you realize what your goals are and what is important in life. Family is everything, but in times of work stress or general life milestones I sometimes forget my roots. Family and friends are there for you regardless of your success or failure.

We banded together this week and accomplished what is normally a difficult thing for families to go through. I believe Gpa is in a better place and not suffering anymore. I also got to learn a lot about him, through his former athletes, friends, and family. Funny stories, weird quirks, and the legacy he left behind as a leader and coach for 26 years. He was so respected and those he coached were brought to tears remembering the lessons he instilled in them.


We went to visit the school he coached at; a new gym was built about seven years ago and they named it after him. They had his state titles hanging, and we asked about how they have been doing since he retired over 20 years ago. The principal told us their students had won exactly one state title since Coach Samson ran the athletic department!


I would like to remember Gpa how those he trained remember him. Though I never personally watched him coach, he did teach me and my sister how to play a mean game of cards, and helped me with my golf swing and endless games of trivial pursuit.

We went out to eat before my trip back to CA, and as I wait on my flight, I am focusing on the positive. I am returning refocused and backed by the love and support of my family and friends. So nice to be home and celebrate loved ones past and present!

WTF Weds: Ed 026 Season Finale Wackness

6 06 2012

Sooo I’m a bit late on this, but after my vacay I’m catching up on Season finales.

Here are my immediate reactions. If you do not watch the shows below, please kindly ignore…or read on and become thoroughly confused.

Grey’s Anatomy. Seriously?!!? You kill Lexipedia?! I am so sad. And I am also hoping you don’t bring her back like you brought Izzy’s man back in season 5 because that was really strange and hard to follow. Is Grey’s even coming back next season? Did McSteamy die too?? You people have strung me along for eight fucking years and you start killing off my people..and then leave off on the Series’s hugest cliffhanger, possibly the biggest cliffhanger in the history of the network. Is Arizona going to be okay?! What’s the deal with the plane pilot. He looks like he’s someone semi-famous, will he be a new character next year? Do the rest of the people at Seattle Grace know the flight crashed? I feel so bad for Christina practically having a mental breakdown and Mere trying to keep everything together when she might loose both her sister AND her husband. What a cruel cruel show.

American Idol. Eh this was a TAD predictable. After 40, yes, forty episodes, Phillip Phillips rises to the top. I definitely predicted this during his audition episode. No joke. I think we all knew it was coming, and I bet he won in a landslide of at least 120 million votes. Jessica Sanchez didn’t stand a chance. Love his new song “Home.”

Gossip Girl. Pretty sure this shit was cancelled finally. I started watching quite a few years ago and it’s just not relevant to what’s going on in my life anymore. But like a train wreck, I gotta watch. The ever-going Blair/Chuckles love triangle is still raging. She finally tells him she wants to be with him forever and always, and surprise surprise he’s already moved on. Ok, not so surprised. This saga has played and replayed the same storyline and love matches….I’m sort of over it. Though I feel like there are some loose ends remaining, I’m okay it’s over with.

Ringer. Uh….cancelled before the season was over? Sarah Michelle Gellar has been out of the scene for like ten years following her Buffy the Vamp Slayer tenure. Now the first show she does…which had a pretty juicy and ever-changing/surprising storyline is now cancelled? I hope they bring it back.

America’s Next Top Model. ANTM as we call it. I actually agree with the winner for once in ten years. This season Tyra changed it up and brought in some Brits which made it U.S. versus Brit Top Model. Pretty interesting and funny to see them clash and argue about dumb shit. The winner was a Brit and she is very relatable and cute but still can hold her own. …with pink hair! Tyra is still crazy as a shitbird though.

The Bachelorette. This just started a couple weeks ago. yawn… Eh? It’s ooooookay I guess. When I have two hours to spare while dusting the house and cleaning dishes to throw it on in the background. Emily Maynard is pretty damn boring. And the guys are ever-predictable. There’s the jock, the cock, the weirdo. Actually come to think of it, the show is a bit like Breakfast Club. But Ems Ems….you are soooo very dry. LIke, I know you are super cutesy, have a nice body, a sweet little girl, and a charming story and background, but spice it up a little girl! Speak your mind and it’s okay to be a bioch sometimes… I keep watching….but I’m not holding my breath for anything juicy.

Shows I will most definitely be tuning into this summer:

1. True Blood Seas 5, starts this Sunday and I might just piss my pants!!

2. Army Wives Seas 6 has been ongoing, but I just realized it started back in March and I am about to catch up. Not one of my absolute favorites but I like to tune in. There are a lot of things that are not-so-accurate that they portray about military life, but I guess it makes good TV eh?

3. Dance Moms. Oh boy, bring onnnn the drama! Abby Lee Miller is a basket case and I love watching how pissed the dance moms get every single year….and yet they still come back to her studio. I feel bad for the little girls though, they always seem super stressed out and beat to a pulp after five hours of dancing every single day. Plus school. I’m sure something dramatic will happen and Abby will be sassy as ever!

Make a memory, drink it up

11 10 2011


My trip home was a whirlwind! And by that I mean it went wayyyy too fast. Unfortunate. However, I have many a memory and my love cup has been filled to the brim. I feel like I don’t even need anything for my Birthday or X-Mas this year! I’ve got everything I want already and all the new memories made have warmed my heart so very much.

I got to see my sister quite a bit, meet her boy [space] friend, work for the Navy Recruiter, my mom came down for a few days, got to play some Bananagrams, some Rumikub, cards, got to eat some grrrreat food, see relatives, reunite with friends for a martini night and a pajama party, participate in some mud volleyball, and I have several pics of everything!

I can’t wait to get my hands on these pics for my next scrapbook.

Oh, and I got to see snow for the first time in oh….over two years! It was lovely, and I even caught some flakes on my tongue! Denver this past weekend was fun. I got to see my friend Map, huz, and their little girl, Baby A. She is just about 7 months by now. She has a tooth poking through and can now say “DaDa”. She’s a smart little thing, and very wiggly. She can sit and laughs and smiles all day. She is definitely the cutest baby girl I’ve ever seen. I may be partial, as well as her Mama, but seriously. THE cutest. I was watching her as she woke up today. I snuck up to her crib, and as me, DaDa, and Gammy were watching, she looked over and realized we were there and got this huge grin on her little face, even though she had a pacifier in you could still see that she was smiling so big. I just wanted to pinch her little cheeks and hug her tight! Next time I see her she’ll be throwing a back pack over her shoulder and off to High School!

When I was in MO these last two weeks I had the chance to work for the Recruiter. It was interesting to be on the “other” side of things. We went to the High School in town one of the days and we talked to the kids there who were interested in the Navy. They have a bazillion questions, and it’s interesting to see what they are looking for from the Navy, or what they hope to find whilst in the service. Most of them were younger kids though. Freshmen or sophomores, which we can’t really start processing them until they are at least 17, but it’s good they are interested so young…can’t have kids these days shotgunning things like the next 4 years of their life… Although, it turned out pretty well for me so far. 🙂

While I was home I also reached a personal goal. I learned how to play beer pong! No, I’ve never played. I know it’s like unamerican at this point to not know how to play…but I don’t drink beer so that’s why I never got into it… However, we put water in the cups and when we got the ball in, we’d just take a drink of w/e we were sippin on. And might I mention, me and my amazing partner won five games in a ROW. Yes, five.

It’s back on the road tomorrow. I’ll be hitting Las Vegas. Wahooooo!!!! It will be at around noon…sooo no partying for this kid. I’m fixing to hit San Diego early afternoon/evening time tomorrow. Thus begins a new chapter in my life. And boy am I excited to get it going! More schooling, new apartment, reuniting with old friends, I’ll be a busy gal, but I mean to enjoy every minute…even the unpacking part!

P.S. I will be seeing the remake of Footloose!! Go ahead, judge me.

P.P.S. Is anyone else sick of all this Michael Jackson shit?

Hola Septiembre

5 09 2011

Well, it’s officially September.

The month I graduate.

The month I depart Florida.

The month I get to go home to see the friends and fam.

The month I drive from FL to CA.

The month I pray I don’t die on said cross-country trek make it safely across America.

The month I discovered the dangerously wonderful shoedazzle.com.

The month I found a new scrapbooking store: Scraphappy of Pensacola

Although my time seems to be crawling here in Florida while at school, a lot of stuff has happened. The aforementioned “Hell on Heels” album came out…..But let’s not dwell on the past. There are a couple albums which I have been blown away by.

1. Eric Church’s “Chief” (title track, Homeboy)

2. Far East Movement’s “Free Wired” (think, liiiiike a G6)

In other news, I went home last weekend -last minute trip- to a friend’s wedding. It was very refreshing to see everyone and share the day with them. There was dancing, decorations, yummy food, and some great cake! As always great cake. Oh, and I even learned how to 2-step! It helps having a good partner who knows what they’re doing, southern accent to boot!

Upon my return to Alabama/Florida, I was greeted by the ugly face of Lee. The Tropical Storm Lee. Let me tell you, this kid is hideous. The rain, the wind, the waves. The waves on Orange Beach are crazy. As in, more crazy than Pipeline on Oahu crazy. Aka where the pros go for tournaments. For a generally mild-waved area, this shit’s bananas. The flag today was red. Which is what I assumed would be the harshest of weather, but no, there is a double red flag status which means you get arrested if you are found on the beach. Who would be out in weather even worse than this I do not know. But I did see some surfers out the last few days trying to catch some waves, and kill themselves in the process. Now, is it really worth it? I’d hate to go out for something silly like that…

Lee gettin' some

Other August News:

-Making guacamole for the first time. For a “wingin-it” recipe, it turned out quite nicely. The key is having fresh avocados. And good tomatoes.

-I have discovered the alleged all-fruit smoothies at Mc D’s are pretty damn delicious. (Now, on the topic of whether or not it’s entirely fruit in there, the jury is still out)

-A Mac desktop has been added to my “Christmas in October” wishlist. I am in near-desperate need for a new comp. The current, a Macbook from 2008 has served me well, but after four years I think it’s time for an upgrade. I am now 3 operating systems behind, and my stuff doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to.

-My girls from home came to visit and we had a wonderful time. It was so nice to see my WIgals, and it was like we hadn’t missed a day, catching up on old times, shopping, and beaching. We went to a few different beaches, bars, and malls. Also we got matching tattoos. I know what you’re thinking, *cringe* “Matching tattoos?” Totally 90s, right? But we wanted to get something to represent our friendship, so we all got some form of a bird or a feather, to go with the saying “Birds of a feather flock together.” I got a feather that looks similar to the one over there —>

Fringe Affairs

26 07 2011

Today was obnoxiously long for some reason. Perhaps because there is no looming test in the near future the day seemed to drag on and on. Plus it’s uncomfortably humid down here in the F-L. At any rate, I’ll take this weather over Bahrain any day.

The parents have been building a new room where the back deck used to be, and it’s turning out quite nicely. What started out as a “4-season” porch, turned out to be a full blown extra room with ducting (heat/ac) and real walls. It looks awesome and went up very quickly. I haven’t been home to the house in a couple years but this is officially my new favorite room!

Does anyone watch the TV show Fringe? It’s a pretty awesome show, and it has Pacey from Dawson’s Creek as one of the main characters, otherwise known as Joshua Jackson. It’s a show about the supernatural, a modern-day X-Files but not quite as farfetched. Good show if you are looking for a new one to dig into. Pacey’s dad is this crazy old coot scientist type, and the main character is a woman who works for a special branch of the FBI set out to investigate some very strange happenings. Her and Pacey, and crazy scientist buddy up to find out what’s at the bottom of it all. And they have a lab assistant named Astrid who plays a small role, but she’s a pretty decent actress.

Also been watching a lot of Covert Affairs. It has the chick from Coyote Ugly, Piper Perabo. She’s the main character and works for the CIA as an operative/field agent. And of course, again, it’s a little out there, but has a good storyline and is now in the 2nd season so apparently it has taken off. She lives with her sister, and goes on these crazy missions all over the world. Her sidekick is kind of a nerdy-handsome ex-Army blind guy. (Don’t worry, the CIA gave him tons of cool gadgets for his office including a computer for the blind.) One of the bosses at the CIA is Sandy from another tv show, The O.C. I forget his real-life name. But he’s one of those older-hotties.

In unrelated news. If you haven’t downloaded the Awolnation album yet. Do it now.