28 12 2011

“Temecula is a place where natural beauty, historic traditions, and modern conveniences combine to offer entertainment for people of all ages.”

More importantly known for being wine country featuring parks, mountains, valleys, and golf courses. There’s actually a pretty neat video detailing such on their City of Temecula homepage.

Most importantly, it is home to our only Hobby Lobby.

This past weekend I drove up to Temecula for the first time. It’s a pretty decent set-up out there. And it was Xmas eve so not too much traffic. It’s about an hour NE of where I am. It’s an easy drive though, all highways.

I rediscovered some old cds I had in my trapper-keeper style cd case. Seriously it holds over 400 cds. What an invention. You know, albums like All Saints, Tech Nine, Limp Bizkit, some old Tim McGraw, Eve, Missy Elliot, Fergie (thank God she went single there for a while-great stuff), etc.

Oh I was jammin. You forget about all those oldies sometimes. I also discovered on my way that ol Highway 15 is having a bit of an identity crisis. It was labeled something something someone memorial highway. Also labeled “Avocado Highway”, which is awesome. But which is it?? I think we should pay homage to California’s favorite fruit. (I just googled it, it’s a fruit apparently..) But I know the state would probably disagree from changing “Highway 15” to “Avocado Highway”, so I guess those other posted names are merely suggestions?

Ok, so I made the trek to go to the Hobby Lobby. It’s those little things from home you miss. I’m still waiting on Taco John’s to set up shop out here. But we have Jamba Juice, Chipotle, Sonic, and HobLob, so I’m not complaining.

When I arrived, I learned that the Lobby just set up shop this past Halloween. So it’s a very new store. There seemed to be a decent amount of patrons, considering it was the Eve. Probably because that store is amazing. If you are a woman and you craft, decorate, scrapbook, draw, paint, arrange flowers, or do anything woman like or crafty, this is the place to be. And they always have amazing sales. If you haven’t been there, just imagine a Michaels but like ten steps up with newer things that will fit your exact taste.

SO, I had some Birthday spending to do, so I set out on an adventure. I found some frames that were half off, and I do have a wall that I needed something for, so it was the perfect excuse to buy some more stuff. And I got a rub-on wall thing that says “Live every minute with love in your heart grace in your step and gratitude in your soul.” Super cute. It has some feathers that stick up there with it. I’ll try to get a picture when it’s done. These rub-on wall things are the new thing I guess. They’re pretty easy, you just put them up to the wall, rub them on with a hotel-key card thing and they stick, voila! There’s tons of sayings and quotes or designs you can get. Pretty neat. I probably wandered up and down ever aisle for about two hours and decided that was all I needed. The vision of my jam-packed spare bedroom is still haunting me.

So, the project this week is getting the frames up! Hopefully I don’t fall…


San Diego

24 10 2011

I’ve made it to San Diego!!

This place is beautiful and if you peer over the side of my balcony and squint, you can see the ocean. Quite a view.

SO, after a week of moving into my first apartment in 2.5 yrs, this week is my first week in full swing at the new command. The people seem pretty chill as a whole. There’s only about 100 of us here so far. But those that I have met are generally agreeable.

The apartment I’m at, a friend, Kitty, actually lives here and talked me into moving up here, is a 2 br 2 bath, on the third floor in an apartment complex. It’s pretty small, and the property manager, Meri, is awesome. She’s late 20’s, and our personalities totally click. Honestly, she’s what sold me on the place. Other than the obvious perks of living somewhat close to base, near general conveniences of life, a pool, parking, safety, etc. Plus, a dishwasher. Sold!

I came and saw the place – the only apartment I looked at – on a Thursday, and signed paperwork and moved in on Friday, which was coincidentally my birthday. So, I guess I’ll never forget when to pay rent 🙂 The day I moved in me and Kitty went to Ikea to pick up some furniture pieces, and basic Ikea nonsensical items. When we got home for the day, I walked into my new place and there were flowers, a balloon, and a piece of chocolate cake with a candle in it, from Meri! Talk about the sweetest Landlord. Ever.

I’m learning my way around – and I really like the area I live in. It’s about 20 mins from base, and 10 mins from everything else convenient. There’s actually a grocery store around the block, and a burrito place and McDonalds within walking distance. I went for a little stroll the other day and saw the strangest lightening warning sign on a light pole…It was like a man with a lightening bolt coming out of his…..junk region. I’ll have to relocate and get a pic of it. Prrrretty hilarious.

Of course I’ve hit up the obvious, Chipotle, Jamba Juice, and Ikea. I have yet to locate the Hobby Lobby, but I have plenty of time for that yet.

October is almost over already! Me n Kitty are getting our Halloween costumes together, it’s a secret for now, buuuuut there are pics to come. Let’s just say it’s me, her huz, and her…and they are matching…sort of. I think I’m going to try and go up to L.A. to visit a friend for a haunted hayride this weekend. It sounds pretty off the chain. Plus, anything in L.A. is larger than life.

My man is coming out to visit in early November. I’m pretty damn excited. It’ll only have been 30 days-ish since I’ve seen him, but that is way too long. We are checking out tix to Disneyland, I was doing some research online last night, adn that place is like a playground for not only kids, but adults, there are pllllenty of activities for peeps without kids. I’ve been to Disneyworld, and Knotts Berry Farm, but never Disneyland. I think it would be a fun day!

Oh, and we are going to tour a Navy ship. I’m excited to show him around base and what my life is like out here. Though I won’t know all the great places, sights, eats, etc, I think we can wing it. Plus, that’s what GPS is for 😉

Scrapbookers Anonymous

3 09 2011

Someone told me yesterday, “I think you need to go to SBA.”

Well, this may be a true fact.

However, there are much worse hobbies. And much more expensive hobbies. Though, I do admit scrapping is not cheap, but if you fly by the deals and find sales when you can, it is do-able. Some things are worth paying full price for.

SO, in my future home of San Diego, I have been wondering if there is a Hobby Lobby. I finally looked it up online, and there is indeed a HobLob opening in Temecula, CA. I was surprised actually that there are only six stores Cali-wide for us scrapbooking and hobby enthusiasts. Sad news, however the one in Temecula will be opening the end of October, which I think is quite the coincidence since that’s when I will just be settling into the west, planting my roots etc.  I will be in need of decorations galore. I haven’t had an apartment to myself in… over four years. So. Furnishings are on the list.

The sales at the Lobby weren’t the greatest this week. On Thursday I frequented the usuals, in search of some wedding stickers and paper. I found plenty of options, don’t get me wrong, but nothing was on sale really. Usually HobLob has some killer deals. Finding nothing, I pressed on to Joanne’s and found…..nothing on sale again. Well, they had  40% off of albums and 3D stickers, but not what I was in the market for. Then, at Michael’s nothing at all was on sale. It was like twilight zone. Usually there are great deals at at least one of these places. Maybe with the economy they called in for a hault on all great scrapbook sales. Who knows.

So, this forced me to search for a new store. I googled “scrapbook stores Pensacola” and found a place called Scraphappy. Though it was across town I decided the gas was worth the potential new gold mine. So, I arrived and as is typical with independent stores the prices were quite a bit higher than a commercial Hobby Lobby type place. But then, I found a separate room in the back that had all clearance items.  I don’t like to consider myself especially cheap, but when I find 12 x 12 paper that is 10 cents, vice 79 cents, I call that a steal. I picked through the items, there were a lot and it was very disorganized but I had all afternoon anyway so it wasn’t any hair off my back.

I ended up finding a ton of paper, and also the wedding paper I was looking for. That’s called two birds with one stone I think.

If you are in the area, here’s the Scraphappy site, they also do crop classes and such: http://www.scraphappypensacola.com/