7 10 2013

Who put a “p” in the middle of this word? Does not make sense.

So I was strolling through Costco yesterday and saw some raspberries on sale.  Due to the gov’t shutdown I was able to stroll freely into the store with my military ID and feel like I belonged in there mingling with paying members bulk buying consumers.

The raspberries…it was like two dollars for a huge tray of them…Deal. Bought.

So I get home and as I’m washing them off I am wondering why there is always that weird diaper thing in the bottom. They don’t put it in the bottom of strawberries…so why raspberries??

Does anyone else get paranoid about the inside of the berries? I have to check every single one to make sure there isn’t anything hiding in there. What if there’s a worm? Or dirt? Or fertilizer or something.

Raspberry paranoia.

These little guys are seriously delicious and underrated.



16 01 2012

Well, it seems the year has come…the year that the world ends. According to the Mayan calendar.

I haven’t really done much…or any research on the topic, but they say it ends in December 2012, so I suggest we make this year count.

So, in honoring such, I’ve decided to set some goals. We all do this around New Years Eve, but these are more than resolutions, these are steps and milestones to getting my life back on track, and staying there.

My first NYE declaration was to quit smoking. I’m going strong on this so far. I do get cravings… but I give it about ten mins and it goes away and I’m onto something else. Someone told me that not talking about it to or with people helps. Things like, “Ug, don’t you want a smoke!!” doesn’t really help….or supress the urge.

Stay Healthy. No fad dieting, no crazy P90X stuff, just be healthy. Eat good food, exercise, and live an all-around healthy lifestyle. And, I have to say doing such gives you more energy and a better well-being. You breathe better, you feel better, and you feel good about what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s good to be selfish and focus on yourself, give yourself that me time. Of course there’s times to cheat…I gotta get my Diet Choco Coke in! One of my friends asked me if I’d do a “Dream Body Boot Camp” with her because she found some coupon for it online. And, according to my said goal…..it was a no-brainer. I signed up for a month and so far it has been slightly painful but a lot of fun. And the instructor is not bad on the eyes either. He is very motivating and has high energy to push you through the workouts. We get to play with tractor tires and those huge ropes that you see on Biggest Loser.

Finish my MBA. I started the program back in 2009 and after two classes that mind-raped me, I was a tad discouraged… Let me tell you, Finance and Accounting are no joke. So, now that I’m working only a few hours a day while we wait on our ship to be built, I have some time on my hands. So, I’m diving back in. I talked to an advisor and they say that those are the most challenging courses, that and Marketing. But it’s not suggested to take them at the same time. So I’m starting off easy with just two classes again, and they are online. Hawaii Pacific University, where I got my undergrad, offers an MBA program entirely online. It’s important to me to continue to learn. A degree is just a offensively expensive piece of paper hanging on the wall, but it’s one of those milestones I want to hit during my lifetime.

Keep exploring. Traveling and finding new places and learning new things is a huge part of my life that I hope never changes. I’d like to travel to Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco this year. Four places I’ve never been and want to see. They are all within driving distance…kind of. I suppose a flight to SLC and Port may be in order. And also get to know my new home, San Diego.

Focus more on ME. Who cares what everyone else is doing, I need to stop worrying about everything else and focus on myself. I have plenty of things to work on for me that I don’t have the time or energy to worry about other people’s problems. Just make myself happy. I want to get out more, meet new people, do new things. I need to get out of my comfort zone. Sure, I’m happy sitting in on Friday and Sat nights watching Jersey Shore…but in doing that I think I’m letting life pass me by. Everyone needs their alone time, but I guess I’ve just grown used to being independent and relying on myself all the time in hopes that no one will disappoint me. But guess what, that shit still happens. And you can’t protect yourself from everything out there.

Guys what? No, I’m not going lez. I like men too much to do that. I think this last year has taught me to be careful for who’s out there, and not to protect your heart with an iron gate, but just know what you’re getting into. I’m at the age where flings and one night stands don’t really do it anymore. I need a partner. I’m not going to settle for less, and I’m not going to settle for someone who doesn’t love every single part of me. Which, I admit will be difficult to find because I can be a crazy woman sometimes. But after several relationships, I’m at a place where I know exactly what I want. Yeah, I can compromise, but I’m done with trying to change people so they can fit into what I believe is my perfect guy. If there are that many things that need changing, and it’s that difficult, it’s just not meant to be. Some decisions are hard to make, but the right choice is usually the clear one. So, from now on I’m not even going to waste my energy looking for a guy…they say love just happens. So hopefully when the time is right, something will happen.

Bleh, well if you’re still with me and haven’t dozed off, I hope you have an amazing 2012.

Make some moves people!!

WTF Weds: Ed 004 Is that a nanner in your pocket?

26 01 2011

WTF!!!! So, there I was at the mini-mart being an obedient girlfriend and picking up some milk for the boy toy. I gather my things, buy my goods…which happened to include a frozen dinner, Tums (you never know), hand sanitizer, and aforementioned skimmed udder juice. I begin meandering my way through base to my jalopy….reach in my backpack side pocket to grab my keys. What do I find? No keys. Just banana. I had bought a banana on the way to work this morning with all intention of being a healthy human being and striving for the healthy lifestyle. In the midst of my deli sammich, lays cheddar crisps..diet coke..nutter butters…swiss cake rolls..and homemade cookies the Momma V sent…fuck. Now that it’s written I feel like an incredibly terrible trying-to-be-on-the-straight-n-arrow by way of healthy living. ANYWAY. So, the ol nanner was left in the bag, which was thrown on the floor, around the office, moved from the table to the floor, carried on my back across base, into the locker room, across base again, slammed in the corner at the front of the mini-mart as I dutifully searched for my pantry items. Flash back to searching for my keys. I stick my hand in my pocket, and to my dismay there are no keys patiently waiting for my grasp and fondle. There was no perfectly ripened banana patiently waiting for my consumption.

Instead, there was a beat up, bent in half, browned and cut. dead. banana. (A moment of silence.) He didn’t even see it comin, the poor guy. 15 hrs later to emerge from his cocoon of what was once a safe place, bruised and broken. Taken advantage of. Sorry about that bud.

But the worse part, is that I had banana guts all over my hands, yuuuck. I tried to insert a little example of what I was dealing with earlier tonight, but when I googled. Dirty old banana some very strange images loaded up…

But do not worry, my keys were safely tucked below the mass of banana guts. In one piece, and still functioning.