7 10 2013

Who put a “p” in the middle of this word? Does not make sense.

So I was strolling through Costco yesterday and saw some raspberries on sale.  Due to the gov’t shutdown I was able to stroll freely into the store with my military ID and feel like I belonged in there mingling with paying members bulk buying consumers.

The raspberries…it was like two dollars for a huge tray of them…Deal. Bought.

So I get home and as I’m washing them off I am wondering why there is always that weird diaper thing in the bottom. They don’t put it in the bottom of strawberries…so why raspberries??

Does anyone else get paranoid about the inside of the berries? I have to check every single one to make sure there isn’t anything hiding in there. What if there’s a worm? Or dirt? Or fertilizer or something.

Raspberry paranoia.

These little guys are seriously delicious and underrated.


The 100

1 06 2011

My desk calendar told me to list 100 things I am grateful for.
1. My family
2. My friends
3. Mista B
4. The ability of a college to waive entrance exams
5. Payday
6. TLC
8. The way fresh grass smells
9. My car
10. Hamburgers
11. The ability to travel
12. America
13. The feeling you get when you walk in the door after a long hard rewarding day at work
14. The Navy *on most days
15. The ocean
16. The game of golf that I am still trying to master
17. Cheerleading. It is most certainly a sport
18. Teddy bears
19. Mowing the lawn
20. Hair dye
21. Flip flips
22. Comfortable heels
23. Supercute boots
24. Coach bags
25. Teachers who take a pay cut and still keep a great attitude and keep truckin
26. Hot air balloons
27. Skirts
28. The world’s undying perseverence to cure world hunger. Though I wish America would turn inward and solve some of the problems here first..
29. Photography and scrapbooking
30. Taylor Swift
31. The smell of library books
32. Lawn sprinklers and slip-n-slides
33. Kindness in strangers
34. Oprah
35. Blake Shelton’s twitter
36. Mouthwash
37. Biggest Loser
38. Body pillows
39. Nature trails
40. Supersonic travel (has yet to be invented)
41. The internet
42. Diet coke
43. Sonic
44. Fresh fruit
46. Steak
47. American Idol
48. Las Vegas
49. Coupons
50. Dental floss
51. Netflix
52. Deodorant
53. Purified water
54. Banana trees
55. Lemon juice
56. Blogs
57. The Blue Angels
58. Platinum and diamonds
59. Keratin hair treatment
60. St. Patty’s day
61. Multi vitamins
62. Ultrasounds
63. Road trips
64. Forgiveness
65. Tough love
66. Toilet paper
67. Top shelf happy hour
68. Taxicabs
69. Proativ
70. Infomercials
71. S’mores
72. Red rover and other playground games
73. Habitat for Humanity
74. Food Shelves
75. Calculators
76. Military members who sacrifice everything
77. Tums
78. Sour straws
79. Four wheelers
80. Motorcycles
81. Dreams
82. Good news
83. Independence
84. Tabloids
85. Frozen dinners
86. Chocolate syrup
87. Laughter
88. Fresh cherries
89. Life
90. Beaches
91. Dane Cook
92. Sunshine
93. Holidays
94. Sunrises/sunsets, especially the Florida kind
95. Change. Though it is painful it is almost always worth the struggle
96. Accountability
97. Patience (still working on this one)
98. Palm trees
99. Tattoo artists
100. Tigerlillies

It said I was supposed to write 100 things down every day…but that just seems like. Lot of work…so this should last me a few weeks or so.

…this may or may not have gone off topic. Pretty sure I was supposed to take this super seriously and say I am thankful for rainbows and smiling babies…ah well