7 10 2013

Who put a “p” in the middle of this word? Does not make sense.

So I was strolling through Costco yesterday and saw some raspberries on sale.  Due to the gov’t shutdown I was able to stroll freely into the store with my military ID and feel like I belonged in there mingling with paying members bulk buying consumers.

The raspberries…it was like two dollars for a huge tray of them…Deal. Bought.

So I get home and as I’m washing them off I am wondering why there is always that weird diaper thing in the bottom. They don’t put it in the bottom of strawberries…so why raspberries??

Does anyone else get paranoid about the inside of the berries? I have to check every single one to make sure there isn’t anything hiding in there. What if there’s a worm? Or dirt? Or fertilizer or something.

Raspberry paranoia.

These little guys are seriously delicious and underrated.


Sonic Nation

26 12 2011

Today I made the trek out to our “local” Sonic Drive-In.

Well….it’s only 20-30 mins away depending on traffic. However, there is only one Sonic location here in the San Diego area. And it’s pretty small. Probably only 20 stalls. Which is tiny compared to the four we have in town back home.

San Diego is a city of 3 million people … and these people claim to be “America’s Drive-In”….hmm. Every time I’m at the Sonic out here, every stall is packed and there are at least 5 cars lined in the drive-thru. This means we are desperate for another Sonic. D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E

Perhaps closer to San Diego proper for the 2nd location?

I don’t know if I’m the only one who gets a Sonic survey every other time they’re enjoying a sunny afternoon with diet-chocolate-coke in hand (probably not), but I am likely the only person who does the survey every single time. It used to be an automated phone jobbie, but now it’s online. We’re in the New Age of electronics you know. It’s the same questions every single time, so they are definitely not getting a good feel of the customers as I answer the exact same every time. Yes, the temperature of my food was satisfactory, the wait staff was polite and well dressed with roller skates. It was speedy service with a smile. Oh, and can we have another location in San Diego and add cheddar bites to the menu please!

I’m a Foodie. I said it.

20 11 2011

Here’s some great eats we’ve had in San Diego:

Mona Lisa in Little Italy

This italian joint was deeeeelish! And, the leftovers heated up quite well. The bread was very fresh too, and it was decently priced. This place is actually more famous for their sandwiches, but this pasta looked too tasty to pass up.

Pizza Port Brewery in Carlsbad

We googled restaurants and randomly chose this one. It was excellent. You can order by the slice if you want to. The inside is huge, and I got the feeling it’s a pretty happenin place on the weekends. It was quite large, and there were tons of picnic tables on the inside. And they had outside seating. They brew their own beer and they have all sorts of crazy shit on the walls.

Beef Teriyaki @ Sushi Deli

Sushi may not be my thing, but this salad was on point. Yummy delish.

Rubio's in Pacific Beach

I have seen Rubio’s all over the place out here and for some reason thought it was a deli place. It’s a mexican place that has some pretty tasty burritos and guacamole. These are tacos, but I have been back since and gotten a burrito. They are known for their fish tacos…and as we know I don’t do fish…but if you are a taco lover…and a fish lover….this might just be your new place.

WTF Weds: Ed 016 Big Fat Loser

25 05 2011

Two topics on the docket today. Boy am I glad it’s WTF Wednesday. I have some recon to share.

First sitch to address: One of my fellow classmates brought a little youtube video to my attention.




Yeah, that guy that put seven self-taken (I’m pretty sure only females are allowed to take those) pics and crafted an elementary level slideshow made that extremely creative video issss my instructor. He’s in the Army and makes a living off of being a teacher to poor souls like me. Which is ironic, because he probably has no soul. Luckily for him and his family, rapping is not his only source of income…

Now, if this individual wasn’t especially asshole-ish I would actually feel sorry for him. I would. That video would be quite the accomplishment for oh, a twelve year old. This deuche is the loser of losers. Like, that guy in HS who was cool, but never went anywhere after graduation. The old HS football star who has to make everyone relive his glory days and remind himself that he is hip and cool and the most important thing on this earth. Maybe I sort of do feel sorry for him. We get it. You are the alpha male and you are in charge. Can we move on?

He can be a freakshow all he wants on his own time, but when I’m in a classroom trying to learn, and you’re being loud and obnoxious, throwing up the deuces, calling us by nicknames, laughing with the other instructors AT the students because we can’t figure something out, that’s distracting and frankly uncalled for. We shouldn’t be stressed out going IN to the classroom for the day due to unprofessional instructors with attitude problems. When I wake up in the morning, I have to prepare myself for mental rape. We don’t deserve that shit. Unlike other strange and unusually offensive stuff, this is not a normal situation for the Navy. Thankfully, he’s only attached to us until the end of Volume one which ends in about two weeks. Then we can cut the fat. Thank the baby Jesus.

And the othern: I’m watching “Biggest Loser” and it’s so heartwarming and inspiring. And somehow I still called up Hungry Howie’s and ordered a large pizza. I blame the B for introducing me to this delicious flavored crusted pizza pie.

Everyone gets a cheat day, right?

Mice Mice go away…

16 05 2011

or you will get your tail cut off. And your head.

So what if it doesn’t rhyme. I have another problem on my plate. A little more on the “impending doom” side of the house this time.

So I come home from a long day of school, and change into some comfy clothes. As I was putting my dirties in the hamper, I looked up (I keep my food in the closet of my hotel room….so it would be safe from rodents) and for some reason I was compelled to pick up the loaf of bread that was staring me in the face at eye-level. Maybe in the back of my mind I was questioning the expiration, or needing a little pb n j sammy before my afternoon nap, I don’t remember exactly. I open the bag and there’s a hole in the end. Like, through the bag, and parts of the heel, and parts of the first three pieces. As in eaten. As in missing & eaten, courtesy of a rude little house mouse. So, immediately I sprung into action. A retaliation was in order. This is not the type of thing I would like to hear rustling in the middle of the night. Nor do I want the little heifer oinking up any more of my food. I had just gone grocery shopping two days prior. Seriously, the gall. SO, I was off to the store to get some containers for my food, and some mouse traps. While I was there I figured I’d pick up some roach and ant traps, I hear they’ve been running this land along with the mice. It’s never a bad thing to be prepared.

So anyhow, I came home with rubbermaids in hand, traps for my new friends, and some bread that hadn’t been taken advantage of. The front desk folks finally sent over the “maintenance guys”, who showed up at my door with nothing to offer. They didn’t even come inside. All they had to say was that they were out of traps. Okay, excuse me? You are OUT of TRAPS? WTF. That can only mean one thing. This place must have been so overcome with mice that they literally were waiting for the next shipment of mice traps to come in. Jesus. Seriously. Well, thanks for coming by and helping me with nothing.

I guess it didn’t come as such a surprise considering the conversation I overheard from a fellow resident at the front desk last week. She has the same problem. Although they had ruined some of her clothes and such. Naturally, I assumed that she must be one of those individuals that lived in filth and open pizza boxes with dirty laundry strewn about. This was probably not the case, but when I hear that someone has a rodent problem, my mind goes into judgement mode. So, this is my formal apology lady, you are not a hot mess, and neither am I. These ratmice have taken us hostage. Not any longer.



You’ll have to roll me to the airport

8 05 2011

Meat Loaf & baby peas

Egg Bake

Won Tons

Hot Wings

Homemade mac-n-cheese

My Chipotle burrito baby

Krispity Kreme

26 04 2011

It's happening.