That was a long nap.

20 12 2015

Well well, basically two years later.

What’s up world?

Christmas is in a week! Less than a week, so that’s pretty exciting.  I’m headed to see the fam.  We are going on a big trip in January to London, so although the Christmas visit will be short we will be reunited in another land, and several time zones over.

We went to London in high school, I’m sure not much has changed.  It will be fun to see the sights, maybe take a river cruise.

Watching The Intern right now, pretty good movie.  It’s a little depressing here and there.  Strange roles for Robert Dinero and Anne Hathaway, but an all-around good one.

I can’t wait to see Star Wars!  Me and B are going to watch it at this sweet theater neither of us have been to.  I’ve seen a couple of the old ones, so I should probably brush up, aye?  Oh!  And, we’re going to tour a brewery, it’s pretty much or thang.  Now that I like beer.  I hated it my whole life, but since moving to Denver I’ve really tried to branch out.

Half day at work tomorrow, wahoo!


Make a memory, drink it up

11 10 2011


My trip home was a whirlwind! And by that I mean it went wayyyy too fast. Unfortunate. However, I have many a memory and my love cup has been filled to the brim. I feel like I don’t even need anything for my Birthday or X-Mas this year! I’ve got everything I want already and all the new memories made have warmed my heart so very much.

I got to see my sister quite a bit, meet her boy [space] friend, work for the Navy Recruiter, my mom came down for a few days, got to play some Bananagrams, some Rumikub, cards, got to eat some grrrreat food, see relatives, reunite with friends for a martini night and a pajama party, participate in some mud volleyball, and I have several pics of everything!

I can’t wait to get my hands on these pics for my next scrapbook.

Oh, and I got to see snow for the first time in oh….over two years! It was lovely, and I even caught some flakes on my tongue! Denver this past weekend was fun. I got to see my friend Map, huz, and their little girl, Baby A. She is just about 7 months by now. She has a tooth poking through and can now say “DaDa”. She’s a smart little thing, and very wiggly. She can sit and laughs and smiles all day. She is definitely the cutest baby girl I’ve ever seen. I may be partial, as well as her Mama, but seriously. THE cutest. I was watching her as she woke up today. I snuck up to her crib, and as me, DaDa, and Gammy were watching, she looked over and realized we were there and got this huge grin on her little face, even though she had a pacifier in you could still see that she was smiling so big. I just wanted to pinch her little cheeks and hug her tight! Next time I see her she’ll be throwing a back pack over her shoulder and off to High School!

When I was in MO these last two weeks I had the chance to work for the Recruiter. It was interesting to be on the “other” side of things. We went to the High School in town one of the days and we talked to the kids there who were interested in the Navy. They have a bazillion questions, and it’s interesting to see what they are looking for from the Navy, or what they hope to find whilst in the service. Most of them were younger kids though. Freshmen or sophomores, which we can’t really start processing them until they are at least 17, but it’s good they are interested so young…can’t have kids these days shotgunning things like the next 4 years of their life… Although, it turned out pretty well for me so far. 🙂

While I was home I also reached a personal goal. I learned how to play beer pong! No, I’ve never played. I know it’s like unamerican at this point to not know how to play…but I don’t drink beer so that’s why I never got into it… However, we put water in the cups and when we got the ball in, we’d just take a drink of w/e we were sippin on. And might I mention, me and my amazing partner won five games in a ROW. Yes, five.

It’s back on the road tomorrow. I’ll be hitting Las Vegas. Wahooooo!!!! It will be at around noon…sooo no partying for this kid. I’m fixing to hit San Diego early afternoon/evening time tomorrow. Thus begins a new chapter in my life. And boy am I excited to get it going! More schooling, new apartment, reuniting with old friends, I’ll be a busy gal, but I mean to enjoy every minute…even the unpacking part!

P.S. I will be seeing the remake of Footloose!! Go ahead, judge me.

P.P.S. Is anyone else sick of all this Michael Jackson shit?


2 07 2011

I had THE strangest dreams last night.

Several people I know were there….and people I don’t necessarily know on a close encounter kind of basis.

The only thing I did outside of my normal bedtime routine was get Arby’s. Curly fries and a roast beef sammy. Medium. Somewhere in between getting my foodstuffs, driving home, watching “Fringe”, and turning in for the night, someone might have slipped me a roofie. I have never had this amount of dreams and slept so poorly in my life.

Firstly, I could not even get to sleep. I laid for an hour and a half wide awake. Then, once I did get to sleep I would wake up every two hours. Not because of a a startling sound, or because I had to use the ladies rm, I just woke up out of nowhere.

My first dream was of my family. My Mom was out on vacation, so me and the sister Roch were watching the kids while they were out of town. The Mums was on vacation with a boyfriend (despite her real life husband of 16 yrs…??–but single in the dream) and we were babysitting the little brothers and sisters that were in the dream. The house was a MESS. A mess, so we were dutifully cleaning. The strange part was that there were pool floatie noodles everywhere. In ever room disbursed out in a mess. So, Mom and her bf come home from vacay with three kids in tow, and a moving truck. She had decided it would be best for them to move in with us. A man she had MET a short week ago, and some kids we had never met. Three kids to be exact. You can imagine my surprise.

Flash to dream II. In this dream I was snorkeling. But it was really deep in the water, and it was freshwater. Yeah, not the ocean, though ocean life was present, but a lake-like thing that was very clear to see through. My company was a girl I met in Pensacola seven years ago, and also who I was stationed with on the USS Essex with two years after that. We were snorkeling and all of a sudden my entire left leg was in the mouth of a crab. This must of been one giant crab, because my legs are neither short nor frail. So I turn around and this crab has got me nearly swallowed. And, as in any dream, things are not the norm…I can actually see from the inside of the crab as my leg is being eaten and digested.

I am woken up for a bathroom break. Thank God, I need that leg.

Dream III, I am shopping at a mall with my three friends that are coming to visit me in Florida this summer. Jewleggi, Penny, and Shmarshmandra. We are in this mall, and I spy from across the hall that they have a Coach store. Naturally, I gotta go check it out. As I get closer, the end of the mall opens up and there is one side of it that is lined in shelves. These shelves are FULL of designer handbags that are on serious discount. This is my kind of dream shopping mall. So, I start checkin them out, trying them on, seeing if they feel just right. Most of them were outdated/old styles, but I have an eye for these things, as does every woman in the market for a purse. And I see a couple peeps from High School go sauntering by. People that were a couple grades below me. I was rather surprised to see them in the exact mall that I was shopping in. And in Florida no less. How random. So I shout to them, as they had already walked by when I realized who they were, “Hey, I remember you from High School” -insert ‘you know me’ face- and they just stared at me. No words. And turned around and kept walking. Well that was rude. I look pretty much like I did nearly ten years ago. So, I continued on with my shopping, which leads me into my next dream… (I guess when dreams get boring, your mind moves on?)

Dream IV: This time I was at a dealership somewhere in FL checking out some cars. The dealer rolls up in a caddy that looks 1/3 jeep, 1/3 nice car, and 1/3 hearse. The hearse/jeep part being located at the very end of the car, with an open top…. I just stood there. He pops out, looking all excited. There was a couple test driving it and he had been in the back seat. They seemed very interested and ready to buy. He shows me the car and gives me a little story about it and how he searched high and low to find just the thing I was looking for. (I have a thing for manuals, and this one was the only one they had on the lot). He had to specially hunt this thing down because they don’t really sell them much anymore these days. I explain that it is hideous looking and I hate it. To which he looks at me disgustedly and tells me he has had his eye on this one because he knew I would like it. I tell him I don’t even want to test drive it because it is huge, and I hate it. Meanwhile I am still sitting in a friend of mine’s car, not even getting out to give it the eyeball. I was at this dealership with a guy from class -we were there in his new jeep-, my friend Jewleggi again, and a distant cousin of mine, to which I have not even seen in person in at least 7 yrs. We used to party back in college, but I haven’t been home much since the Navy happened. Anywho, so me and her sit in the car and jeep-class guy, we’ll call him Miker gets out to scope this thing out. He gets in the car and proceeds to test drive it. Anything to make the dealer happy, we need him on our side if I ever hope to get a new car. No idea where my actual car was in this dream… I own a decently new car. So Miker and the dealer get back from the test drive, and this guy is still angry with me. He makes me and my cousin-girl wash all of their cars in the warehouse. Like, soap, hose, and sponge style. And apparently this man not only owns a dealership, he also owns a golf course, which had to be in the same area because above us in the warehouse were hundreds of golf shoes. Like when you see shoes hung on a power line, but these were literally hanging at different levels above our heads. Flash forward to several hours later, Jewlegs had to leave us since she had somewhere to be before 6pm. There was now a party going on in the warehouse. Though the dealer-man was ignoring me, he was kind enough to let me have some of his liquor. So we drank, and a friend from Hawaii shows up, who is apparently buddy-buddy with this dealer. And they hit if off like two peas in a pod, and I am left wandering the warehouse staring up at the shoes and wondering what exactly this guy was up to with all these shoes.

Then, I wake up. Well, let me rephrase that. I was RUDELY awaken by the houskeeping. Four very abrupt knocks. As if there were a 600 pound gorilla outside my room, seriously. I hear you lady, no need for the early-morning rapping. It was 8am. Now, these ladies don’t come by until at least early afternoon on the weekdays. What makes weekends so special that you must come at 8am. Who on earth is awake at this hour?!

I think watching this “Fringe” show is really messing with me.

Sister, don’t you have a dream book? What is wrong with me?!

The 100

1 06 2011

My desk calendar told me to list 100 things I am grateful for.
1. My family
2. My friends
3. Mista B
4. The ability of a college to waive entrance exams
5. Payday
6. TLC
8. The way fresh grass smells
9. My car
10. Hamburgers
11. The ability to travel
12. America
13. The feeling you get when you walk in the door after a long hard rewarding day at work
14. The Navy *on most days
15. The ocean
16. The game of golf that I am still trying to master
17. Cheerleading. It is most certainly a sport
18. Teddy bears
19. Mowing the lawn
20. Hair dye
21. Flip flips
22. Comfortable heels
23. Supercute boots
24. Coach bags
25. Teachers who take a pay cut and still keep a great attitude and keep truckin
26. Hot air balloons
27. Skirts
28. The world’s undying perseverence to cure world hunger. Though I wish America would turn inward and solve some of the problems here first..
29. Photography and scrapbooking
30. Taylor Swift
31. The smell of library books
32. Lawn sprinklers and slip-n-slides
33. Kindness in strangers
34. Oprah
35. Blake Shelton’s twitter
36. Mouthwash
37. Biggest Loser
38. Body pillows
39. Nature trails
40. Supersonic travel (has yet to be invented)
41. The internet
42. Diet coke
43. Sonic
44. Fresh fruit
46. Steak
47. American Idol
48. Las Vegas
49. Coupons
50. Dental floss
51. Netflix
52. Deodorant
53. Purified water
54. Banana trees
55. Lemon juice
56. Blogs
57. The Blue Angels
58. Platinum and diamonds
59. Keratin hair treatment
60. St. Patty’s day
61. Multi vitamins
62. Ultrasounds
63. Road trips
64. Forgiveness
65. Tough love
66. Toilet paper
67. Top shelf happy hour
68. Taxicabs
69. Proativ
70. Infomercials
71. S’mores
72. Red rover and other playground games
73. Habitat for Humanity
74. Food Shelves
75. Calculators
76. Military members who sacrifice everything
77. Tums
78. Sour straws
79. Four wheelers
80. Motorcycles
81. Dreams
82. Good news
83. Independence
84. Tabloids
85. Frozen dinners
86. Chocolate syrup
87. Laughter
88. Fresh cherries
89. Life
90. Beaches
91. Dane Cook
92. Sunshine
93. Holidays
94. Sunrises/sunsets, especially the Florida kind
95. Change. Though it is painful it is almost always worth the struggle
96. Accountability
97. Patience (still working on this one)
98. Palm trees
99. Tattoo artists
100. Tigerlillies

It said I was supposed to write 100 things down every day…but that just seems like. Lot of work…so this should last me a few weeks or so.

…this may or may not have gone off topic. Pretty sure I was supposed to take this super seriously and say I am thankful for rainbows and smiling babies…ah well


20 05 2011

It needs to be said again…Charlie Hunnam is kiiiiiind of a hottie…but nevermind that stocking cap.

Exhibit A:

Before I get into my daily rant…check out my friends’ blog, ———>    it’s over there to the right under BLOGS. Holly writes about their adoption journey, and it’s heart wrenching and heartwarming both at the same time. It’s an amazing story, you got to read about it sometime when you have a couple mins to kick back with some hot tea and read about their lives. On the 18th of May, they FINALLY got a baby, after years and years of trying. They are the sweetest people and I am so happy for them. One. Lucky. Baby.

Tomorrow is Cultural awareness day here in Pensacola for the Navy. So, naturally I’m expecting all kinds of awesomeness. When there’s booters involved you can count on a whole different level of special… Let the fun & games begin! Luckily, our morning muster begins at 0615, thank god, up to see the sun rise. Who needs to sleep in anyway? For the birds if you ask me. Thank you Navy. Also I have duty this weekend. Thank you again, Navy. I’m feeling extra cynical today, can you tell?

On a lighter and more smiling note, I did decide to rent a jalopy this weekend. I hope to sputter around and visit a few of my old stomping grounds. Well, last time I was here I visited a couple of strip clubs, just about every restaurant, the malls, and about five of the popular bars. Hey, I was 19 what do you expect? So when I say old stomping grounds, I really mean that I’ll prob go check out Pensacola beach, and maybe drive over to Milton. We had some family that used to live there, and if I’m correct, I think we still have a distant cousin that resides in Milton. It’s about 45 mins from Pcola if memory serves me correctly. This is the first time in two–ish years that I’ve been able to drive around my country, so it’s happening. Oh I can’t WAIT for the stoplights and retarded drivers. If Bahrain prepared me for anything, it’s crazy drivers. Praying there’s no accident…I better splurge that $20 and get full coverage. Oh rental vehicle, you don’t even know what’s comin..

Speaking of cars…every time I get home I search my “” and my car is nowhere to be found. It gives me some cop-out excuse for a location, “vehicle is with carrier in the trans-oceanic”…wtf does that even mean? It could still be at the port of Bahrain for all I know. I keep joking with the Mista that the container ship probably got pirated. Who knows, maybe it did. “Thank you for inquiring about your vehicle. It is currently being held hostage by Somali Pirates, please check again tomorrow.”

Alright peeps!

31 03 2011


It’s been a minute.

Deep breath.

SO, here we are back from vacation. Unfortunate. I had a deep sigh of regret when our plane landed back in the Kingdom. Not a sigh of “thank God we’ve landed safe and sound” or “thank god, I’m back to see my friends and family..and I wonder what’s been going on at work”. A sigh of “shit, back to work, back to Bahrain, back to real life”.

To be truthful, traveling is exhausting, we can all agree on this one. And I don’t even have kids to drag around either. Just taking care of me is exhausting.

31 more days on this rock. 31. I can do this. 23 months have passed, and 1 month remains.

Back to my vacation. Let’s not talk about work just yet. Let me be in my bubble of joy. Me and the B traveled from Berlin Salzburg. Land of the Sound of Music. The Mista hadn’t seen it, can you believe that? (Don’t worry, it was offered as our in-flight entertainment en route Doha, Qatar, thank you Qatar Airways!) We saw so many things I don’t eve know where to start. I want to tell you all about our travels. I think we should separate into the countries perhaps, that way my mind can stay on track. Who doesn’t love a little organizing, Roch I can hear you squealing in delight.

These words have been waiting to pour out of my fingertips for days now. I missed blogging. All my life I have kept some sort of journal or diary, so this is just that.

If you held me at gunpoint and made me decide on which was my favorite view of the trip, I don’t think I could decide… Prague was definitely my favorite city. That is an easy decision.

For now, I will share a couple of pics:

One of the city buildings in Berlin, Germany. This was during our three hour search for the Berlin wall. Or what remains of it anyway.

Taking the Inter City Express to Munich. About a 6 hr ride. Berlin and Munich were farther apart than we thought… This train went about 150km/hr. Fast!

Munich, Germany town hall. There were three here lined up. When one got too small or wasn’t the “right” design anymore, the built a new one. This one was by far the most ornate. In the center there was a courtyard with more sculptures and architecture.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic. This was the first of our castle/monastery tours. The architecture in Europe was unbelievable, and our local tour guides filled us to the brim with the history

Budapest, Hungary. This monastery was up on the hill overlooking the city. Amazing views.

Vienna, Austria. View from the river. I think this was one of the state buildings. Our tour guide here sucked. She was impossible to understand.

Nice try, Potter

11 03 2011

December Boys.

Two thumbs sideways.

Let’s get real here. A couple of things in this movie simply just did not add up.

A girl dissing Daniel Radcliffe? Who can say no to this muffin:


I gotta give the guy kudos for breaking out of his innocent international man of wizardress, but he’s got two misses in my book. 1. The broadway show he did where he was naked. I watched a snippet of it and it was a bit of a yawnfest…and hard to follow. Sometimes Broadway’s on their OFP anyway, but come on Danny, you can do any movie you want. Really, anything. And you probably don’t even need to work another day in your life thanks the genius mind of lady Rowling.

And my second disappointment. See below.

Another thing that didn’t quite fit….the chick at the top of the poster is his love interest. Firstly, hard to believe someone who looked like ol Radcliffe would have his V-card at 17. She does him and leaves him. Like a straight up dude. Pretty fucked. I’m sure he’ll move past her.

Also, in the movie these four boys are orphans in Australia who get to take a “holiday” during their birth month, December, and stay with this old couple on some desolate beach. How is THE Mr. Potter even an orphan in the first place? Who wouldn’t want a wizard in the family?? I would. Plus, he was quite a handsome chap even as a babe. Australians are insensitive. That’s the only explanation.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a real “coming of age” movie…if you are seven and want to take an afternoon nap.