Greetings World

9 05 2014

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written. I think we all have busy lives and forget to sit down and take a breath sometimes.

2014 has been a whirlwind so far.

I made a bucket list recently, and one of the things on the list was to quit social media for a year.  So I’m now wondering….does a blog count? Technically I’m not interacting with anyone…but then it occurred to me that avoiding a blog for a year was just simply lazy.

SO, this is my year to quit social media.  I have deactivated my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like.  And I have an overwhelming feeling of peace with it, I may just go on after 2014 without social media.  It is definitely less drama, and it makes the friends who are real count that much more.  I’m kickin’ it old school with letters, texts, emails, and phone calls.

I made a list of 100 things for my bucket list.  A few of the others were:

Drink vodka in Russia

Yodel in the Grand Canyon

Go on a mission trip

Acts of random kindness

Wave at tiny little people from a hot air balloon

Several others, and I am looking forward to completing them!  I carry the list with me at all times in case the moment strikes me and I jump into a hot air balloon on a whim.  You know, people do that quite frequently, sooo.

I was recently fishing and met a nice man. Well, ok I was on Plenty of Fish….the dating site…and met a guy.  But the story goes, is that we were fishing, and met.  Anyhow, he’s from Michigan and moved out to San Diego for a job.  He seems like a really nice boy, good to his family, polite, and likes to travel, like me.  With our ship’s schedule we don’t get to see each other all that much, but I do enjoy spending time with him.  It’s hard to know early on if it will get serious or not, but I’m seeing where it goes.  Funny thing is that we started talking on Valentine’s Day, so that’s a good sign, right?


Project Runway All Stars

29 01 2012

So this evening I had the pleasure of viewing this season’s first episode of Project Runway All Stars. It wasn’t till about halfway through the episode that I realized Heidi and Tim were not showing up.

How can you have Project Runway without the host, Heidi Klum, and the pretty-much-as-equal other host, Tim Gunn. They are the base for the show, and Hello! Heidi Klum is the brains of the show, or so we thought.

Apparently the show must go on! But not before I do some recon. Here are my findings:

-The new host is supermodel Angela Lindvall (um, whoever that is…) and just doesn’t cut it. Maybe she’ll grow on me. She just doesn’t have the Heidi charm.

-Ms. Piggy will be a guest judge. Uh, what? She disappeared for a good 10-15 years and then comes out with a movie and now she’s all up in everyone’s shit.

-I am happy that crazy ass Mondo, Austin Scarlett (P.S. what’s up with the molestache?), Anthony Williams, Kenley Collins (love her), and Rami. I could do without Sweet P. Who invited her back? Her esthetic is terrible.

-The prizes are INSANE> In-SANE. Worth nearly a half million in monetary talk. A designer boutique at Neiman Marcus, $100,000 office space from HP, $100,000 cash, a spread in Marie Claire, and a guest editing spot at Marie Claire (who reads that mag, anyway? not I), and a sewing and embroidery studio. Dayum!

-Judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors are also missing. No news why…

-I read several articles and none eluded to why these staples were missing….other than the fact that perhaps this season started filming when they were wrapping up the last one or that they wanted different judges so it doesn’t seem like the same judges are looking over the same contestants’ work. I don’t’s just kind of shit without them…

I guess we’ll see if they make this season work, as Timothy would say, “Make it work!!”

I have been FB stalking, blogging, cleaning the house, and making playlists on iTunes the entire day avoiding my homework… It’s been pretty productive. And I just made myself ignore everything and was able to do my work in about ten minutes. I don’t know why I was putting it off! But, I did get the house cleaned, I can’t say the other two tasks were quite as rewarding or fruitful.

So, what do you do?

22 09 2011

I am one of those people who haven’t really decided what they want to do when they grow up.

I am nearly halfway done with my Navy career. Well, 7 years into it at least. Everyone says once you reach ten you might as well stay in another ten and retire. It’s the easy and safe thing to do, and normally the best choice. Career-wise anyway. But sometimes you just get tired of doing one thing for several years. Thankfully in the Navy there are several roads you can go down with my specific job, as well as moving every 2-4 years. Which is typically looked down on, but when you are single and wanting to travel and experience the world, it’s the best thing that can happen.

However, as I’m reaching the ripe old age of 27 next month, I’m reevaluating my life. Well, it’s not that serious but as my move to San Diego comes closer I’m excited for the new opportunities.

I’ve always wanted to go to Law School, and actually got out of the Navy in ’08 to pursue said school. I ended up growing tired of waiting for the next school year to roll around and decided to join back up…after an 8 month hiatus. I missed the structure, the camaraderie, and the free travel that the Navy offered. Luckily they wanted me back, and here I am.

Beauty School is another road I would like to go down. I am very interested in learning how to cut, color, style hair, do nails, massages, etc. I’ve always wanted to do it. Maybe they’ll have night school in CA.

Professional photography. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, ever since I was a kid. Over the years I have gone through several cameras, but it’s really about having that eye for good shots, vice a camera that costs $3000. That will only get you so far. And if you don’t have the right subject/scape, that ritzy camera is pretty worthless. Here’s some stuff I’ve shot, if you’d like to check out my FB page: []

Culinary Arts. I’d like to know how to cook, like real chef-ery shit. I realize this will be an expensive lesson in the kitchen because I don’t ever plan on cooking for the masses or being a professional chef…but I think it will pay off. Plus, learning how to cook things well is fun.

Oh, and if I could somehow swing one of those jobs with Contiki or another major tour company to be a tour guide in some fabulous overseas country, preferably Europe, that would be a job to die for!

See what I mean? All over the place, and I am no longer a young buck. I’m supposed to be making life decisions and shit. I say, do what you want, but you must have the means to get there. So until I can get my feet firmly planted in one category, I will continue to dabble =)

Another list: 10 randoms

17 01 2011

Uno (1): I’m not addicted to shopping (please disregard DISCLAIMER at end of post), but I am a self-diagnosed purse-a-holic.

Kaksi (2): Dried ears are one of my fave snacks. And almonds. Salted of course.

Trois(3): I learned a new word today: autodidact. A person who has taught himself.

Vier(4): I hate touching stirofoam. And cotton balls. Hate hate.

Pese(5): I paid $200 to learn how to ride a motorcycle in 2 days. Def worth it.

VI(6): If I could meet one person in this world dead or alive it would be Marilyn Monroe. She made being a hussie look glamorous. Either her or Mata Hari. She manipulated thousands.

Pito(7): I like musicals (I know, I was surprised too). Glee, Sound of Music, Chicago, Mama Mia!

I’m tired of googling numbers now (8): If you are my facebook friend, I am actively stalking you.

(9): I would like to settle down in the midwest. Preferably Denver.

(10): I want to own my own business some day

DISCLAIMER:…I may or may not have been sidetracked during this blog. Damn you and your 60% off sales!! Who can pass up 3 sweaters for $49 with free shipping? AE, I will never turn my back on you., you better get your yuppy ass in gear and ship to FPO addresses, damn commies.

The black slab

14 01 2011

I’m not talkin no Marble Slab Creamery up in here.

Watching Chronicles of Narnia. The first one, where the lion, Azlan, dies on the black slab. He gets stabbed by the “Queen”, the lady who thinks she’s Queen. She’s terribly mistaken because the good guys always win in kids movies. Duh. Anywho, nonetheless super sad. The girls are crying all over him. I guess he offered his life to save one of the boys who was a traitor but forgiven by the good peeps. He is a brother of the boy who’s supposed to be king you know. Naturally, they must take him back. After Azlan dies, they go into battle. But the good news is that we have cheetahs, badgers in armor, and unicorns on our side. If I was going into battle, hell yes I would need a unicorn to drive me into the front lines.

I don’t know how kids watch these movies. It’s just miserable. If I remember correctly, he does come back to life. But you’ve gotta wonder with children’s movies these days. How do kids handle it? You seen the movie “Up”? In the first ten mins you follow this cute little couple. They meet as kids and then grow up together, grow old together, and it is so romantic and sweet. Then BAM!! Wife dies. So freaking sad. It is a good movie if you can get past that, but it sure tugs at your heart strings.

I don’t know why but it’s really hard for me to type “beautiful” really fast. I am a pretty fast typer (toots own horn) thanks to multiple computer classes, facebook, emailing, and morse code, but for some reason that word is impossible to type quickly. My fingers just don’t want to get there.

The Caralibro

9 11 2010

I find that the world of Facebook has taken over my life. Seriously. It’s 1:18 in the AM and here I am refreshing my page to see if anyone I would like to talk at is online, and alas, no, the same six people are on and I don’t want to speak to any of them. Surprise.

I think America has become hopelessly addicted to Facebook, sad to say. What didd we even DO on the internet before Facebook kicked off? I remember when it first started, Myspace was the cool thing to have. And you had to have a college or military address to even join Facebook. Then the terrible happened, and Facebook opened the doors to the masses, and every cool kid shifted their interests form Myspace. Myspace became the trashy place and Facebook the “place for reconnecting with long lost relatives and friends from high school, etc.” That’s bullshit, FB is just as slutty as Myspace. It really is. Hookups can happen on any networking website.

Anywho, I may need to take a break from the F Bizzle for a while. As much as I try to justify with myself that it is for “staying in touch with friends and family”, I mostly use it to stalk people, ahem, I mean to conduct recon. It’s completely legal, I googled it. Plus, there is no way my sister will be on FB at one in the morning, so I can’t reasonably say that I am awaiting her log-in so we can chat.

I donno, maybe I’m just high from those three fruit-roll-ups I just downed. (I feel they have gotten smaller and smaller through the years…or perhaps my hands just keep getting bigger…)

FB, I am officially addicted to your abyss of possibilities. You win.

Even this winner has four new messages.