That was a long nap.

20 12 2015

Well well, basically two years later.

What’s up world?

Christmas is in a week! Less than a week, so that’s pretty exciting.  I’m headed to see the fam.  We are going on a big trip in January to London, so although the Christmas visit will be short we will be reunited in another land, and several time zones over.

We went to London in high school, I’m sure not much has changed.  It will be fun to see the sights, maybe take a river cruise.

Watching The Intern right now, pretty good movie.  It’s a little depressing here and there.  Strange roles for Robert Dinero and Anne Hathaway, but an all-around good one.

I can’t wait to see Star Wars!  Me and B are going to watch it at this sweet theater neither of us have been to.  I’ve seen a couple of the old ones, so I should probably brush up, aye?  Oh!  And, we’re going to tour a brewery, it’s pretty much or thang.  Now that I like beer.  I hated it my whole life, but since moving to Denver I’ve really tried to branch out.

Half day at work tomorrow, wahoo!



3 02 2013

My recent obsession has been crepes.




Like, seriously.

It started in Bahrain but I have since become addicted. They are just so damn yummy. Last weekend in Denver I was at a place called Crepes a la Carte, which were the best I have had since returning to the states from overseas.


As luck would have it, my friend Kittie is a chef-in-waiting and came over this morning to show me how to make crepes!! It’s really simple actually, you just whisk pancake mix with a ton of milk (she uses soy milk), and then put in a frying pan on medium, ensure it is very thin, then top with your have flavor. Mine is nutella and peanut butter!

Armpits and hurricanes

28 08 2012

Just returned from a trip to Denver. It was perfect as always. The weather was 80s with no humidity and my hair stayed stick straight. Just imagine the opposite of New Orleans. My hairs can be pretty fickle.

I got to see my friend’s little baby-she’s 17 months now! Last time I was around she was crawling and just making baby goo goos and gahs. And now she’s saying so many things, she’s a smart little baby. I think my favorite is her surprise face. She can do it on command. That and she’ll hold out her little paw and say “Nice to meet you!” Perfectly adorable.

Also, I got to see red rocks, eat at a yummy Japanese steakhouse, get some home grilled burgers/corn on the cob, saw the theater where the shooting happened a few weeks ago, went shopping, watched a reenactment of the Olympic gymnastics routines and made many many memories. OH, and did I mention Chipotle and Jamba Juice!?


Denver sunset

On Sunday we went over to her sister’s house for some food, fun, and games.  She has three nieces that are grade school age and one of them had a broken leg, but she was moving around very well considering. We played school and they were doing tons of flips and cartwheels for us. I don’t remember being that energetic as a child, haha. They got a kick out of playing with my camera, who knew taking photos could captivate little girls attention for nearly an hour! Those girls are also very very honest and one of them saw my armpit and told me there was some hair in it. So I go to look and the other one snaps a picture!! I got set up! Oh boy, we laughed about that for a good ten mins.

Yesterday it was back to the real world. I flew back to New Orleans where our ship is being built. Guess who was here to welcome me home? Tropical storm -now hurricane- Isaac. He’s supposed to hit NOLA around 10pm tonight. People are freaking about it. And ironically this week is the 7th anniversary of Katrina. It is a bit overcast and sprinkling out, and very very windy but the city seems prepared. There’s news stations reporting the most updated info every second on the radio, storm shelters set up, red cross on high alert, and Army tanks rolling through the streets. All the businesses are closed and some Parishes were ordered to evacuate. But the Navy folk are hanging tight in our hotels until it passes.

Make a memory, drink it up

11 10 2011


My trip home was a whirlwind! And by that I mean it went wayyyy too fast. Unfortunate. However, I have many a memory and my love cup has been filled to the brim. I feel like I don’t even need anything for my Birthday or X-Mas this year! I’ve got everything I want already and all the new memories made have warmed my heart so very much.

I got to see my sister quite a bit, meet her boy [space] friend, work for the Navy Recruiter, my mom came down for a few days, got to play some Bananagrams, some Rumikub, cards, got to eat some grrrreat food, see relatives, reunite with friends for a martini night and a pajama party, participate in some mud volleyball, and I have several pics of everything!

I can’t wait to get my hands on these pics for my next scrapbook.

Oh, and I got to see snow for the first time in oh….over two years! It was lovely, and I even caught some flakes on my tongue! Denver this past weekend was fun. I got to see my friend Map, huz, and their little girl, Baby A. She is just about 7 months by now. She has a tooth poking through and can now say “DaDa”. She’s a smart little thing, and very wiggly. She can sit and laughs and smiles all day. She is definitely the cutest baby girl I’ve ever seen. I may be partial, as well as her Mama, but seriously. THE cutest. I was watching her as she woke up today. I snuck up to her crib, and as me, DaDa, and Gammy were watching, she looked over and realized we were there and got this huge grin on her little face, even though she had a pacifier in you could still see that she was smiling so big. I just wanted to pinch her little cheeks and hug her tight! Next time I see her she’ll be throwing a back pack over her shoulder and off to High School!

When I was in MO these last two weeks I had the chance to work for the Recruiter. It was interesting to be on the “other” side of things. We went to the High School in town one of the days and we talked to the kids there who were interested in the Navy. They have a bazillion questions, and it’s interesting to see what they are looking for from the Navy, or what they hope to find whilst in the service. Most of them were younger kids though. Freshmen or sophomores, which we can’t really start processing them until they are at least 17, but it’s good they are interested so young…can’t have kids these days shotgunning things like the next 4 years of their life… Although, it turned out pretty well for me so far. 🙂

While I was home I also reached a personal goal. I learned how to play beer pong! No, I’ve never played. I know it’s like unamerican at this point to not know how to play…but I don’t drink beer so that’s why I never got into it… However, we put water in the cups and when we got the ball in, we’d just take a drink of w/e we were sippin on. And might I mention, me and my amazing partner won five games in a ROW. Yes, five.

It’s back on the road tomorrow. I’ll be hitting Las Vegas. Wahooooo!!!! It will be at around noon…sooo no partying for this kid. I’m fixing to hit San Diego early afternoon/evening time tomorrow. Thus begins a new chapter in my life. And boy am I excited to get it going! More schooling, new apartment, reuniting with old friends, I’ll be a busy gal, but I mean to enjoy every minute…even the unpacking part!

P.S. I will be seeing the remake of Footloose!! Go ahead, judge me.

P.P.S. Is anyone else sick of all this Michael Jackson shit?

4th in CO

5 07 2011

Had a wonderful time in Denver over the weekend!

I went to visit Map, one of my bff’s that I’ve known for nearly my entire life. We got very close back about 7 yrs ago, bonding over some things we were both going through and ever since then we have been one in the same. She’s who I turn to for advice, and she’s always been there, especially for the hard times.

She’s the person you could tell anything to, and who would make no judgements. Plus she’s extremely honest and down to earth. In the last two years she has gotten married, had a baby (the cutest little thing ever), added a little pomeranian, Molly Spike, to the family, her and her huz have purchased new cars, and a home. Whew. Talk about a whirlwind!

And, I have been in Bahrain and the Navy for the last two years. Sometimes I think my life could stand to be a tad more exciting…. Nonetheless, we had much to catch up on. I feel like we talked for days. Had to pack it into a three-day stint, unfortunately. Hopefully the next visit will be longer!

Next time, it’s her turn. She has promised to trek out to San Diego and visit sometime. I can’t wait to show her around! After I get acquainted with the lands, of course.

Here’s a couple pics from the trip:

my one. my only. Chipotle

tiramisu from Gaetano's Italian Restaurant

cutest baby room ever

Cutest baby room ever

Driving up to Estes Park

The Stanley Hotel from "The Shining"

a neighborly prairie dog barking hello

I have always loved Denver, and thankfully my friend moved there after college and settled down, so I’ve had the opportunity to visit! Great sights and even better company. Until next time, stay classy D-town!

Speaking of friends….if you live in Denver or surrounding areas, check out this site. Map’s sister Meredith bakes equal parts gorgeous / delicious cakes!


There’s a Nintendo cake on her site too. Like, the ORIGINAL Nintendo. As in circa 1984.

Happy belated 4th of July!

ShamROCK my world

18 03 2011

Well folks, today is St. Patty’s day. Not only is there dumb shit going on in Bahrain, but:

1. We have a curfew from 8pm-4am.


2. I am working overnight.

St. Patrick’s Day is probably my favorite holiday, rival only to 4th of July. Two of the best holidays of the world. Hands down. Who doesn’t want a little green beer in their lives? Well, I don’t drink beer, but it’s the thought that counts so I’m told.

I googled “sham + rock” and this is what came up:

Not sure what shamrock has to do with this lovely home, but I opened the pic anyway and decided that I really love the house. It’s simply beautiful. Now, play your cards right and be you in Denver and I may consider owning you one day.

Could this Bahrain shit get any dumber? Apparently the Shia have refused to go into discussions with the Government of Bahrain/Sunni leadership and come up with a resolution. How do problems get solved? Well in the world fo Shia, they camp in tents and give dirty looks while they tote banners and shawarma. Okay, time for a reality check. You’ve been protesting for a month, with no results. How about we put the sticks away and sit down for some talks. Give us your demands and we can try to get there. This may sound incredibly ignorant, but since I am here and watching all of this unfold, you can listen to what I think. 😉

Or, you can stop reading. Your choice. 

This has been 200 years and coming. Probably even longer than that. The basic problem is that the Shias are the majority religion here in Bahrain (as well as other neighboring countries) but the Sunnis are in charge. The Royal family is Sunni and they have the majority rule.

So, as you could have guessed it, there are several unhappy people here, and rightfully so seeing as they don’t really get a say in the political scheme of things. Not only do they not get a say in the country’s future, they are discriminated against for not being Sunni. Including jobs. If you don’t have the “right” name or religion, you’re not getting a good job. Finally, they had had enough and on Feb 14th they started camping out at the Pearl Roundabout. Not sure why they chose that location… It’s in the financial district/business area. Close to malls, shops, the highway, and souq. So a major area of commerce. And a major landmark. So I guess that’s why they chose it. And it was an area that could feasibly accommodate a large crowd and tents.

Pearl Roundabout

The whole time the Shias have been protesting, they’ve taken the non-violent approach, allegedly. No one really knows unless they are down there and shaking down every one of the protestors. If I were that pissed, you bet I’d be packing.

I mean, whoever’s side you are on, you must take some time to marinate on the issues. I got to say, I can get behind someone fighting for their rights. Not in the completely left-wing sort of way, but fighting for what you know and believe is right, and what you believe you deserve instead of just laying down and taking it. And considering the part of the world that we are in, standing up for something is not the norm here or socially acceptable for that matter. So kudos.

However, with that said, there comes a time when people start dieing for the cause that you must step back and realize that negotiations are the only way to get what you want and come to a compromise. So I hope something happens in the near-term that results in both parties being represented equally and fairly.

And, Hilary, please shut your mouth.

**Although I am in the USN, none of these views should be taken as the USN’s stance/opinions on things. These are just my thoughts, take ’em or leave ’em.**

Another list: 10 randoms

17 01 2011

Uno (1): I’m not addicted to shopping (please disregard DISCLAIMER at end of post), but I am a self-diagnosed purse-a-holic.

Kaksi (2): Dried ears are one of my fave snacks. And almonds. Salted of course.

Trois(3): I learned a new word today: autodidact. A person who has taught himself.

Vier(4): I hate touching stirofoam. And cotton balls. Hate hate.

Pese(5): I paid $200 to learn how to ride a motorcycle in 2 days. Def worth it.

VI(6): If I could meet one person in this world dead or alive it would be Marilyn Monroe. She made being a hussie look glamorous. Either her or Mata Hari. She manipulated thousands.

Pito(7): I like musicals (I know, I was surprised too). Glee, Sound of Music, Chicago, Mama Mia!

I’m tired of googling numbers now (8): If you are my facebook friend, I am actively stalking you.

(9): I would like to settle down in the midwest. Preferably Denver.

(10): I want to own my own business some day

DISCLAIMER:…I may or may not have been sidetracked during this blog. Damn you and your 60% off sales!! Who can pass up 3 sweaters for $49 with free shipping? AE, I will never turn my back on you., you better get your yuppy ass in gear and ship to FPO addresses, damn commies.