Greetings World

9 05 2014

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written. I think we all have busy lives and forget to sit down and take a breath sometimes.

2014 has been a whirlwind so far.

I made a bucket list recently, and one of the things on the list was to quit social media for a year.  So I’m now wondering….does a blog count? Technically I’m not interacting with anyone…but then it occurred to me that avoiding a blog for a year was just simply lazy.

SO, this is my year to quit social media.  I have deactivated my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like.  And I have an overwhelming feeling of peace with it, I may just go on after 2014 without social media.  It is definitely less drama, and it makes the friends who are real count that much more.  I’m kickin’ it old school with letters, texts, emails, and phone calls.

I made a list of 100 things for my bucket list.  A few of the others were:

Drink vodka in Russia

Yodel in the Grand Canyon

Go on a mission trip

Acts of random kindness

Wave at tiny little people from a hot air balloon

Several others, and I am looking forward to completing them!  I carry the list with me at all times in case the moment strikes me and I jump into a hot air balloon on a whim.  You know, people do that quite frequently, sooo.

I was recently fishing and met a nice man. Well, ok I was on Plenty of Fish….the dating site…and met a guy.  But the story goes, is that we were fishing, and met.  Anyhow, he’s from Michigan and moved out to San Diego for a job.  He seems like a really nice boy, good to his family, polite, and likes to travel, like me.  With our ship’s schedule we don’t get to see each other all that much, but I do enjoy spending time with him.  It’s hard to know early on if it will get serious or not, but I’m seeing where it goes.  Funny thing is that we started talking on Valentine’s Day, so that’s a good sign, right?


Grampy Freeman

18 02 2011

I just saw a commercial with Morgan Freeman’s voice in it. It’s soo calming. He just sounds so sweet like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. I love him! I think we can all agree that we feel like we are connected to his soul in one way or another. Personally, I think I was related to him in another life. Like my ALT life (If you’ve seen the O.C.). Okay okay, that’s a little farfetched but seriously, he’s my peep. You could just bump into him on the street, sit and have some coffee and be like, “What’s up Morgie?”. He’s chill like that.

It’s going to be a shame when he kicks the bucket. But it is consoling knowing him and Jack Nicholson completed their Bucket Lists a while back.

I remember the only time first time I met Mr. Freeman. It was in New York with the fam dam in 2008. We were in a wax museum waiting patiently in line, and me and my sister were goofing around the waiting room, go fig. I accidentally bumped into someone and as I slowly wheeled simultaneously apologizing to the unnamed Mr., I realize it’s none other than Morgan Freeman!!! But… wax form.. I’m tellin you, he looked so real. I got halfway through my, “Excuse, me” and realized not only did he not have warm skin or a beating heart, he had no working arms to wrap around his long-lost granddaughter’s my body. Unfortunate. Maybe we will meet someday…MF. I will after all be in Cali.

I bet he’s been in like, 200 movies..if not more. I wonder what he did before he did movies…I don’t remember ever seeing a movie where he was a young lad, or younger than 40 even. Or perhaps he’s a Benji Button type a guy that just always has looked like this?

You know who’s gonna be the new Morgan Freeman?

Denzel Washington.

The End.