That was a long nap.

20 12 2015

Well well, basically two years later.

What’s up world?

Christmas is in a week! Less than a week, so that’s pretty exciting.  I’m headed to see the fam.  We are going on a big trip in January to London, so although the Christmas visit will be short we will be reunited in another land, and several time zones over.

We went to London in high school, I’m sure not much has changed.  It will be fun to see the sights, maybe take a river cruise.

Watching The Intern right now, pretty good movie.  It’s a little depressing here and there.  Strange roles for Robert Dinero and Anne Hathaway, but an all-around good one.

I can’t wait to see Star Wars!  Me and B are going to watch it at this sweet theater neither of us have been to.  I’ve seen a couple of the old ones, so I should probably brush up, aye?  Oh!  And, we’re going to tour a brewery, it’s pretty much or thang.  Now that I like beer.  I hated it my whole life, but since moving to Denver I’ve really tried to branch out.

Half day at work tomorrow, wahoo!


ShamROCK my world

18 03 2011

Well folks, today is St. Patty’s day. Not only is there dumb shit going on in Bahrain, but:

1. We have a curfew from 8pm-4am.


2. I am working overnight.

St. Patrick’s Day is probably my favorite holiday, rival only to 4th of July. Two of the best holidays of the world. Hands down. Who doesn’t want a little green beer in their lives? Well, I don’t drink beer, but it’s the thought that counts so I’m told.

I googled “sham + rock” and this is what came up:

Not sure what shamrock has to do with this lovely home, but I opened the pic anyway and decided that I really love the house. It’s simply beautiful. Now, play your cards right and be you in Denver and I may consider owning you one day.

Could this Bahrain shit get any dumber? Apparently the Shia have refused to go into discussions with the Government of Bahrain/Sunni leadership and come up with a resolution. How do problems get solved? Well in the world fo Shia, they camp in tents and give dirty looks while they tote banners and shawarma. Okay, time for a reality check. You’ve been protesting for a month, with no results. How about we put the sticks away and sit down for some talks. Give us your demands and we can try to get there. This may sound incredibly ignorant, but since I am here and watching all of this unfold, you can listen to what I think. 😉

Or, you can stop reading. Your choice. 

This has been 200 years and coming. Probably even longer than that. The basic problem is that the Shias are the majority religion here in Bahrain (as well as other neighboring countries) but the Sunnis are in charge. The Royal family is Sunni and they have the majority rule.

So, as you could have guessed it, there are several unhappy people here, and rightfully so seeing as they don’t really get a say in the political scheme of things. Not only do they not get a say in the country’s future, they are discriminated against for not being Sunni. Including jobs. If you don’t have the “right” name or religion, you’re not getting a good job. Finally, they had had enough and on Feb 14th they started camping out at the Pearl Roundabout. Not sure why they chose that location… It’s in the financial district/business area. Close to malls, shops, the highway, and souq. So a major area of commerce. And a major landmark. So I guess that’s why they chose it. And it was an area that could feasibly accommodate a large crowd and tents.

Pearl Roundabout

The whole time the Shias have been protesting, they’ve taken the non-violent approach, allegedly. No one really knows unless they are down there and shaking down every one of the protestors. If I were that pissed, you bet I’d be packing.

I mean, whoever’s side you are on, you must take some time to marinate on the issues. I got to say, I can get behind someone fighting for their rights. Not in the completely left-wing sort of way, but fighting for what you know and believe is right, and what you believe you deserve instead of just laying down and taking it. And considering the part of the world that we are in, standing up for something is not the norm here or socially acceptable for that matter. So kudos.

However, with that said, there comes a time when people start dieing for the cause that you must step back and realize that negotiations are the only way to get what you want and come to a compromise. So I hope something happens in the near-term that results in both parties being represented equally and fairly.

And, Hilary, please shut your mouth.

**Although I am in the USN, none of these views should be taken as the USN’s stance/opinions on things. These are just my thoughts, take ’em or leave ’em.**

Le Bonfire

27 11 2010

So we had an interesting time at the bonfire, pretty good turnout for a last-minute gathering. But who can say no to a bonfire? Eh? That’s what I thought.

Our fire started out relatively modest, of course we didn’t “borrow” enough firewood to last but an hour, so had to make numerous trips to a very friendly construction site. It kindly provided us with several wood pallets. Complete with rusty nails laden with tenanus. Can’t have a fire without a little danger, or chance of catching a disease.

We weren’t entirely sure bonfires were legal here…but after realizing there were three other fires going, decoy fires, if you will, we figured it was relatively legal… And if it wasn’t we could jump in the nearby ocean and attain a quick get-away. Speaking of the decoy fires, about halfway through the night, some of the guys headed over to the closest bonfire for a peace offering of hot dogs. (yeah, we made sure they weren’t pork first) They were allegedly fed russian beer and corn on the cob.. Pretty normal bonfire food…right?

Anywho, it was a good night, one of the guys sprained/broke their ankle trying to jump over the bonfire = ), the class of 2010 showed up (aka 18 yr old muthafuckaz that no one recognized..), one of the guys jumpedin the ocean for no reason, we roasted hot dogs with a makeshift wire hangar (make that two wire hangars), found a very large wood spool and decided it absolutely MUST be thrown in the fire. Oh, and then we had to all stand on it, naturally. Drinking Parrot Piss, shots of jack (ew), some good tunes, the ocean breeze, and sand of the Bahraini desert, what more could you want??

Well, my car went dead after five hours of playing music and leaving the dome light on. No biggie, we jumped it. Pretty sure the sober guys helped me out with that one. I couldn’t stop laughing uncontrollably in enough time to help out… It was hilarious for some reason…

One of the “class of 2010” guys was annoying the shit out of me. He decided to take up a position in the back of my car next to me. As if his ass could fit in the back with me and another guy’s, and AS IF he knew me well enough to sit literally ass to ass with me. Nope. That and he wouldn’t shut his mouth. Maybe I’m just getting old and out of touch with the youth of today.. This kid seriously had like a Lost Boys jacket on (have I mentioned this is the desert…and we were near a FIRE??) and greasy black hair, he was probably packin some fangs, or at least a weapon or two. He looked shady to say the least. He also works at the….least desirable place on base…so I bet he is pretty cool in the real world. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to run your mouth like you’re God’s gift, at least have the personality and good looks to back it up. Nope. Neither. Consider this a FAIL Edward. Of the epic proportion.

Oh, and one of our marines got stolen. Funny story actually. Okay, I’ll tell you. Twisted my arm. So there we were, leaving the bonfire…a friend drove my car home for me. He goes back to pick up his car, and it’s gone. Gone, with his friend passed out in the back seat. GONE. No car, no friend. Just sand and a fire pit. So, we try and call peeps who were there and no one’s seen him or the car.. Finally, I call a buddy “Have you seen the dude who passed out in the car anywhere..or the car for that matter”. Buddy; “Yeah, he’s right here on my couch, he’s sleeping” WTF dude. So  this guy takes the initiative to drive someone else’s car home with a stranger passed out in the back. Anywho, friends were reunited and no one was raped…..that we know of.