Lows and Highs

3 08 2013

I was home this week for originally my sister’s birthday party. A couple days before my flight, my mom called and told me my grandpa’s health was declining quickly and to be prepared for what might happen.

Gpa had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years back, probably seven years ago. He had been off and on medications to help with uncontrollable movements and decline in overall mental and physical health. It was hard to witness and I’m certain even more difficult to live. He was in a few nursing homes and my family in MO would visit him frequently. He had recently been put on morphine for the pain and had been unable to eat.

My sister had planned a birthday celebration last Saturday and had put a lot of time into organization. I am not able to come home frequently so it was also a perfect time to see everyone. So, we decided to go ahead with the party. It was a lot of fun and so nice to see everyone! It was themed “Stache Bash,” so we had mustache party favors, decorations, an even a mustache piñata. There’s something so comforting about catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and yard games.

The next morning Gpa passed away at 3am. And as it turns out, it was really good timing for something terrible to happen because I was home, my mom was home because she knew I would be there over the weekend, and a few other family members were randomly in the area. Sometimes it takes a death to make you realize what your goals are and what is important in life. Family is everything, but in times of work stress or general life milestones I sometimes forget my roots. Family and friends are there for you regardless of your success or failure.

We banded together this week and accomplished what is normally a difficult thing for families to go through. I believe Gpa is in a better place and not suffering anymore. I also got to learn a lot about him, through his former athletes, friends, and family. Funny stories, weird quirks, and the legacy he left behind as a leader and coach for 26 years. He was so respected and those he coached were brought to tears remembering the lessons he instilled in them.


We went to visit the school he coached at; a new gym was built about seven years ago and they named it after him. They had his state titles hanging, and we asked about how they have been doing since he retired over 20 years ago. The principal told us their students had won exactly one state title since Coach Samson ran the athletic department!


I would like to remember Gpa how those he trained remember him. Though I never personally watched him coach, he did teach me and my sister how to play a mean game of cards, and helped me with my golf swing and endless games of trivial pursuit.

We went out to eat before my trip back to CA, and as I wait on my flight, I am focusing on the positive. I am returning refocused and backed by the love and support of my family and friends. So nice to be home and celebrate loved ones past and present!


Was he the one?

18 07 2013

So, have you ever been in that situation that you miss your ex?

It happens to me more than not with this one. You are on and off…and eventually you realize that maybe he’s the one. And you gave up too soon without trying.

Time away makes you remember the good times, and how he was there for you, accepting your flaws and insecurities when 99% of the population wouldn’t.

You want to tell them everything. So much all at once, but how?  You don’t know where they are at or if you will make a fool out of yourself. Or if they have moved on and are on a completely different road.

OR, maybe it’s just one of those times where you are lonely and just remember the good things and forget all the annoying little things and reasons you couldn’t be with them in the first, second, or third place.

I think as you get older you begin to appreciate the little comforts, quirks, mannerisms of your partner. And you just need them. Someone who is there for you no matter what, thick and thin. You realize that’s the only thing that really matters, the most important thing. And everything else you can work on. I think you focus on the foundation and learn that everything else will fall into place.

…but how do you tell them?

El Hombre

7 07 2013

I have been longing for a new hairstyle lately. I debated on shaving a part of my head…kind of like Ellie Goulding. Look that crap up, pretty badass. However, not so sure I could successfully pull it off and also not positive I would retain my enlistment in the Navy. SO, thus came the “the hombre.”

image-6 copyI got a Groupon a few months ago for a salon named Zina G in Hillcrest. It was $50 for highlights, haircut, and deep conditioning.  I showed up and the client before me ran about 20 minutes late, which was fine. I’m sure it happens a lot.  When I sat down, Zina herself was the stylist, and I explained to her I knew the Groupon was for highlights, and asked if I could just pay more and get an hombre (dye on top and blonde foils on bottom). She said she didn’t have time for that but would do what she could. Before the pic on the left up there I had blond hair, so what she ended up doing was dying the top 2/3 light brown…but what happened was the dye seeped down into the bulk of my hair and I ended up having just plain brown hair. Which, was not what I wanted. Also, she charged $20 for  “longer hair,” which she had disclosed when I called for the appointment. But If she only dyed the top 2/3 of my hair, what did the long hair factor really matter??

ANYWHO. Long story short (too late), it was misadvertised and don’t tell the client something you can’t follow through with. And if it doesn’t turn out like you said, you should offer a refund or re-do and probably not charge $70 for a simple color.

I was in desperate need for a SHAZAM! hairdo, so today I ended up going to Fantastic Sams in Santee.  This is a rarity, as I rely on Groupons or specialized boutiques for my hair. I am scared going to Great Clips or any walk-in hair salon because I feel like they are all brand new stylists that don’t have experience. However, I should probably just eat my words, because they did a perfect job! I went in and they were able to get me in after about 20 minutes. A girl named Shantel has done the hombre before, and took on the challenge. It took about an hour and a half and she was able to foil the ends and make them perfectly blond, with a nice blend, and also great conversation! I will most definitely go back to her and also suggest her to my friends.

1.  Moral of the story…don’t judge a salon by it’s cover.

2.  Hombre is the new blond!!


~Girl With a Curl~

The Rut

17 05 2013

Have you ever been in an unbearable standstill in life?

I think we’ve all been there. Done that.

But during said rut you feel like you will never pull out of it. Whether you were pushed into it by an unexpected death, by rejection from a loved one, or just plain general depression. I know personally I spent a good full year of my life feeling pretty hopeless. I have struggled with anxiety and a side of depression for a long time, over ten years actually. I’m not sure it ever really goes away, you just learn to live with it.

I tried every batch of prescription drugs and therapy there was.

It’s crazy because nothing that serious was happening. Just normal life stuff. Of course everyone has work stress, home stress, but for some reason all of the little things were adding up. A grandmother’s passing, pressure to perform at work, expectations to live up to, etc. It kind of all hit at once and it was too much. That and living literally in the middle of the desert didn’t help things.  When you are depressed you continue to make poor choices and nothing seems to ever go in your favor. Or are you just looking through the telescope backwards?

As it turns out I didn’t really need any medication or therapy…I just needed to clear my head and come back to reality.

When I got back to the U.S. after my time overseas I could see everything so much clearer. I was scheduled to go through six months of training in Florida over the summer, which was perfect timing to bust out my running shoes and get back into fitness.  Running is an amazing tool to really see things in perspective. It’s the freedom, the fact that you made the choice to get out and conquer something, a time to be at peace and think about your day without distractions, so many benefits. Plus, the high from working out lasts a good few hours.

It wasn’t that I was lacking in self esteem, I just needed something to pour my time into that was not destructive.  And for me it was and is physical fitness. I may not be in tip top shape, but taking an hour minimum daily for yourself is something that is desperately important to your overall well-being.  Changing bad habits can take some time. I am not the healthiest of people, but I do believe everything you put into your body can mess with your mood and happiness. MSG for example. All that fast food we are so addicted to.

Among other bad habits and a lifetime of over-stressing and taking shit way to seriously.  These I am still working on. But little by little I have learned that I don’t need medicine to be happy. You can create your own happiness if you try enough new things, a new habit is bound to stick.

There are still times where I feel like I might drown or that I am doing everything wrong. But then I step back and think, “What’s the worst that could happen?” No one is in perilous danger, dying, or in that serious of a bind that we can’t work out of. So brush yo shoulders off and move on.

You can’t please everyone. But you can please yourself once you learn what makes you happy.

Anchorage, Alaska

16 05 2013

Recently we traveled up to Anchorage, Alaska by way of sea.

We were only there for a couple of days, but the weather and views were gorgeous. I will go back. Mark my words.

Some photos from my travels:




San Diego Core Fitness

11 02 2013

Do you live in San Diego?

Do you love (hate) to work out?

Do you love boot camp sessions even more?

Read on my fellow San Diegans…

I recently purchased a 6 week boot camp from San Diego Core Fitness on my trusty Groupon  ap. (My love affair with Groupon is an entire blog entry in itself.)(Seriously, it changes lives.)(As in, you must download it immediately.)(You’re welcome.) It was $39 for six weeks, which is a crazy price, considering all of the workouts available. They have some before work, during the day, and after working hours. Plus, there are several locations, most outside at Mission Bay/Balboa park and at the clubhouse in Mission Valley. My favorite is the booty camp at Mission Bay, it’s an awesome workout! The trainer is super nice but firm with commands, as to make sure you are doing the correct moves and such.


Mission Bay booty camp

I’m one of those people who has a better chance of making to to a workout if I know none of the activities are left to me to decide. It just seems like a lot of work to plan a workout, switch up the muscle groups all the time, are we doing cardio? are we doing weights? both? Blugh, just tell me what to do! There are professionals out there for this reason. So I guess I’m actively lazy you could say.

If you have never been to a boot camp type workout, I suggest you check one out today. Like, google that shiz and sign up. Even if it’s just to check out one session and decide you hate it. Think about this, have you ever said to yourself, “Man, I really regret that workout I did today.” Nope? Me either.

Yacht club

5 02 2013

There’s something rather pretentious about sailing.

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had this idea of snobby people sipping on martinis (probably not the most sea-worthy of beverages), smoking cigarillos, and dry humored jokes prompting obnoxious rich-people chuckles. Oh, and sweaters/polos with the collar popped.

That’s what comes to mind when I think of yachts, boats, boat clubs, sailing, anything water-esque. So it’s been a running joke to make fun of “yacht clubbers.”

So, this is the very reason I had to take up an offer I received when asked to go sailing yesterday. It was a must. Hell yes I want to be in the club. I’m not a hater persay, I just had these ideas of what a sailing-person would be like.

Anywho, so over to Coronado we headed. Me, and a couple peeps from work. Luckily, the dude had a license and was way into sailing…which meant two things.

1. This will be safe.

2. There is little to no work ahead of me.

So we arrive at the MWR rental place, and get us a 22 foot sailing boat. When we got on the boat, we got her all ready for sea, threw some life jackets on, started the motor, and headed out!

WP_001250And boy were the waters gorgeous! The day started out being beautifully sunny and about 75 degrees, but as the hours drew on, the sun started to disappear! It was a tad windy and chilly, but it was still awesome out on the water. After we got out of the marine, we raised the sails and were officially out to sea! We tooled around the San Diego harbor and over by the Coronado bridge. Every sailboat we passed waived at us and they were so friendly! About halfway through we realized our buoy was still hanging over the side, perhaps people were actually pointing at our buoy and not really waving….


We had a gay ol’ time, and I got a tan while we were out in the “sun”. That’s a two-fer right there! It was fun to be involved in moving the jib and learning some sea-terms!

There was a regatta race or practice going on because there was a swarm sailboats out there that were going in one direction, then another, and at one point it looked like they were tipping sideways. Two of them crossed bows and it looked like they were about to run into each other!

When we got back to check the boat back in, we were talking to the desk lady and she was a military wife. Her and her husband and two teenagers live on a boat in the marina that is 32 feet long. Only ten more feet than the boat we were on, which is similar to the above picture. Imagine four adults living on a tiny boat!!