That was a long nap.

20 12 2015

Well well, basically two years later.

What’s up world?

Christmas is in a week! Less than a week, so that’s pretty exciting.  I’m headed to see the fam.  We are going on a big trip in January to London, so although the Christmas visit will be short we will be reunited in another land, and several time zones over.

We went to London in high school, I’m sure not much has changed.  It will be fun to see the sights, maybe take a river cruise.

Watching The Intern right now, pretty good movie.  It’s a little depressing here and there.  Strange roles for Robert Dinero and Anne Hathaway, but an all-around good one.

I can’t wait to see Star Wars!  Me and B are going to watch it at this sweet theater neither of us have been to.  I’ve seen a couple of the old ones, so I should probably brush up, aye?  Oh!  And, we’re going to tour a brewery, it’s pretty much or thang.  Now that I like beer.  I hated it my whole life, but since moving to Denver I’ve really tried to branch out.

Half day at work tomorrow, wahoo!


Emma Stone

30 01 2012

So, I don’t like women -in that way- but I must say, Emma Stone is HOT.

Like, raspy voice, sexy, devious, and multi-faceted. Even though she’s a ginger, she is pretty effin amazing. P.S. the movie “Crazy Supid Love” is great, if you haven’t seen it, put it on the list!

Has she had some ..chest work done since this?

Project Runway All Stars

29 01 2012

So this evening I had the pleasure of viewing this season’s first episode of Project Runway All Stars. It wasn’t till about halfway through the episode that I realized Heidi and Tim were not showing up.

How can you have Project Runway without the host, Heidi Klum, and the pretty-much-as-equal other host, Tim Gunn. They are the base for the show, and Hello! Heidi Klum is the brains of the show, or so we thought.

Apparently the show must go on! But not before I do some recon. Here are my findings:

-The new host is supermodel Angela Lindvall (um, whoever that is…) and just doesn’t cut it. Maybe she’ll grow on me. She just doesn’t have the Heidi charm.

-Ms. Piggy will be a guest judge. Uh, what? She disappeared for a good 10-15 years and then comes out with a movie and now she’s all up in everyone’s shit.

-I am happy that crazy ass Mondo, Austin Scarlett (P.S. what’s up with the molestache?), Anthony Williams, Kenley Collins (love her), and Rami. I could do without Sweet P. Who invited her back? Her esthetic is terrible.

-The prizes are INSANE> In-SANE. Worth nearly a half million in monetary talk. A designer boutique at Neiman Marcus, $100,000 office space from HP, $100,000 cash, a spread in Marie Claire, and a guest editing spot at Marie Claire (who reads that mag, anyway? not I), and a sewing and embroidery studio. Dayum!

-Judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors are also missing. No news why…

-I read several articles and none eluded to why these staples were missing….other than the fact that perhaps this season started filming when they were wrapping up the last one or that they wanted different judges so it doesn’t seem like the same judges are looking over the same contestants’ work. I don’t’s just kind of shit without them…

I guess we’ll see if they make this season work, as Timothy would say, “Make it work!!”

I have been FB stalking, blogging, cleaning the house, and making playlists on iTunes the entire day avoiding my homework… It’s been pretty productive. And I just made myself ignore everything and was able to do my work in about ten minutes. I don’t know why I was putting it off! But, I did get the house cleaned, I can’t say the other two tasks were quite as rewarding or fruitful.


16 01 2012

Well, it seems the year has come…the year that the world ends. According to the Mayan calendar.

I haven’t really done much…or any research on the topic, but they say it ends in December 2012, so I suggest we make this year count.

So, in honoring such, I’ve decided to set some goals. We all do this around New Years Eve, but these are more than resolutions, these are steps and milestones to getting my life back on track, and staying there.

My first NYE declaration was to quit smoking. I’m going strong on this so far. I do get cravings… but I give it about ten mins and it goes away and I’m onto something else. Someone told me that not talking about it to or with people helps. Things like, “Ug, don’t you want a smoke!!” doesn’t really help….or supress the urge.

Stay Healthy. No fad dieting, no crazy P90X stuff, just be healthy. Eat good food, exercise, and live an all-around healthy lifestyle. And, I have to say doing such gives you more energy and a better well-being. You breathe better, you feel better, and you feel good about what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s good to be selfish and focus on yourself, give yourself that me time. Of course there’s times to cheat…I gotta get my Diet Choco Coke in! One of my friends asked me if I’d do a “Dream Body Boot Camp” with her because she found some coupon for it online. And, according to my said goal… was a no-brainer. I signed up for a month and so far it has been slightly painful but a lot of fun. And the instructor is not bad on the eyes either. He is very motivating and has high energy to push you through the workouts. We get to play with tractor tires and those huge ropes that you see on Biggest Loser.

Finish my MBA. I started the program back in 2009 and after two classes that mind-raped me, I was a tad discouraged… Let me tell you, Finance and Accounting are no joke. So, now that I’m working only a few hours a day while we wait on our ship to be built, I have some time on my hands. So, I’m diving back in. I talked to an advisor and they say that those are the most challenging courses, that and Marketing. But it’s not suggested to take them at the same time. So I’m starting off easy with just two classes again, and they are online. Hawaii Pacific University, where I got my undergrad, offers an MBA program entirely online. It’s important to me to continue to learn. A degree is just a offensively expensive piece of paper hanging on the wall, but it’s one of those milestones I want to hit during my lifetime.

Keep exploring. Traveling and finding new places and learning new things is a huge part of my life that I hope never changes. I’d like to travel to Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco this year. Four places I’ve never been and want to see. They are all within driving distance…kind of. I suppose a flight to SLC and Port may be in order. And also get to know my new home, San Diego.

Focus more on ME. Who cares what everyone else is doing, I need to stop worrying about everything else and focus on myself. I have plenty of things to work on for me that I don’t have the time or energy to worry about other people’s problems. Just make myself happy. I want to get out more, meet new people, do new things. I need to get out of my comfort zone. Sure, I’m happy sitting in on Friday and Sat nights watching Jersey Shore…but in doing that I think I’m letting life pass me by. Everyone needs their alone time, but I guess I’ve just grown used to being independent and relying on myself all the time in hopes that no one will disappoint me. But guess what, that shit still happens. And you can’t protect yourself from everything out there.

Guys what? No, I’m not going lez. I like men too much to do that. I think this last year has taught me to be careful for who’s out there, and not to protect your heart with an iron gate, but just know what you’re getting into. I’m at the age where flings and one night stands don’t really do it anymore. I need a partner. I’m not going to settle for less, and I’m not going to settle for someone who doesn’t love every single part of me. Which, I admit will be difficult to find because I can be a crazy woman sometimes. But after several relationships, I’m at a place where I know exactly what I want. Yeah, I can compromise, but I’m done with trying to change people so they can fit into what I believe is my perfect guy. If there are that many things that need changing, and it’s that difficult, it’s just not meant to be. Some decisions are hard to make, but the right choice is usually the clear one. So, from now on I’m not even going to waste my energy looking for a guy…they say love just happens. So hopefully when the time is right, something will happen.

Bleh, well if you’re still with me and haven’t dozed off, I hope you have an amazing 2012.

Make some moves people!!

Devil Sticks

8 11 2011

*stands up and pushes chair back*

*clears throat*

“I am an addict.”

Well, I was an addict. Then I was reformed. Then I turned addict.

I smoked for about four or five years. Maybe longer. It was intermittent there for a while so I can’t exactly count them as whole years.

I would like to not count any years of my life as “smoking” years…

It’s a terrible habit.

1. The cancer thing

2. You smell bad

3. Your things smell bad

4. It’s bad for your health other than the cancer thing

5. Bad breath

6. It’s nasty

The list could go on for days. Annnnd I had put those years of smoking behind me.

That is, until I got to California. I’m not sure why I even started back up. I just felt like a cigarette the other day, so I got a pack. And I’ve been buying packs ever since. “Just another pack.” “Just one more cigarette.” “I’ll quit after this pack.” You know, the usual excuses.

But I guess I’m just complacent. Or maybe it’s just something to do. Or maybe it’s relaxing, maybe it’s a social thing…

Anyway, I need to put the detective hat on and get to the bottom of this. It’s gross and I don’t need it in my life.

30 before 40

13 05 2011

So, one of my friends posted on her blog “Twentysomething”;, a 30 x 30 list.

I came up with a similar list, but adapted it to 30 x 40. Getting to 30 is right around the corner, 3.5 years around that corner to be exact…but as they say, age is relative and I’m a firm believer in that.

Anyhow, these are the goals I am actively pursuing to accomplish before year 40:

  1. Visit Greece
  2. Visit India
  3. Visit Ireland
  4. Visit Russia
  5. Visit S. America
  6. Travel to all 50 states
  7. Road trip from the east coast to the west coast
  8. See the Grand Canyon
  9. Graduate from Law School
  10. Go to Cosmetology School
  11. Get my pilot’s license
  12. Complete my MBA
  13. Become a commissioned Naval Officer
  14. Become a mother
  15. Marry the man of my dreams
  16. Own a home
  17. Be free of all debt
  18. Become a productive member of a church
  19. Read the bible in its entirety (who doesn’t have this goal?)
  20. Go on a mission trip
  21. Take the lead on a local volunteer program
  22. Shave my head
  23. Bungee jump (think Mista B would be down for this one?)
  24. Drive a tractor
  25. Own a farm dog
  26. Live a healthier lifestyle and pass on my knowledge
  27. Complete a half marathon
  28. TBD
  29. TBD
  30. TBD
  31. See Big Ben (2000)
  32. Travel to HI (2001)
  33. Visit the Black Forest (2000)
  34. Bachelor’s degree (2007)
  35. Solo Backpacking trip (2008)
  36. Travel Eastern Europe (2011)
  37. Military overseas service (2006 & 2009)
  38. Skydive (2007)
  39. Learn to ride a motorcycle (2007)
  40. Try sake (2006)
  41. Visit Asia (2006)

yo. fr. FR

1 05 2011

hello from france. i took a semester of french in college and for the life of me cannot remember how they say hello…

i have exactly three minutes….the keys are not in the right order here so i look like a five yr old tryn to type. also. it was 5 euro for five minutes wtf france.

had a slight delay in Bahrain for my outgoing flight last night…not to mention both of my ags were wayyy oer 23 kilos. how aout 39 kilos and 41 kilos. had to shuffle a it and the mista b came to save the day. my knight in shining armour.

on the flight to france, shoort stop in dammam…i had the strangest dream. it was an easter egg hunt and all the clues and prizes were in those met-rx drinking cups…wtf..

alright. next stop philadelphia and jamba juice!!