7 10 2013

Who put a “p” in the middle of this word? Does not make sense.

So I was strolling through Costco yesterday and saw some raspberries on sale.  Due to the gov’t shutdown I was able to stroll freely into the store with my military ID and feel like I belonged in there mingling with paying members bulk buying consumers.

The raspberries…it was like two dollars for a huge tray of them…Deal. Bought.

So I get home and as I’m washing them off I am wondering why there is always that weird diaper thing in the bottom. They don’t put it in the bottom of strawberries…so why raspberries??

Does anyone else get paranoid about the inside of the berries? I have to check every single one to make sure there isn’t anything hiding in there. What if there’s a worm? Or dirt? Or fertilizer or something.

Raspberry paranoia.

These little guys are seriously delicious and underrated.



3 02 2013

My recent obsession has been crepes.




Like, seriously.

It started in Bahrain but I have since become addicted. They are just so damn yummy. Last weekend in Denver I was at a place called Crepes a la Carte, which were the best I have had since returning to the states from overseas.


As luck would have it, my friend Kittie is a chef-in-waiting and came over this morning to show me how to make crepes!! It’s really simple actually, you just whisk pancake mix with a ton of milk (she uses soy milk), and then put in a frying pan on medium, ensure it is very thin, then top with your have flavor. Mine is nutella and peanut butter!

Sonic Nation

26 12 2011

Today I made the trek out to our “local” Sonic Drive-In.

Well….it’s only 20-30 mins away depending on traffic. However, there is only one Sonic location here in the San Diego area. And it’s pretty small. Probably only 20 stalls. Which is tiny compared to the four we have in town back home.

San Diego is a city of 3 million people … and these people claim to be “America’s Drive-In”….hmm. Every time I’m at the Sonic out here, every stall is packed and there are at least 5 cars lined in the drive-thru. This means we are desperate for another Sonic. D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E

Perhaps closer to San Diego proper for the 2nd location?

I don’t know if I’m the only one who gets a Sonic survey every other time they’re enjoying a sunny afternoon with diet-chocolate-coke in hand (probably not), but I am likely the only person who does the survey every single time. It used to be an automated phone jobbie, but now it’s online. We’re in the New Age of electronics you know. It’s the same questions every single time, so they are definitely not getting a good feel of the customers as I answer the exact same every time. Yes, the temperature of my food was satisfactory, the wait staff was polite and well dressed with roller skates. It was speedy service with a smile. Oh, and can we have another location in San Diego and add cheddar bites to the menu please!

I’m a Foodie. I said it.

20 11 2011

Here’s some great eats we’ve had in San Diego:

Mona Lisa in Little Italy

This italian joint was deeeeelish! And, the leftovers heated up quite well. The bread was very fresh too, and it was decently priced. This place is actually more famous for their sandwiches, but this pasta looked too tasty to pass up.

Pizza Port Brewery in Carlsbad

We googled restaurants and randomly chose this one. It was excellent. You can order by the slice if you want to. The inside is huge, and I got the feeling it’s a pretty happenin place on the weekends. It was quite large, and there were tons of picnic tables on the inside. And they had outside seating. They brew their own beer and they have all sorts of crazy shit on the walls.

Beef Teriyaki @ Sushi Deli

Sushi may not be my thing, but this salad was on point. Yummy delish.

Rubio's in Pacific Beach

I have seen Rubio’s all over the place out here and for some reason thought it was a deli place. It’s a mexican place that has some pretty tasty burritos and guacamole. These are tacos, but I have been back since and gotten a burrito. They are known for their fish tacos…and as we know I don’t do fish…but if you are a taco lover…and a fish lover….this might just be your new place.


11 11 2011

Up in the NAS(ty)

24 07 2011

Had a wonderful weekend and got much accomplished. Shopping at the ol Cordova Mall. Luckily we made a quick pass.

Got some pedis. P.S. Tip n Toe in the mall has the most luxurious massage chairs. And it was probably the best pedi I have ever had. They have some serious massaging skills up in that joint. Leg massage? Yes, please!

Went to see Friends With Benefits, with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. HILARIOUS. You must see this. Also saw HP7. Sad but very nicely done to end off the series. The theater wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be and there were surprisingly very few children.

Got some laundry done. For some reason I end up having at least three loads by the weekend. How? I have no idea seeing as I wear a uniform to school every day and then change into pjs… But, luckily the laundry machines are only a few doors down.

Went to Red Robin for the FIRST time in my life. It was ay-may-zing. Holy shit. Seriously you have to go there ASAP if you have one in the area. Unlimited steak fries!! And free refills on root beer floats. What?? You heard me FREE refills on the root beer floats. As in an entirely new frosty mug with a float in it as a refill. Crazy stuff

And last but not least. The beach!

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Just what I needed. A nice peaceful weekend.

Dream come true?

16 07 2011

IHOP makes funnel cakes?!!

How am I just finding this out?

Did I mention they are for a limited time only? WTF America!!