I am having an affair….

15 10 2013

….is what I would be telling my sig oth if I had one.

I am head over heels with falltime.  Unfortunately, I live in a place that doesn’t observe the season of fall.  I can’t really complain, as it is warm all year round(ish).  However, when I do get the chance to go home in Oct-Nov timeframe, I am absolutely in love.  The colors, the crisp wind that bites your cheeks ever so slightly, the smell of leaves, the sound of them rustling about the ground, pumpkins stacked everywhere.  The list is endless.  So many colors, sights, and sounds!

We went to the Maple Leaf Orchard in Woodville yesterday.  They have an orchard there where they grow nearly 20 different kinds of apples, they have grape vines, a field of pumpkins, and much much more.


It was fun to pick out the exact apples we wanted, and we got to traipse through the pumpkin field and even high five a scarecrow.   They also had some apple cinnamon doughnuts that were to die.  If you live in the area, I suggest you check it out.

IMG_6396After the orchard we drove around town to find some leaves to dip in wax.  We collected several beautifully colored leaves and even plucked a couple off of neighborhood trees!  Leaves in hand we headed home with our wax to dip them to use for a cute decoration.

They turned out beautifully…but we didn’t know what to do to decorate, so we ended up placing them in one of the plants at the house. Looks pretty cool =) There’s probably something on Pinterest about it!

Today it is rainy and 50…

Cheers to falltime!


The Red

19 11 2011

While the BF was here we decided to bring the red in from the kitchen on over to the dining room. It’s a little overwhelming, but I love it!

If you are shy about bold colors, please shield your eyes.


First coat


Tanger Outlet = Black Hole of Goodness

22 07 2011

This past weekend me and my friend Gypsy went to the Tanger Outlets in Foley, Alabama.

About an hour and a half west of here. Honestly I thought it was closer, but it ended up being a fast trip nonetheless. We had some time to catch up and listen to some new tunes. Plus it was a gorgeous day despite Mother Nature’s “wet sunshine”. Also, we learned there is a Lambert’s Cafe in Foley. “Home of the throwed rolls.” Turns out the place originated in Missouri, my motherland. Who knew. We didn’t end up eating there this time because there were at least 50 patrons in front of us and we didn’t want to wait for three hours. So, we made the executive decision to eat something at the mall. Interestingly enough, for such an overwhelmingly large mall, there were only three food places. Pizza. Chinese. Sammies. That is all.

Tanger Outlets is not a place for the occasional shopper. It is a place you go as an experienced shopper. Get in, get some business done, and get out. You will lose your mind without a plan of attack.

I have no idea how many stores are there, but if I had to guess I would say at least 100. And thankfully we weren’t interested in over half of them, such as the knife store, the jewelry stores, the tool man-shop, the higher-end stores etc. Makes sense, they have to pepper in some shops geared towards the poor poor husbands.

So, we hit up quite a few outlets. Eddie Bauer, Nike, North Face, Jockey, Coach, etc. BUT, during our walkabout, two new stores were introduced into my life.

1. Soma

2. White House Black Market

Amazing little shops. Well, not little since they are chains and all over the world but you get the drift. Soma is a woman-stores. Undies, sleepwear, etc. Kind of like Jockey, but they have really good quality intimates. soma.com if you wanna check it out. But as I was wandering around the store, I found some undies that have a silicone lining on the cheek part. So they stay in place, ie: no wedgies, like EVER. I found this pretty ballsy  that they would claim this. I have never owned anything that didn’t at some point during the day ride up and become uncomfortable. So, the silicone isn’t like butt padding, it’s just a very thin little strip, so as to act like double-sided tape (you can kind of see it in the pic). These panties also offered the “vanishing edge” feature. I scooped some up to try them out and rushed to the counter before I could gather any other items I didn’t need.

As I approached the counter the lady was helping someone else, so I patiently waited near the lotions, the optimum marketing placement that gets me every time whether it’s lotion, purfume, lip gloss, nick nacks….Me and Gypsy tried every lotion up there and decided we liked the majority of them, and didn’t like one of them and made some ick-faces as we smelled them some more….and then it was time to check out.

This particular saleslady seemed overly excited about undies…. As she scanned my picks, I did my usual “Do you have a military discount” routine and forked over the plastic. This is the moment where said lady decided to practice a little afternoon overshare. She went into the “these undies are so great!” sales routine and went on and on about how the vanishing edge is great and the silicone sides guarantee no more wedgies (but her boyfriend was reportedly disappointed about this feature) and how they are top sellers, and after wearing them once I’ll be hooked forever. Mmmhmm? (insert polite nod and awkward save me glance at Gypsy). Then, the lady proceeds to pull up her dress and show me exactly what she was talking about with the vanishing edge/silicone business. She lifts up her dress, and btw, we are still standing in the middle of the store at the register as various customers meander in and out. She pulls the back of the undies out and shows us the silicone and snaps them back into place and exclaims her love of these things. Then she put her dress back down, handed me a receipt and then it was Gypsy’s turn to take a stab at check-out-counter roulette. As you probably have guessed, I headed for the door and waited for her in another location. Awkward.

BUT, as it turns out, these undies are AMAZING. Like, amazing. Time for my own overshare. (guys, skip this paragraph) I got five pairs, they have them in every kind, bikini, high-rise, boy shorts, etc so you can mix-n-match, and all sorts of patterns. I wore them for the first time on Sunday and it feels like you are wearing nothing, as in absolutely nothing underneath. AND for the first time in twenty-six years I went an entire 18 hours without a wedgie, or even a slight panty adjustment. It was the strangest thing. Going from my staple Victoria’s Secret staple panties to this new, unfamiliar land with pure bliss where you put on your undies and forget about them. Amazing. I will never buy anything else. Crazy peep show saleslady was onto something…

Now, as for the other store. White House Black Market. This place was somewhat similar to NY & Co., but a tad more swanky. They sell business-y type clothes that you can also dress down if wanted. Supercute coats and pants/jeans. I ended up finding a greenish-military colored jacket that is perfectly fitted, and some jeans that look great. I will def be visiting that joint again.

All-in-all we had a nice little day trip. Good thing, cause I was house-bound most of Sunday due to rain, rain, and more liquid sunshine (according to the saleswoman at the North Face Outlet).

Now, what’s the plan for this weekend? Loving being back in the U.S. and catching up with old friends!

Hope everyone had an equally enjoyable weekend. I’m trying to send some of this rain up to the midwest!

Dear Fairy Godmother:

9 07 2011

Nikon D5100



Slug Muggin

22 06 2011

Sew, chillens. I’ve been a bit busy these last few days. School is flying, thank goodness. I’m relieved, the B is relieved, and the Sis, excited I’ll be home in Sept (though partially excited I will be once and for all moving all of my boxes and assorted household goods out of her basement, to include the motorcycle taking up her lawnmower space in the garage). Good news all around. Though, I’m hoping this summer will FLY like the wind, Roch is probably praying it will move like a slug. Speaking of which, my first encounter with a real live slug was in Seattle when I was 11. Slug, meet foot. You get the idea. And that slug slime they leave behind, it’s no joke. Back to topic- After summer is over, thus starts Ms. Teacher’s -8th? – year of teaching. She’ll be retired before I am if she keeps that up. I guess she should be anyway since she’s an old lady. (yes, a year and two months is totally way older, gma!) Too bad she looks like she’s 18. Ah well you win some you lose some.

One of my friends is debating purchasing an investment home in FL. Which got me thinking again about my future living arrangement in California. Said friend had a house in HI and then turned around and sold it….I think he ended up losing a little money on it since it was when the market started the downspiral, but he was able to successfully keep some tenants in there and bank some military housing allowance, thus making money. He’s a bit of a handyman, and was able to do some upgrades and whatnot, but I am sadly not a handy lady, at all. There is always google…and youtube. But anyway, having an investment home is a great idea. I have been wondering when exactly is the right time for me to “settle down”, so they say. I’m pretty sure in the normal non-military world you are supposed to wait till you’re married and all that stuff, but what if you’re just a chick who wants a house? I think it could be possible.

Do I want to own, do I want to rent? I just don’t know. Basically right after I arrive, I’m going to have to leave again to go meet my ship…in another state…so I won’t even be there for a good 6 months…which would point me towards a solid decision to rent, at least until I am permanently back in CA. That would make SENSE. But i just have a huge moral conflict with paying in the upwards of $2000/mo for a rental. In reality, I’m losing that much a month, and in turn I’m paying someone ELSE’s mortgage. Why not just get my own house and at least have the mortgage going towards owning my own home. Even if I do have to leave it in 3 yrs, it could always be an investment company. There are realtors that you pay a small price and they will manage the property and the occupants. Worth the monies if you ask me. Buying a home is a HUGE step. I mean huge. Not just the price, but the responsibility, the panic that ensues when something breaks. I am a woman after all, and not to play out the whole, I need a man around thing, but in all truths, I don’t know how to fix everything. Well, as long as we’re getting real real, I don’t know how to fix most things. Now, my grandma, she’s a fix-it extraordinaire. And Sister Roch is well on her way down that path since she owns and has gone through several trials and tribulations with her own chunk of property. It’s all the price you pay (literally!) to have your own home. But I think ultimately, the good outweighs the bad, but get back to me in a couple of years after I get my starter-home.

I think we all watch tv (any other HGTV fanatics out there?) and have these high hopes and dreams about the first-home thing. And then you finally get your first home -whether it was intended to be one of those “project” homes or not- and come to understand the growing pains of responsibility. But, I am after all an adult. I came to terms with it a year ago. And I think i can handle a little added pressure. We’ll see what happens. Real estate isn’t exactly cheap right now-esp in Cali.

The other day a friend of mine brought up scrapbooking. Well, the exact words were, “Have you ever scrapbooked?” Um, “Sista, HaaaaVE I ever?” Haha, it’s only like my second favorite pastime! SO, we made a joint decision that we need to get to scrapbooking, ASAP. A trip to Hobby Lobby was obviously a must. A MUST. If you are unaware what Hobby Lobby is, then you must be a very very sad individual, OR you grew up in a location free of HL establishments. The franchise originated in Oklahoma, so if you are far far from the midwest, I doubt there is a Hobby near your town. BUT, a Michaels is second best, so you get the idea. It’s impossible, for any woman to go in this store and not make at least one purchase. There’s fabric galore, home decorations, wooden trunks, framing services, throw pillows, xmas decorations, fake flowers, scrapbook stuff, oh the list goes on and on and on. AND, the best part, is that they have mega-sales every week. This particular week, the scrapbooking stuff was 40% off, that is a DEAL of a lifetime. We had to take advantage. So, off we went into the glorious beyond, and we came out with scrapbooks, the big 12×12 ones, paper galore, and assorted vacation/summer stickers. Now, it is time to pick just the right photos and get started! Oh, the excitement abounds. It has been quite some time since I have scrapped. My dear college roommate got me started, shoutout to her (she also has a blog; lefthandbook.wordpress.com), she is a scrapbook/craft/arts genius. Seriously, her scrapbooks are borderline perfection. I wonder if she ever does it anymore, I imagine her lil baby keeps her busy. But those are the best things to scrapbook about. There are so many cute decorations/stickers/etc for baby milestones.

However, this weekend I will be going to New Orleans picking up my beloved Ru. She’s been in transit since the beginning of April, from that country formerly known as my homeplace; Bahrain. Can someone please explain to me what exactly justifies an 85-day shipping time? That is a little on the crazy side if you ask me. But, she is here, finally, and I will be reunited once again. And, as long as we are in New Orleans, me and the new scrapbook friend are going to stay over and explore the city a bit. Last time I was there it was Mardi Gras 2005 on Bourbon street; inhibitions were low, livers were unscathed, and parties were to be had.Then again, I was definitely underage and most certainly not drinking because of said age drinking was more fun back then.

French Quarter

These days, my eyes are wide open and my priorities have changed. This trip I will be soaking in the culture and peeping the views. Views of which will be more than just that one street where the craziness happens. And I am praying that my jalopy arrives in one piece, free of scrapes, scratches, and dents. So, cheers to two more days of the week left, and I will see you on the flip side folks.

Just the ticket!

8 04 2011

Alright, I have a problem.

I have a major major problem.

So today I got out of work and had to swing by the post office to send a couple of things off, and since the NEX was en route, sure I stopped in. They have new bags out, naturally. I pass through the upstairs part of the NEX rather infrequently due to my problem and my lack of self-control.

So, there are new Coaches, new Marc Jacobs, new Dooneys, etc etc. They are just so perfectly lined up and presented that you can hardly help but stop and stare. Maybe pick up your favorites, those ones that particularly catch your eye, give you that little beat beaty beat in your chest, and try them on for size. Do they compliment you? Will they match your outfits, is it comfortable? Can you fit all your sit in it? I stand by the fact that when you know, you know. Kind of like how they talk about that “love at first sight” thing, when you see that perfect satchel, pick it up, try it on, walk around for a bit and bond with it, it’s surely the one, and you must have it.

Today I happened to try a few on, probably about five. You see, I’ve been keeping my eye out for just the right purse to match my brown shoes and some of my tan/brownish clothes. The blue purse that I did have was stained when we were on our travels. Some kind of grease mark the size of a quarter on the side of my purse. And, folks, THAT is why we don’t put our purses on the floor. So boyfriends, shut your lips! It goes on the car seat, or on the extra seat at the restaurant, or my lap. The end.

So I find just the one, it’s gold with gold hardware and detailing in lighter gold. It looks kind of silvery down below, but it’s gold, trust me. So I get to the check-out and she scans the little price ticket, and it scanned in @ $198.00 less than the written price on the purse. I was like…”ummm is the tag not scanning right”?? So she walked around to the Customer Service desk and went and asked about four of the other workers, and apparently it was marked wrong, but since it rung up at the price it did, I got it for the lower price!! Hot doggie, what a deal! A steal of a deal, really! Now I just need a matching wallet…

Here she is. ❤

I might be a predator

13 03 2011

I feel like I’m not the only one on this. Every woman in the world may be a pedophile.

Check it out.

So, every time I’m in the NEX (Navy Exchange), I must, absolutely MUST check out the purses. You never know when they’re going to get a new one in there. It could be JUST the purse that will unfuck your life. JUST the one that will make everything all better. The one that will make a shitty day a good day, the one that will put a smile on your face. The one that your boyfriend buys you to apologize for something shitty he did.

Naturally, you need to have a plan and be prepared so you know which exact purse may be in your future. And hopefully a day sooner than later.

So, when I’m in there perusing the new lot I like to touch all of them, smell them, and bond with them. And I don’t know why they show up on the shelves with thirty pounds of paper waded up inside. Who honestly stuffs their purse that full? No one sane…. I’m pretty sane, pedophileness aside.

So I take it all out and put it over my shoulder like I own it. It needs to look good on that shoulder, you must feel at one with it. I need to put my hand in there and feel around  a bit. Do you feel like you could be mine some day little golden shoulder bag with cute buttons? I donno, there may be a future for us. On this particular day I was in the check-out line watching someone more financially savvy than me put a cute-as-a-button Coachie on lay away. This struck my interest. So I took a second look. It’s from a line or two ago, but of course they are still floating around our store here in the middle east. It was beachy and large, something you could fit a LOT of movie candy in. And I knew at that moment it was time to do research. So I checked out, no sense of waiting in line twice. And I immediately headed over to the Coach racks. Which also happen to line the racks of Dooneys and Marc Jacobs purses. Damn you NEX and your perfectly placed purses. So there I saw her, the stripped beachy coachy that is somewhere in my future. It looks like the one above, but the stripes are vertical, vice horizontal and there is some sequin detail. AND, it’s only $185. I know, hard to believe, a large Coach for under $200. I was shocked myself. I knew then that she was definitely in my future. It’s just a matter of time now, until I have a shitty day or the Mista goes to the doghouse. I vote for the latter.

There’s just something about a purse that gives you that confidence and contentment that women are forever in-search for. You can never out-grow a purse, you can never be to fat for a purse, purses last forever, you can find a purse to match ANYTHING, purses are conversation pieces, purses hold all of your stuff in a handy way over your shoulder. And when that purse says Coach, it’s just so much better.

I just don’t know what it is about you Coach, you just get me. You warm my heart. Like no man, woman, or child ever could. I need you in my life. For now, forever.

I think it’s okay to feel inanimate objects up. If you intend on owning them someday.