San Diego Core Fitness

11 02 2013

Do you live in San Diego?

Do you love (hate) to work out?

Do you love boot camp sessions even more?

Read on my fellow San Diegans…

I recently purchased a 6 week boot camp from San Diego Core Fitness on my trusty Groupon  ap. (My love affair with Groupon is an entire blog entry in itself.)(Seriously, it changes lives.)(As in, you must download it immediately.)(You’re welcome.) It was $39 for six weeks, which is a crazy price, considering all of the workouts available. They have some before work, during the day, and after working hours. Plus, there are several locations, most outside at Mission Bay/Balboa park and at the clubhouse in Mission Valley. My favorite is the booty camp at Mission Bay, it’s an awesome workout! The trainer is super nice but firm with commands, as to make sure you are doing the correct moves and such.


Mission Bay booty camp

I’m one of those people who has a better chance of making to to a workout if I know none of the activities are left to me to decide. It just seems like a lot of work to plan a workout, switch up the muscle groups all the time, are we doing cardio? are we doing weights? both? Blugh, just tell me what to do! There are professionals out there for this reason. So I guess I’m actively lazy you could say.

If you have never been to a boot camp type workout, I suggest you check one out today. Like, google that shiz and sign up. Even if it’s just to check out one session and decide you hate it. Think about this, have you ever said to yourself, “Man, I really regret that workout I did today.” Nope? Me either.




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11 06 2013

Thank you for the great review! It helps immensely when starting a new business to get this kind of feedback as well as a moral boost.

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