Sugar makes you sick

12 06 2012

Welp, it was that time of the year.

And I don’t mean the time of year where I see one of my favorite bands and it’s the greatest night of my life!!

…the time of year that I get a mysterious 24 hour bug. It rather coincidentally landed on the very day that Sugarland and Lauren Alaina were performing here in San Diego. I’d gotten tix earlier in the month, so it was non-negotiable. I didn’t care how I was feeling, I was going to see that damn concert.

Lauren Alaina opened for Sugarland and she was pretty good. It was obvi she was new to the whole “performance” world, and you could really tell when S-Land came out because they have been doing it for so long it’s very natural and they know just how to work a crowd.


Lauren was really good though. She was sweet and moved around the stage a lot and she played a couple of good songs from her album, “Georgia Peaches” and “Tupelo” were my top two. She did some covers too which was cool


By the time Jennifer Nettles came on stage my tummy was feeling a little ill-face…which was extremely bad timing. Plus, it was super cold out because the Cricket Wireless Theater is an outdoor stadium seated venue in Chula Vista and it was windy on top of the cold…on top of the sickness. So I excused myself three songs in to go and bring my supper up in the bathroom. That was when I decided I wasn’t going to make it through the concert. I felt terrible and I felt even worse because that meant my friend had to leave early too 😦 I was able to get some zzz’s in the car while she made it through a couple more songs, then we ditched it and headed home. I couldn’t’ even drive my own car home because I was feeling disoriented as well as the potential for further vomiting…Not so good on the freeway.

Not really what I had planned for the night…but I caught a few hours of sleep and headed to Vegas the next day!




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