Moving Pains

9 06 2012

The time has come…yet again.

I’m packing all my shit up. And you can’t stop me!

Crossing my fingers and toes that all my junk fits in this tiny garage. Ok, not so tiny but from the pic it looks pretty small. It’s probably my car plus about five or six feet of room in front.

After all my boxes go in I have a sectional, kitchen table, coffee table, and three shelving units plus my Q size bed to fit in her.

We will see…but I do pride myself in my packing abilities. I’ve been doing it since i was a kid, so I think I might just make it work. And if not, the sectional can be sold, along with just about everything else that’s cumbersome, with the exception of my mattress. I’m never letting that one go. It’s like sleeping on clouds that support your back in ways that you’ve never dreamed possible.

This is phase one, I just got the garage on the 6th, so we are underway with the moving. I’m going to do a little every day, I think that’s the secret. And packing well to make unpacking easier and faster. I leave 19JUN so I need to get my ass in gear. Not to mention the property is showing my place for future renters so it can’t be all shitscattered.




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