Memorial Day

8 06 2012

A bit late on this one, but wanted to share.

I got to go home this past Memorial weekend to Missurah and see the ol fam dam. I got to see the new addition onto Mom’s house. A 4 season porch designed after the Ruby House porch. If you haven’t seen the Ruby porch, it has a wood floor and white wood-slotted ceiling, beaut! And all old looking and shit. It’s quite comfortable and relaxing. Windows all around the sides and one of the walls is almost completely windows and as you look out you can see a farm field and lots of green trees and grass. I forgot how the midwest was beautifully green in the summer! A drastic change from the winter there. San Diego has gorgeous weather all year round, but it doesn’t quite get a rich green.

Anywho, after a short visit at the Mum’s we were off to Missurah. I was only home for four days, but we did quite a bit with our time. I got to see my friend that’s pregnant with twins! She’s due in August and I cannot wait to see those beautiful little babies.

I got to meet my sister’s boyfriend for the first time. They’ve been dating since Feb, and I just now met him though I’ve heard a lot about him. I totally see what she’s saying, he’s a pretty stand up guy and a really good fit for her. From what I gathered over a couple days anyway. I’m really happy for her, she deserves one perfect guy!

On Sunday we went up to IA to visit with some family and go around to a couple graves to put flowers on them. The first cemetery we visited had over two hundred flags flying! It was a pretty touching sight.

I couldn’t help but think about my friend Mike who gave his life nearly a year ago fighting in this crazy war we are in. Memorial Day is a day to remember those that have passed as well as those military members that gave their life freely and willingly for this country. He died doing what he loved and I am proud to say I knew him. I haven’t been up to see his grave yet, but I will make it there some day soon to say goodbye. Wednesday was his birthday, actually. He would have been just 26, way too young to be lost. I will never forget what he gave so that we could keep on doing what we are doing in this world.

On Monday we made it around to a few more cemeteries, there were flowers on nearly every grave, and it was a beautiful sight to see all the love for those that we have lost. I got to visit Granny and Papa’s grave, they rest up on a hill and overlook Horseshoe Hill, their property and rolling Missouri farmland. It’s quite a beautiful view. Next to them is my friend’s mother who we lost to cancer recently. We also visited a friend’s grave who died nearly ten years ago, though it feels like yesterday. He was so young and we lost him unexpectedly. You can never really prepare yourself for someone’s death. I think no matter how one goes it hurts, and you never forget about them. I think about so many people daily that I wish were still here. But that’s the way life is I suppose. I know God has a plan for everyone…but some shit I just don’t understand. It would seem that this Memorial Day cemetery run was sad and downtrodden, it was actually a wonderful day to spend with my family -living- and also my family and friends that are no longer around.

It was also good to see my mom. She was sick earlier this year and all I could offer was a phone call to support her during that time. It’s painful to love someone so much and not be able to be there in person for them. As much as you can email, call, and write, it just never seems to be enough. So I was relieved, happy, comforted, and blessed to be able to wrap my arms around her and girl talk about life and catch up. I really life that lady.

This was a long post and I’m realizing that it’s quite bothersome to type and have long nails. I just recently started to do the whole “long nails thing.” They aren’t fake, but my entire life I have cut them short because it was easy and I would always break them trying to get into some kind of food source or just being clumsy….but last summer I decided to give the ol long nail a try and I really like them long. I can’t imagine trying to type with acrylic nails on though. That would be hard as hell.




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