13 05 2012

Shortly I will be packing up for another move. This time on board a ship.

After a short stint in New Orleans I’ll be living on my ship for a while. I’m pretty excited to explore a new city, but it’s gonna be hot hot hotttt down there. Louisiana over the summer? Sure, why not?

I wonder what Groupons are goin on down there. =)

Onto another subject…I am not a reader…so I’ve been downloading Hunger Games books and Game of Thrones books. The Hunger Games movie was pretty good but I’ve heard that the books are way better, so I’m going to check them out. Since I can’t make time for actual reading, I’m going to listen to them instead. Same thing right? =)

Holy crap is anyone watching Vampire Diaries?? So apparently Alaina is a vampire now? I think I just saw the season finale…and now I have to wait almost a YEAR for another season?!? Ugh, so painful.




One response

14 05 2012

Oh my gosh, Game of Thrones is SO good. I liked The Hunger Games as well, but I am totally addicted to GoT. When you start GoT and really get into it, it’s really helpful to Google a map and the family trees of all the characters. It can get pretty confusing at times!

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