Road Rules

12 05 2012

So there I was on the freeway traveling due south. And it was time to merge onto another highway via a two lane entry.

Speed limit: 65MPH

My speed: 75MPH

With those speeds in mind, imagine a van creeping by at around 40MPH merging at the same time..straddling two lanes….

Now, it’s extremely difficult for me to deal with going half the speed limit, and trying to pass someone without turning my head slowly and sharing an awkwardly long hateful stare.

This time I decided to take a deep breath, and make an excuse. This must be their first time on a freeway. First time driving a gas powered vehicle. Maybe the first time driving a van?

I go to pass said van and look over not intending to glare but the 40 yr old asian male had white knuckles and was staring dead ahead. I guess freeways are stressful for some? I don’t know…anyway.

Newb drivers are so annoying and I know it shouldn’t stress me out, but it does. I just don’t get it. …..go the speed limit, merge…and drive straight. That’s about all you have to remember. Oh, and stay in your lane.




One response

4 02 2013

Sounds like a van thing….haha

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