Project Runway All Stars

29 01 2012

So this evening I had the pleasure of viewing this season’s first episode of Project Runway All Stars. It wasn’t till about halfway through the episode that I realized Heidi and Tim were not showing up.

How can you have Project Runway without the host, Heidi Klum, and the pretty-much-as-equal other host, Tim Gunn. They are the base for the show, and Hello! Heidi Klum is the brains of the show, or so we thought.

Apparently the show must go on! But not before I do some recon. Here are my findings:

-The new host is supermodel Angela Lindvall (um, whoever that is…) and just doesn’t cut it. Maybe she’ll grow on me. She just doesn’t have the Heidi charm.

-Ms. Piggy will be a guest judge. Uh, what? She disappeared for a good 10-15 years and then comes out with a movie and now she’s all up in everyone’s shit.

-I am happy that crazy ass Mondo, Austin Scarlett (P.S. what’s up with the molestache?), Anthony Williams, Kenley Collins (love her), and Rami. I could do without Sweet P. Who invited her back? Her esthetic is terrible.

-The prizes are INSANE> In-SANE. Worth nearly a half million in monetary talk. A designer boutique at Neiman Marcus, $100,000 office space from HP, $100,000 cash, a spread in Marie Claire, and a guest editing spot at Marie Claire (who reads that mag, anyway? not I), and a sewing and embroidery studio. Dayum!

-Judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors are also missing. No news why…

-I read several articles and none eluded to why these staples were missing….other than the fact that perhaps this season started filming when they were wrapping up the last one or that they wanted different judges so it doesn’t seem like the same judges are looking over the same contestants’ work. I don’t’s just kind of shit without them…

I guess we’ll see if they make this season work, as Timothy would say, “Make it work!!”

I have been FB stalking, blogging, cleaning the house, and making playlists on iTunes the entire day avoiding my homework… It’s been pretty productive. And I just made myself ignore everything and was able to do my work in about ten minutes. I don’t know why I was putting it off! But, I did get the house cleaned, I can’t say the other two tasks were quite as rewarding or fruitful.




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