7 12 2011

Why do people choose to ruin beautiful structures with graffiti? I mean, some of it is interesting and creative… but 80% of it you can’t read and is generally hideous.

But, if it is some amazing art, it’s like ummm get a job, fool!

I don’t understand the whole gang thing. A lot of the graffiti is probably gang signs, hence the illegibleness of it. Who grows up wanting to be a thug or wanting that kind of life for their family. I think TV shows glamorize the gangsta life quite a bit. Like Sons of Anarchy for example. I personally love that show, but if young kids are watching it and playing video games with that shit in it they may think it’s cool. Off topic, but anyway graffiti needs to stop. It’s so disrespectful. The business ends up paying to get it painted over and such. There’s a time and place for tasteful murals or paintings and the underneath of a state highway is not the place, troll.

On a sidenote, this commercial with Montel Williams advertising is pretty strange. I don’t really trust the guy. He’s got these huge fake diamond earrings in and just looks like a skeeze. Something about him… And the fact that it’s about how to get a $1000 loan? Dude, how much money are you possible making for this plug?




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