I’m a Foodie. I said it.

20 11 2011

Here’s some great eats we’ve had in San Diego:

Mona Lisa in Little Italy

This italian joint was deeeeelish! And, the leftovers heated up quite well. The bread was very fresh too, and it was decently priced. This place is actually more famous for their sandwiches, but this pasta looked too tasty to pass up.

Pizza Port Brewery in Carlsbad

We googled restaurants and randomly chose this one. It was excellent. You can order by the slice if you want to. The inside is huge, and I got the feeling it’s a pretty happenin place on the weekends. It was quite large, and there were tons of picnic tables on the inside. And they had outside seating. They brew their own beer and they have all sorts of crazy shit on the walls.

Beef Teriyaki @ Sushi Deli

Sushi may not be my thing, but this salad was on point. Yummy delish.

Rubio's in Pacific Beach

I have seen Rubio’s all over the place out here and for some reason thought it was a deli place. It’s a mexican place that has some pretty tasty burritos and guacamole. These are tacos, but I have been back since and gotten a burrito. They are known for their fish tacos…and as we know I don’t do fish…but if you are a taco lover…and a fish lover….this might just be your new place.




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