Trolleys, Treats, and Trannies

18 11 2011

Holy hot dogs and applesauce, I’ve had a buuuusy week.

The BF was here last week and we were touring fools. We kept pretty busy and still made time to kick back on the couch for some football (blech).

We went on a trolley tour of San Diego that was excellent. For only $30 they take you on a guided tour around SD and the surrounding “burrows” and also over to Coronado. You can hop on and hop off at your convenience. Our tour guide was quite the character, and we learned some fun facts to tuck away for conversation starters.

The evening we took a little triperooski to a little hole in the wall called “Lips”. This joint is like no other. I was trying to keep it a surprise for the old BF…buuut the cat came out of the bag. It’s a tranny bar….Well, more like a restaurant with great food, and the waiters waitresses just happen to be transvestites… We went with some friends…and let me tell you the two guys were sweating bullets, which quickly led to a table of several empty drinks. Our waitress rolls up to introduce herself, and sits down at the table all suggestively like and says, “Hiiii, my name’s Geena….like Geena with a weenah.” Well, that certainly broke the ice let me tell you. We ordered dinner and the show started. Each of the waitresses had their own performance where they would sing and dance, and of course lots of pics of everything. It was a great time, actually. I think the guys ended up liking it just as much as the girls did. 🙂

How do you follow-up a night like that, you may ask! Well, you do that by having a dutch baby for breakfast. Ahem, huh? Yup, a dutch baby. Katya, the friend/neib invited us over for some home cooked b-fast. She made this baby thing I speak of….which I was kind of worried about, but the way she described it’s delectable-ness, I should have known it would be amazing. I’m not sure of the exact ingredients but it was like a big fluffy pancake, super light and sweet with a little salt flava… and you put yogurt/fruit on top or some syrup. Yum yummy.

On Saturday we went to a place called Sushi Deli. We got a ton of food, but I suppose that’s custom for a place like that, so everyone can taste all the goods. I’m not a sushi fan, but I sure did try. I got a backup teriyaki salad just in case I hated the fishy stuff….which is what happened. It was a cool place though, they have every kind of sushi you can think of. This place was quite the hot-spot. We waited about 20 mins to get in, and it was packed wall-to-wall. The dish to get is the San Diego roll, it was a big hit, it’s the one on the bottom right that has all sorts of business sprinkled on top of it:

We took a trip up to Bakersfield to visit his family on Sunday. It was a long drive, about four hours. But it didn’t seem that long at the time when  you are in good company. It was a beautiful day out, despite the day before being cloudy and rainy. It’s still not too cold here when it does rain. Anyhow, the views were gorgeous, and the roads were clear. It was a great day. I met his gma, aunt, cousins, and some babies. Oh, and some bikers. They were an interesting and fun bunch to be around. Plus, home cooked food! Now we’re talkin! His aunt was ranting and raving about this fruit that their neighbor has on a tree next door. I cannot remember the name of the fruit, to save my life. It’s orange in color, and looks like a tomato… and they are apparently prrrrretty yummy. So, we took some of them home. The day he had to leave, we decided to cut one open, even though it wasn’t ripe. Man….this shit was terrible. It didn’t taste like anything really…kind of an unripe pear if I had to pinpoint a taste. Soooo I’m watching the six that are still on my counter and monitoring them closely to ripen up and see if they are actually good. Or perhaps it was a joke?

We had the chance to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park up in Escondido. It was about 45 mins north of us, but it was worth the drive. Good thing we set the day aside for the excursion, because that place is pretty large. And they have shows and a couple of tours you can do inside the park. If you’re looking for a leisurely day, you can just walk around the park for hours. They have a TON of birds, for those bird enthusiasts. And every animal you can think of. I think they created the park back in the day so the animals could have more free space to run and procreate. We took the Africa Tram and saw rhinos, buffalo, giraffes, cheetahs, moose, goats, animals galore.

All in all we had a great time, and I can’t wait till he comes out again! And I can’t wait to explore more out here in SD. There are so many things to do!

My 3rd installment of household goods arrives on Monday, as well as my kitchen table. Which, is round three and a really long story, but hopefully the right table shows up this time!

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Love, peace, baby grease.




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