Secret Diary

9 11 2011

Does anyone watch “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”??

Well, I got addicted to Ms. Belle from SDCG during my hiatus in Bahrain. And I loved it. It’s on Showtime, because as you can imagine, it gets quite graphic. As the title hints, it’s about a call girl in London who writes a book about whoring and the ins and outs of the business. I think it actually started out as a blog, and then was published to book form, and now it’s a tv show.

Thus, I introduced Belle to Kitty. And, we became obsessed with the show. We watched Season 1 last weekend. Season 2 this weekend, and then she discovered after some research that there was a 3rd and 4th season. So, of course we had to get our hands on it. I had assumed there were only two seasons, so you can imagine my excitement upon gaining knowledge of said 3rd and 4th season. But I guess they took a short break after the 2nd season so the main character could have a baby.

SO, we got through the 3rd season yesterday, and I feel like they’re getting better and better as they get through the episodes. The character development is on point, and the storylines are crazy. BUT, Kitty found out that there will be no more seasons.


Apparently the ratings/viewers have been going down ever since the first season. As in continuous decline of watchers. I don’t know why…cause it’s a great show.

If you are a female, I suggest you check it out. Oh, and I don’t think your husband/boyfriend will mind being in the room….there are some scenes that I guarantee will captivate his attention.




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