Devil Sticks

8 11 2011

*stands up and pushes chair back*

*clears throat*

“I am an addict.”

Well, I was an addict. Then I was reformed. Then I turned addict.

I smoked for about four or five years. Maybe longer. It was intermittent there for a while so I can’t exactly count them as whole years.

I would like to not count any years of my life as “smoking” years…

It’s a terrible habit.

1. The cancer thing

2. You smell bad

3. Your things smell bad

4. It’s bad for your health other than the cancer thing

5. Bad breath

6. It’s nasty

The list could go on for days. Annnnd I had put those years of smoking behind me.

That is, until I got to California. I’m not sure why I even started back up. I just felt like a cigarette the other day, so I got a pack. And I’ve been buying packs ever since. “Just another pack.” “Just one more cigarette.” “I’ll quit after this pack.” You know, the usual excuses.

But I guess I’m just complacent. Or maybe it’s just something to do. Or maybe it’s relaxing, maybe it’s a social thing…

Anyway, I need to put the detective hat on and get to the bottom of this. It’s gross and I don’t need it in my life.




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