No More Ruster

6 11 2011

The day has come. I said goodbye to my trusty Subaru this week. She had been good to me, but it was time for an upgrade. Plus, dealing with the standard transmission in San Diego traffic was…..a doozy…

So, me and my friend Kitty went to a few dealers last week around San Diego to peep some cars. We test drove a used BMW and I’d have to say I was surprisingly unimpressed. You think a BMW would have a smooth ride, all the bells and whistles, etc. But this thing just didn’t fit with me. It was O.K., but if I’m paying for a luxury car, that’s exactly what I expect to have. The ride was deece but it was just like any other 4 door sedan, and the buttons on the radio and the controls inside weren’t set up very well…

So, we moved on. We went up to Carlsbad to check out a used Audi A4, and as it turns out it had already sold (take the ad off the internet then, dingbats 🙂 ) This led us to the Bob Baker VW/Subaru dealership across the road.

We met a nice gentleman named Joseph, who’s last name was the same exact last name of my boyfriend’s. What are the odds… it was fate, as it turns out. I test drove a VW Jetta and a VW Jetta TDI. The ride was smooth and it has some crazy torque so the acceleration blew the ‘Ru out of the water, it was clean, new, and smelled very nice. Plus I missed having a car car, vice a crossover. I don’t need that big thing anyway…Not being pregnant or considering kids at the moment, it’s really not what I am in the market for. So, the Jetta TDI it was. I picked her up on none other than Halloween, had an inservice with my new friend Joseph, signed some papers with Ron, the finance/paperwork guru, and I was off! (btw, Ron’s father was born in the same town my sister lives in in Missouri- once again- freakish)

I am l-o-v-i-n-g my new car. Love, a strong word you say. But I am indeed in love. With a car.

So me and Kitty decided to joy ride over to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. We had never been, and we decided today was the day. We enjoyed our spicy chicken and waffle fries, quite the delight, and headed back to the sparkling Jetta. We hopped in…….and the car wouldn’t start.

The battery was fine, because the lights worked and such….but nothing as far as the ignition….Like, nothing. We tried for 20 mins to let it sit, retry, let it sit again, retry….No luck. So, I call up the dealership and relay to them the issue, and Mister Joseph says to try and pry out the chip that goes into the security system….which was now blinking blue. I was thinking to myself, won’t this trigger the alarm?? And then we might really be in a pickle… I had no luck with that. It was in there to stay. I even tried with a flat screwdriver to get that jobby out. Nothin. So, he told me to call another guy who was the one who had put the chip in an hour prior. I called said chip man and he forwarded my phone number to the security company and said they would be in touch. 30 mins later…no call.

So I called him back, and he had gone home for the day…really dude? A poor man named Scott then answered the phone and was trying to help the sitch. I was obviously pretty annoyed/angry at this point and this guy got an earful. He was calm and reassuring and promised me the company would be on the way in 45 mins. Me and Kitty sat around for another hour trying to pass time by taking a little stroll (thankfully we weren’t broken down in the ghetto westsiiiide), snapping goofy pics, girl talk, and stalking a gentleman who worked at Chick-Fil-A who’s hair looked like french fries….

Then we started a game called “Guess which vehicle pulling into the Chick-Fil-A parking lot is our repair man.” We stared down a man in a pickup truck just sitting in his car for a good 15 mins….we were sure this was our guy. Then he pulled out and left without even getting out of the vehicle. Strange. Annnnyway a geo metro, circa 1989 pulls up with dents in the side and a not-so-clean looking man in the driver’s seat. I shouted, “This is our man!” … which he rolls up slowly and says, “Looks like you ladies are waiting for someone.” This was the guy. Go figure.

So, the repair man jimmy rigged the security system and said it was installed incorrectly and I would need to call the company and schedule a time for them to come out and install a new one.

Not how I wanted to spend my Halloween afternoon, but I guess it wasn’t all that bad, and I was in good company. Anyhow, I am loving my new car and hoping it doesn’t get stolen and turn up in Mexico before I get the security system properly installed…

Out with the old:


In with the new:





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