5 10 2011

Last weekend we went to Foster’s Martini Bar in St. Joe for a friend’s birthday. It was a greeeeeat time.

First stop was Texas Roadhouse for some steak and drinks, then downtown for some high-class liquor.

Foster’s was not as stuffy as I thought it might be. It was a pretty swanky bar considering we are in the thick of the midwest. MagWag, the birthday girl had been there several times and actually carries around a menu and checks off drinks she tries. There are at least twenty crossed off and some have smiley or frowney faces by them!

My first drink was a “Flirtini”, which was very sweet and delicious. It’s Sista Roch’s favorite there. So I figured I couldn’t go wrong. It was kind of cranberry-esque —–>

MW tried quite a few drinks. Some orange-chocolate thing, a butterscotch martini, a caramel apple one…about eight others 🙂 And they were all equally yummy to my surprise. Yes, I tried all of them.

Anywho, the bar atmosphere was quite comfortable and our waitress was very friendly. The only strange thing that happened was our taxi driver….he was a bit strange.

And we randomly happened to get him..on the way there and back. What luck, eh. He kept going off on these strange tangents..and one of our friends was in the front seat….and had to hold a conversation with that joker. However, I can’t complain cause we made it to the bar and home safe and sound.




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