WTF Weds: Ed 024 Tail What?

28 09 2011

So, when you are following someone on the road very very closely, why is it called “tailgating”?

In my experience, tailgating is that thing you do before a football game, not when you are following someone obnoxiously.

Perhaps, “tailing” would be a better term? Or maybe “all-up-in-your-ass-ness”. What about “tail-hating”?

What brought this to mind, you may ask.

WELL, the other day I was en route to base and behind some freak show going ten under the speed limit. Which, this always pisses me off, but then I have to come down and get real and imagine if this was my grandma or grandpa how would I deal with it. Which, normally I either pass them if possible or ride their ass. I know it’s wrong…but it happens people.

So, on this particular day, I had been tail-hating for a good 10 minutes… and I decided to take another approach. This time, I hung back a few paces, like double the amount a good driver would space, and I hung there patiently. I watched and waited…..and what do you know, this guy wanted to be the pace car after all. He just needed a little lag, and not so much pushing. He sped up to five over the speed limit and we continued together on our easternly way.

So, next time you are offensively close to that car going under the limit, try this strategy. You won’t be sorry.




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