25 09 2011

There’s something overwhelmingly comforting about coming home.

I departed Florida on Friday and started making my way north to MO, a 1013 mile jaunt through the heartland of the midwest. The weather was fantastic. Clear and sunny w/ not too much traffic.

First was Alabama, then up through Mississippi to Memphis, TN. After Memphis (which marks my second pass through the city w/o visiting Graceland. tear.), I hit Arkansas, which was surprisingly beautiful:

A calm washed over my soul as I crossed the Arkansas/Missouri state border. You just get a feeling of comfort and safety when you are in Missouri. I can’t explain it. The first place I stopped for gas, and Sonic of course, the people were so nice and smiling. There were passing cars that had people waving at you and the gas station that I stopped at, it was super clean. Probably be cause it was brand new, but even so. A clean bathroom is a winner in my book. The check-out lady was so sweet, and she suggested that perhaps I should get two gatorades because it would be cheaper that way. What a nice lady, so I did, and we bid our fair adieus.

The drive north from there was about five hours long…which is quite some time to travel through a single state, considering the day prior I had been in six states. Anywho I rolled into town at around 2pm, and I was in Joetown! First stop was Chipotle, then to my sister’s to give hugs all around. Annnnnnd my sister was conveniently baking brownies when I was unloading the car 😉 ..that trickster. Ah well the brownies were yummy..and I didn’t have that much stuff.

First on the docket was groceries for kabobs on the grill:

Steak and chicken, with pineapple and assorted veggies. They were even better than they look! Good thing we had a boy handy…because I’m not exactly a pro at “grilling out”. I mean, how hard could it be….I guess we could have figured it out eventually…and possibly come down with a case of salmonella in the process.

Tomorrow I start at the Navy Recruiter’s office for the week. We will see what they have in store for me. Hmm Hmm.




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