4 days and a wake-up

18 09 2011

Well, I’m trying to get super motivated to pack. But it seems like packing takes forever….perhaps sometime today I will get going….

I’ll be departing the ol F-L in exactly five days. Yep five-days! Seems so soon but so far away. Last week we had three tests. You read that right, three tests. One more test this week that is four days long (who does the curriculum for this class? because I would like to wring their neck). Then, on Friday I depart this joint. A few days of leave and then off to San Diego, the city of a whale’s……

But this packing thing seems to be taking a long time. <————— This is how far I got yesterday…

I know I will be super busy this week, so that’s why I’m trying to get it done today. It’s surprising the amount of things you can acquire over the span of five months. I came here with three bags and I have nearly a car full…

I downloaded all of the band Shinedown’s music last night and I’ve been listening to them nonstop. I know they’ve been around for a while but someone suggested I revisit their talents 😉 One of their songs is actually on my workout playlist, “Breaking Inside”. But anyway, if you’ve somehow forgotten they existed like me, you should check them out again, good stuff.

Deeeeeep breath. This is about to be one. busy. week. between the monster death test, early a.m. pt, checking out, shipping my goods off, and just getting shit in order to peace out, I’m going to try and keep a level head… I’ll let you know how it goes..

Looking forward to seeing everyone back home!!





One response

18 09 2011

Oh I heart me some shinedown! I have all of their stuff…most amazing! I can listen to them nonstop! we will have to discuss our fave songs at the pj party! Cause I am obsessed!

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