16 09 2011

Geuten-day folks.

I had a Keratin treatment on my hairs yesterday. It took about 2.5 hours and my hair came out on top, I would say! I went to Style Downtown in Pensacola to stylist Kelly.


To anyone considering the treatment, I will attest that it is certainly worth the money. It was about $350, but the straightening lasts six months.

Plus, there are added bonuses. The treatment is chemical/formaldehyde free, and doesn’t get all stinky like normal treatments. Your hair dries twice as fast, and it’s actually good for your hair since keratin is protein that your head produces naturally. Your hair feels super soft, and it is smooth and tangle free. Most likely that straightener you have will not be used much anymore because you can either air dry it, or blowdry it and be out the door in minutes. Compared to the hour(s) it used to take.

Although…you do have to keep it down for three days without washing it…so that should be interesting tomorrow when I need my hair in a bun for work…


Beauty is pain I suppose. It’s all worth it!

My next investment will be extensions. The tape-in kind. Which are a new thing on the market. It seems like I have been eternally growing my hair out – or as I like to tell people- I’m growing it out for the wedding. Not particularly any wedding specifically….mine or otherwise..but someday I will be at or in a wedding and will want long hair. 🙂

So, I’m researching for now. And may need to take out a teensy weensy loan for the hair. lol It’s going to be expensive…maybe I’ll just put it on my bucket list or something.




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